Emerald PhysicsCS2.3 MahoganySAVE $2900. I have a pair of trade-in Mahogany CS2.3 loudspeakers for sale for only $2495.00. These have a 1 year factory driver warranty. These are the original versions and are sonically identic...2495.00

Emerald Physics CS2.3 Mahogany Open baffle loudpseakers [Expired]

no longer for sale

SAVE $2900. I have a pair of trade-in Mahogany CS2.3 loudspeakers for sale for only $2495.00.

These have a 1 year factory driver warranty.

These are the original versions and are sonically identical to the current models. They are just not upgradable to the CS2.7 model in the future. Email me at underwoodwally@aol.com with questions or call 770-667-5633 I am very happy to introduce the new Emerald Physics CS-2.3 digitally controlled open baffle loudspeaker. The CS-2.3 continues the revolution in high performance, truly full range loudspeakers started by the original CS-2.

Here is what a few former CS-2 users have said:
"Walter, I just wanted to drop you a note. I received and set up my CS2.3s yesterday. Based on my conversations with you and Clayton, I was expecting them to sound noticeably better than my CS2s - which, would be quite a feat since, as you know, the CS2s were my favorite speakers I have owned in 30+ years of pursuing the quest for the illusion of live music. Within the first THIRTY SECONDS of listening I realized that I was wrong. Even without any break in, they are MUCH better. Jaw dropping, really. And my wife had the same reaction. She has a great ear, but she�s not obsessed with the quest. She was looking forward to the upgrade mainly due to the appearance of the CS2.3s. But after a few minutes she said that even if they didn�t look any different, the upgrade was definitely worth it. That was icing on the cake to me."

"Some months ago I was considering purchasing CS1s and asked Clayton to compare the sound of the CS1 vs CS2. He described the sound of the CS1 as �majestic,� which intrigued me as a description. I�ve used a lot of superlative adjectives to describe my CS2s, but majestic never seemed to apply to them. As soon as the 2.3s started playing, I understood what Clayton meant by that word. As realistic as the CS2s sounded, the 2.3s are in another class. The best way I can describe it is to say that the sound is bigger and more saturated, but not in an exaggerated or bloated sense. In a revealing and realistic sense, the way the richness of color jumps out under good lighting. Even the space in between instruments and voices is more of a void. They are simply mesmerizing to listen to. Walter, I am already ecstatic with my choice to upgrade. I can�t even imagine how they will improve as they break in � but I sure am anxious to see! I�ll keep you posted. Thank you."

Another said:
"I have been listening carefully to the CS2.3 and going thru my 1500+ cd/sacd collection. This speaker is awesome. The presence, the musicality, the imaging, and the lack of digital 'edges' on the sound are all incredible.
This speaker is way better than the CS2. Congratulations to EP"

A third wrote:
I have owned and heard many high quality speakers in the last 30 years. I have owned Isobariks, DSP6000's, Gallo Reference 3's, AV5140's active, couple of active AT's, Monitor Audio and Magnapan to name a few and i have had detailed experience with Keltik, Revel, Quad, Kef and Harbeth plus played with Wilson, Revel, B & W and JM Labs. I have always ended up being left wanting more from one speaker, a combination of attributes from several. Maybe i have found a speaker I can actually live with in the CS2.3, yes I think it is that good.....money no object although I could never justify 100k on a pair of speakers.
Taking a direct comparison to the Meridian DSP 6000's, a very highly regarded speaker at around 20K. I loved the depth, weight and clean dynamics on that speaker. Image depth and focus was good and the acoustic space fairly wide, deep and stable. Compared to other speakers I found it lacking in certain areas so improvements were possible, but overall very competent. It shares a couple of key design technologies, DSP and active, both I have experienced to be sonically superior.
With the CS2.3 what I have heard over ALL other speakers I have tried is that in the sonic abilities have been taken to a new level, regardless of the cost of a comparison. When I first heard them I just said WOW....As did my daughter and her husband. The acoustic space is huge. The depth, height and width well beyond the room boundaries. The dynamic range incredible, the definition between quiet and loud notes was easily portrayed, an air of quiet and space around each instrument and performer. Bass is low, deep, effortless, powerful and clean. Highs are crisp, focused, stable, smooth, exceptionally detailed without grain, grit, spit or fatigue.
I have yet to find any fault sonically, not because it may not be there but because I have no sonic comparison of anything better. The speaker is like having the band in my home, on stage and full of fun and energy. As realistic as I have ever heard.
The size and design principals dictate the space and cosmetics but the finish now is very pleasant and certainly has a higher WAF than the CS2. Market acceptance is where I hope people will think hard. It is not easy to audition these fantastic and unknown beauties. Take the risk and hunt them down, they really are that good. If you want the best sonic high end audio in the world listen to this speaker, maybe a user group,
So thanks Walter for finding a home for this exception speaker" thanks Paul

Reviews and user comments on the CS-2 were superb. Read the Absolute Sound CS2 review here:

Now the bar has been considerably raised with greatly improved sonics as well as much upgraded cosmetics.

The average audiophile can now listen to a speaker system that they never thought possible at even close to this price.

I heard the original EP prototypes at the Rocky Mountain Hifi Show and they were the best sounding speakers there, Bar None. At under $10,000 a pair they were 1/10th the price of other highly regarded speakers. The new CS-2.3 is less than 1/2 of that price and a better speaker. It easily outperforms the now discontinued CS-2 in all sonic areas. It offers more coherent midrange, better imaging, improved bass extension and even bass dynamics than the CS-2.

The CS-2.3 is a completely optimized bi-amplified open baffle loudspeaker system that generates a hugely realistic sonic picture, while operating mostly independent, (over 200Hz) of the room�s acoustics.

The finished product is a 2.5 inch deep, 48 inch high speaker, that is 18.5 inches wide (see photos). It is flat from 20Hz-22Khz +.5db/-1.5 db. From 100Hz to 20Khz it is flat plus or minus 1/2 of a Db! Oh, by the way, it is 97Db efficient. It portrays an open out of the box sound that you have to hear to believe. Once you listen to open baffle, "boxless", bass, you may never want to listen to a box speaker again.

CS-2.3's are $4795.00 a pair in Black. The optional wood finish is $600.00 a pair. The speakers come with the Behringer crossover. My trade-in mahogany pair is in great shape 8/10 conservatively and closer to 9/10.

Call me at 770-667-5633 to discuss these amazing loudspeakers.
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