Energy Veritas 1.8 BlackJust came in on tradeEnergy Veritas 1.8 Black Just came in on trade Own One of the Best!Just in on trade - the legendary and the best Energy speakers ever made (together with v2.8); two 6 1/2' woofers, 3' mid-range and 1' tweeter, quad vent bas reflex, 80 lbs each, max.power 300W, sen...950.00

Energy Veritas 1.8 Black Just came in on trade Own One of the Best! [Expired]

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Just in on trade - the legendary and the best Energy speakers ever made (together with v2.8); two 6 1/2' woofers, 3' mid-range and 1' tweeter, quad vent bas reflex, 80 lbs each, max.power 300W, sens: 87 db; excellent condition of drivers, huge and heavy cabinets have signs of age as no doubt they’ve moved around a few times and over the years. No spikes (which can be easily obtained) but I have the manual and a new set of Cardas jumpers. Local Pick-up only. Lot's of life left in these speakers as they were built to last a lifetime. Quality that you don't see often anymore. Original MSRP $4,000, asking only $950 OBO and all REASONABLE offers will be considered. From Veritas v1.8 Energy's Veritas Series represents the uncompromising efforts of some of the world's finest loudspeaker designers. The Veritas v1.8 incorporates many of the design breakthroughs found in the flagship Veritas v2.8 which has set new standards in accuracy, image stability and rendition of musical detail. It represents an extraordinary technical achievement, rendering performance that is purely musical. The Veritas v1.8 measures 46 inches tall with a footprint less than 1.5 square feet. Two 6-1/2 inch bass drivers in a Quad-vented enclosure join a unique, teardrop-shaped Convergent Source mid/high-frequency module. The module employs a 3-inch aluminum dome midrange driver and a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter, both featuring Energy's exclusive cloth suspension technology for unsurpassed transparency and speed. To achieve the uniform dispersion necessary for stable imaging and outstanding clarity, the Veritas v1.8 employs a sophisticated, computer engineered crossover network which optimizes driver performance. The crossover points and slopes allow a seamless transition between drivers, without the dips, peaks, or phase changes that corrupt lesser designs. The result is uniform dispersion in both the horizontal and vertical planes, which is necessary for image stability, coherency and timbre. In addition, the crossover's smooth impedance and phase characteristics make the v1.8 suitable for use with a wide variety of amplifiers. The three individual filter networks are isolated from one another, allowing tri-amping or tri-wiring via three pairs of gold-plated, five way binding posts. Uniform dispersion -- or freedom from undesired directionality -- is further guaranteed by drivers that accommodate low crossover points. The bass drivers crossover to the 3-inch dome midrange driver at just 400Hz, alleviating the directionality associated with a bass driver acting at high frequencies. Similarly, the midrange driver crosses over to the 1-inch dome tweeter at ust 2.5 kHz. The design of the convergent source mid/high frequency module locates the tweeter and midrange drivers close to each other, so they act as a point source, sharpening the stereo image. The v1.8's two 6-1/2 inch bass drivers work in parallel to surpass the bass performance of a single 8-inch woofer. Yet by using two smaller drivers instead of a single large driver the v1.8 offers improved low frequency response and tighter control of high-level transients, while exhibiting the immediate sensation of place and power. The Veritas v1.8's cabinet features a choice of rich mahogany veneer or high gloss black lacquer. The outer walls are of 1 inch thick high density MDF. An interlocking system of five internal circumferential and vertical braces minimize structural and mechanical resonances. An acoustically transparent grille assembly covers the entire complement of drivers, while the convergent source module is additionally protected by a metal-mesh grille. The Veritas v1.8 allows music lovers world wide to take a step closer to the original live performance in the comfort of their own homes. We are Seattle Hi-Fi - Authorized dealers for Nagra, Modwright, Cary Audio, Verity Audio, Penaudio, Clearaudio, Cardas, MIT, Berkeley Audio, Nola, Velodyne, Marantz, Sony, Sony ES, Denon, Pioneer Elite, Straightwire, Salamander, BDI, Mark Levinson, Lexicon, Revel, and many, many more. (253) 737-7407
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