EsotericDV-60Esoteric DV-60 Universal PlayerUPDATE: This item is SOLD Richard is SF. Thanks to everyone for your interest. My excellent condition Esoteric DV-60 Universal Player is for sale. I am selling this low-hours unit because my li...2300.00

Esoteric DV-60 Universal Player [Expired]

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UPDATE: This item is SOLD Richard is SF. Thanks to everyone for your interest. My excellent condition Esoteric DV-60 Universal Player is for sale. I am selling this low-hours unit because my limited listening time is now focused on vinyl and streaming lossless computer files. The DV-60 is a Stereophile Class "A" rated reference-quality $6,800.00 MSRP CD, SACD, DVD-A and DVD-V player. It upsamples CD/PCM to DSD and it upconverts DVD-V to 1080p. The DV-60 has dedicated two-channel RCA outputs and XLR outputs. These dual sets of two-channel outputs are in addition to the 5.1 RCA surround sound outputs. More detailed information about the DV-60 as well as large/clear pictures of the front and back of the unit are available on the Esoteric web site: I continue to be amazed at the beautiful music the Esoteric DV-60 extracts from CD, SACD, DVD-A and DVD-V media. I have owned the Cary 306 SACD, Sony SCD-777ES, and Sony SCD-1, and the Esoteric beats them all handily. On CD upconverted to DSD, the DV-60 is easily the equal of my Wyred4Sound W4S DAC-2. Features/Specs include: Esoteric® proprietary transport (VOSP*), and drive mechanism with a highly rigid metal isolation platform for superior anti-vibration and anti-resonance properties. *VOSP = Vibration free optical stability platform. Updated 24 bit D/A converter (with "FIR and RDOT + FIR" digital filter algorithms for audio signal up-conversion), native DSD mode for SACD playback and user selectable PCM to DSD signal conversion. (Cirrus Logic chipset 4398). 14 bit video processing using Analog Devices ADV7324 with NSV (Noise shaping video), plus Faroudja's I/P conversion processor chip with DCDi technology. HDMI output terminal with video up-conversion to 1080p (Progressive scan "HD" resolution), using the latest LSI chipset model ABT1018 from Anchor Bay Technologies. Word synch. function (Word clock BNC terminal x 1). Highly evolved home installation solutions for external control functions: RS232C connector with standby option, 12V DC remote trigger and rear panel remote control input terminal. Highly rigid chassis construction with cut aluminum top and side panels. Slim remote control with illuminated keys for easier operation in low light or no light environments such as home theater. The sale includes the light-up remote control, the owner's manual, and all original Esoteric packaging. Price: $2,300 USD firm for quick sale, plus shipping. I accept USPS Money Orders and certified/bank checks. I would also consider accepting a personal check for shipping after clearance (but please touch base with me first if this is your preferred payment method). Local pickup in Northwestern Vermont is welcome (and will reduce the price by $50.00). I should add the following about this Esoteric DV-60: 1. It was purchased brand new by me from an Esoteric-authorized seller; 2. I am the first and only owner; 3. It is in stock condition, never been serviced or modded, and has resided the entire time in a smoke-free, child-free, and pet-free environment; and 4. The DV-60 and all system components are connected to a PS Audio Quintessence Power Center (the top of which is visible in the attached picture). Please see the excellent two-part review in Postive Feedback Online here: PFO Editor David W. Robinson called the DV-60 an "an absolute steal for the serious audiophile/videophile" at its then $6,000.00 MSRP (which was subsequently raised to $6,800.00), and gave the DV-60 a "Ye Olde Editor's Highest Recommendation!" with "real enthusiasm." Thanks for looking!
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