ESP AudioEssence ReferanceESP Audio Essence Referance Ref 1 meter AC Power Cord!Essential Sound Products"The Essence Reference" AC Power Cord with standard 15 amp IEC.One of the best sounding power cords I know of.Patented Multi-Conductor GeometryConductors spacing has been op...425.00

ESP Audio Essence Referance Ref 1 meter AC Power Cord! [Expired]

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Essential Sound Products
"The Essence Reference" AC Power Cord with standard 15 amp IEC.

One of the best sounding power cords I know of.

Patented Multi-Conductor Geometry
Conductors spacing has been optimized in our patented cordage geometry design to improve fundamental electrical properties. Our Essential Lay construction has no air gaps or soft filler materials. This stabilizes the cordage cross section through its length, and helps maintain the cord’s geometric integrity and electrical performance even when it is bent. The results are enhanced image clarity and focus in the soundstage through resonance control. Read more about ESP patented power cable technology.

Shielding To Prevent EMI and RFI Distortions
Our maximum coverage, braided copper shield effectively blocks radio frequency interference (RFI) from being picked up by the cord. This shield is also effective at containing the electro-magnetic field generated by the current flow within the cord. Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) can cause distortions in nearby interconnects and speaker cables. Proprietary Termination Components & Process
Provides the lowest possible contact resistance. The purchased plugs and connectors used for The Essence literally undergo a transformation to enhance their performance prior to assembly. After termination, each connector is epoxy filled to hermetically seal the internal components, preventing oxidation, and providing maximum mechanical integrity for years of trouble-free performance.

Deep Cryogenic Treatment to –300o Fahrenheit
Cryogenic processing alters materials at the molecular level. This permanent, irreversible process releases residual stresses, and alleviates the negative effects of crystalline grain boundaries in copper and brass. This process effects a measurable reduction in the cord’s resistively for improved current flow. The result is an utterly “transparent” soundstage background.

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