CoplandDRC-205Copland DRC-205 Digital Room Correction-PRICE REDUCEDFor your consideration is a COPLAND DRC-205. The DRC-205 does what it sets out to do, you will be amazed how it will even transform the most of demanding listening syst...800.00

Copland DRC-205 Digital Room Correction-PRICE REDUCED [Expired]

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                             For your consideration is a COPLAND DRC-205.

The DRC-205 does what it sets out to do, you will be amazed how it will even transform the most of demanding listening systems, the music just sounds that much better. I have found this unit to be the most impactful piece of equipment in my system with bass notes being the best improvement-contributing to the rest of the musical experience. You will immediately notice improved soundstaging with mids and highs now being more intelligible.

Comes complete with original double box, manual, power cord, room measuring microphone, software and USB cable.


Check my feedback and buy with confidence!

The launch of Copland DRC-205 is the world premiere of an add-on unit for high-end room

Copland DRC-205 drastically improves the sound reproduction at the push of a single button.

The influence of room acoustics has been one of the most disregarded factors in the pursuit of the perfect sound experience. In fact, most listening room have serious acoustic problems degenerating the sound performance.

The acoustics of the listening room is most likely to be the weaker link of the hi-fi system. The direct sound from the loudspeakers is blended with unwanted sounds from the room. In a typical living room, the standing waves at room resonance frequency and sound re.ections easily account for +15dB / -20dB divergence from the desired audio characteristics, deteriorating the sound quality from the hi-fi system.

The DRC-205 analyses and calibrates itself to tonal balance, a distinct threedimensional sound experience, while minimizing the rooms in.uence on the sound.

What is Digital Room Correction?
The invention of Digital Room Correction (DRC) is one of the most signicant improvements to sound reproduction for decades.

DRC is an advanced time domain based technique where complex anti-re.ection signals are generated to counteract room resonances and room cancellations while leaving the original sound signal unaltered.

The Copland DRC-205 is based on the Danish technology provider Dynaton’s DDRC module. The DDRC module is the key component of the system, employing a unique scalable room compensation algorithm without distortion of the original music signal.

Copland has found the highly complex and patent pending Dynaton algorithms to be truly superior and recommendable for high end applications.

The Copland DRC-205 is very easy to operate and does not require any previous knowledge of room acoustics or audio technology.

Simply connect the Copland DRC-205 between the signal source and the amplifer. Plug in the accompanying microphone, push a single button, and the room will be thoroughly measured and the entire system optimized within seconds. The Copland DRC-205 room correction is now activated.

Besides the default setting for flat frequency response in the listening room, alternative prede.ned sound profiles can be activated by a single push of the select button. High performance Digital Room Correction

The diverence between an uncompensated system and one with Copland DRC-205 is distinct and clearly audible.

• Minimizing the e.ects of room acoustics
• Natural tonal balance with more
contrast and definition
• Highly improved stereo imaging (3D and depth)
• Real bass response
• Voices are clear and natural

The first impression of the Copland DRC-205 hides the fact that there are many more possibilities than the user friendly front panel reveals.

The predefined sound pro.les will satisfy the vast majority of music lovers. However, the more demanding users can store their own sound profiles via a standard Windows PC.

The Copland DRC-205 comes with a graphical user interface, which can be installed from the accompanying CD-rom. By installation on a standard Windows PC, an advanced equalizer can be accessed, allowing the user to adjust the frequency response in the room and to actually see the frequency response of the system on frequency curves before and after compensation.

Copland DRC-205 can be connected between the signal source and amplifier, or to any amplifier with an ordinary analog tape monitor in/output.

In co-operation with Dynaton, Copland ofiers the opportunity to upgrade the DDRC technology. Updates are done via user-friendly software available for download on the Copland and Dynaton websites.

The Copland DRC-205 employs state-of-the-art 24 bit/192kHz AD/DAconverters which can also be found in the critically acclaimed Copland CDA-822 and CDA-823 CD-players.


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