ESOTERIC (120V US versions)P-03/D-03/G-0x SACD DSD Complete SystemESOTERIC (120V US versions) P-03/D-03/G-0x SACD DSD Complete System Excellent Condition, Lots of Valuable Accessories Included**************************************************************************************************************************** Relisted with price adjustment for the next week before I'm going on ...13.99

ESOTERIC (120V US versions) P-03/D-03/G-0x SACD DSD Complete System Excellent Condition, Lots of Valuable Accessories Included [Expired]

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**************************************************************************************************************************** Relisted with price adjustment for the next week before I'm going on vacation. I'd like to sell this before if possible. ===================================== I have a series of more detailed picture set with description on Flickr. Since I'm not allowed to post a link here, I'll be happy to send that to anyone who's interested in acquiring these via email. ===================================== Up for adoption the following devices and accessories: ESOTERIC P-03 SACD Transport (No Universal Upgrade but can be done by ESOTERIC) ESOTERIC D-03 DSD DAC ESOTERIC G-03x Master Clock Frost Audio Digital AES/EBU Reference cables (these perform at the same level as the MIT Oracle v2.1 which I upgraded from but at a much lower cost) Two AES/EBU cables are needed for SACD DSD operation and are provided with this combo. Frost Audio Premium Power Cables BNC Clock Sync Cables I have acquired everything new with the exception of the P-03 which was a lightly used pre-owned device. I've put an additional 150 hours on this equipment. Cosmetically it's nearly flawless with a single tiny mark in the very back of the top cover plate (not visible on photos). Fully functional with all paperwork and original packaging material and remote controller. The D-03 was purchased pre-owned as well from an authorized dealer. It was a customer trade-in after two months of ownership, when the previous owner decide to upgrade to the P-01/D-01 combo. Cosmetically it's also nearly flawless condition with a single tiny mark on the top of the faceplate (only visible from extremely close). Functionally perfect and have all the original packaging and accessories. All cables and the G-0x clock was acquired new. I have registered the clock under my name and it has been confirmed by ESOTERIC so it is under warranty. The cables--especially the AES/EBU digital XLRs--are a must have. I've experimented with a lot of alternatives before obtaining these so they should serve the new owner well together. As you might guess I strongly, strongly prefer to offer this as a combo and willing to wait it out until the right buyer comes along. I will accept a very reasonable price for these, but will not be giving them away. Local pickup is strongly preferred but willing to ship them via insured premium delivery services. It will not be cheap as the combined weight of all three boxes are around 190 lbs, not counting the cables, etc. My only reason for parting with these is that they just don't get very much use. I have a computer-based gear as well and although not the same quality as these, at least I'm using that. I accept PayPal--verified email and shipping address only--or bank transfer. Prefer to deal with established members. Feel free to ask any questions, but please avoid any low-ball offers. I'm willing to negotiate in good faith but as I've stated earlier I'd like to get fair market value for these. UPDATE: I will now also be able to accept credit card payment via my Square account as a last resort instead of PayPal (this offer is restricted to established members with sufficient feedback without a PayPal account). The credit card fee must be paid by the buyer in this instance, which is depending on the type of card used but typically 3-4 percent.
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