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EMM Labs XDS1 Cd/sacd player digital input Trades welcome - demo available [Expired]

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Click here to view the Perrotta Consulting webpage to find out more about the products and services we offer

Now available!

The worlds best one box CD Player with AES/EBU and Toslink digital input

Future proof, world class CD player and DAC, spin your CDs and use it with your computer or music server. I would recommend using the M2Tech Evo to go from USB to AES/EBU.


Demo available

Our goal for this new XDS1 CD/SACD Reference Player/Converter is nothing less than a quantum leap in sonic performance. And to deliver that, inside its sculpted aluminum chassis is a silky smooth Esoteric drive mated to the industry's most sophisticated Meitner electronics.

We started by purifying our analog circuitry. Instead of the two to three gain stages typical of most player output sections, the XDS1 features just one cohesive gain stage from DAC to output. The circuitry is discrete (no chips), balanced, hand-matched, and operates in pure Class A.

At EMM Labs, we develop and manufacture our own proprietary conversion circuitry in-house. For the XDS1, we created something truly extraordinary - the cost-no-object MDAC-1 module. In tandem with our new MCLK-1 clock module which sets a new benchmark in sub-picosecond jitter performance, the result is musically astonishing.

The XDS1 also features our most refined Meitner Digital Audio Translator (MDAT™) processing yet. Conventional digital players convert a digital signal (the ones and zeroes) to analog by processing it through a reconstruction filter that uses interpolation (oversampling) to smooth the analog waveform. The process works beautifully in the frequency domain, but in the time domain, errors are introduced in the form of pre and post ringing. With MDAT processing, there is no pre and post ringing. Which is why MDAT - unlike any other processing technology extant - is unique in its ability to preserve the phase, frequency and dynamic integrity of the waveform. Once you've heard this level of improvement in terms of resolution, nuance and dynamic shading, there's no going back.

Most converters utilize PLL (Phase Lock Loop) circuits to lock onto the incoming data stream. For the XDS1, we developed the MFAST™ (Meitner Frequency Acquisition System) technology. MFAST has two distinct advantages over PLLs. It's a high-speed asynchronous system that acquires any data stream almost instantaneously. Secondly, unlike PLLs that merely attenuate jitter, MFAST is immune to incoming jitter and strips it out of the audio stream completely. Hook a digital audio or video source to the XDS1 - computer, music server, MP3 player or whatever you like - MFAST ensures that you'll enjoy pristine sonic clarity no matter what the source.

Not only is our new high-isolation resonant-mode power supply the greenest we've ever built, it is also the quietest, outperforming even the best linear power supplies.

All of this encased in our sculpted aluminum chassis, together with a remote control machined from a solid ingot of aluminum.

The EMM Labs XDS1 Reference CD/SACD Player. Everything about it is better than everything that has come before it.

Key Features:

* Single-stage DAC to output with fully discrete Class A circuitry
* MDAC-1™ discrete dual balanced D-to-A conversion
* Meitner Topographical Charge Management System ™
* MCLK-1™ master clock with sub-picosecond jitter
* MDAT™ digital processing technology
* MDAT™ provides 2x DSD upsampling for SACD and PCM playback
* MDAT™ preserves phase, frequency and dynamic integrity of waveform
* Remote-controllable polarity inversion in the digital domain
* MFAST™ input technology for quick signal acquisition and jitter-free performance
* MFAST™ PCM inputs via AES/EBU and Toslink
* EMM Optilink output for 2 channel DSD (from SACD or 2 channels upconverted from CD)
* AES/EBU output for PCM
* High-isolation resonant mode power supply for quiet & green operation
* Exclusive aerospace-grade composite laminate circuit boards
* Silky smooth time-proven Esoteric mechanism
* Sculpted, brushed aluminum chassis
* Low resonance, internally damped chassis with thick, machined sole plate
* Available in silver or black
* LCD display with four brightness levels and a display-off setting
* USB port for future software upgrades
* Serial port for wired remote control
* New precision-machined aluminum multifunction infrared remote control
* CE-compliant device

Power Supply:

* Power-factor corrected CE-compliant
* Factory set to 100V or 115V or 230V, 50/60Hz
* Power consumption: max. 45 W

Stereo Audio Outputs:

* Balanced on XLR
* Unbalanced on RCA

Digital Audio Inputs:


Digital Audio Outputs:

* AES/EBU and EMM Optilink

* Dimensions: W x D x H: 435 x 400 x 145mm
* Weight: 17kg

XDS1 Stereo Audio Outputs:

* XLR 300 ohms balanced
* RCA 150 ohms unbalanced
XLR: +15.5dBu, RCA: +9.5dBu

Digital Input Formats:

* 2x SPDIF Toslink

Digital Output Formats:

* EMM OptiLink for direct connection to DAC2 Converter


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