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ELCO AUIDIO ‘BLUE STAR’ XLR interconnect are designed and developed with the only goal - to provide a total matching transcomponent signal path being connected to HiEnd and Super HiEnd Audio equipment. This is a very complex task to achieve, owing to detrimental affectation of all components of audio cables to signal path and consequently, leaving its own sonic signatures. To overcome that problem, ELCO AUDIO has designed all of its HiEnd Audio cables to decrease degree of this affectation within audio frequencies musical range. Our special High purity and rear-earth materials along with both linear and geometric wire design provide the real transparent, high dynamic, path for musical transmitting and expression.
So whether you choose on our Palladium/Gold/Silver cables, you can be assured you’ll get one of the best cables available on today’s Audio market. The ‘BLUE STAR’ Palladium’s are a very advanced design, they feature a few runs of our proprietary combination of Palladium plated pure Gold and Palladium plated Pure Silver wires in a complex linear-helix configuration. These materials has not become yet a standard in high-end cables and this inner conductor configuration has no equal as well. The linear-helix configuration is insulated in porous teflon (Air saturated teflon), this whole combination is then encased in a soft, flexible outer jacket together with decorative flame retardant plastic outer mesh. All of these together - cable construction and inner configuration design leads to well balance between its ability to reproduce background as well as foreground stage, without distortion in any part of it. The individual musical instruments are reproduced so their placement can be clearly identified thus, the music seems not to come from a localized speaker source, but to have a real 3D width and depth outside the speakers.
Summary: All ELCO AUDIO ‘BLUE STAR’ line cables are made of USA parts and components Only Hand crafted, hand soldered with Audio Grade WBT silver solder; Terminated with modified CARDAS Rhodium RCA connectors Three stage outer ELCO 'Bybee' class RF/EMI filter

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