Excellent KEF Top of the C-Series LineC-95 Bi-Amp / Bi-Wire Uni-Q SpeakersExcellent KEF Top of the C-Series Line C-95 Bi-Amp / Bi-Wire Uni-Q Speakers in Black Ash w/ Factory BoxesGorgeous Pair of Factory Matched (Sequential Serial Numbered) KEF C95 Bi-Wire / Bi-Amp 3-Way Speakers with Pristine All-Original Coaxial Uni-Q Point Source Drivers and Factory Boxes and Packing Ins...300.00

Excellent KEF Top of the C-Series Line C-95 Bi-Amp / Bi-Wire Uni-Q Speakers in Black Ash w/ Factory Boxes [Expired]

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Gorgeous Pair of Factory Matched (Sequential Serial Numbered) KEF C95 Bi-Wire / Bi-Amp 3-Way Speakers with Pristine All-Original Coaxial Uni-Q Point Source Drivers and Factory Boxes and Packing Inserts. Made in England and Beautifully Finished in Black Ash, These Speakers Were the Top Of The C-Series Line and Retailed for $1,298 more than 20 years ago! Unlike B&W which is experiencing unparalleled popularity and success, KEF is the quiet company that keeps doing everything right, but doesn’t know how to market their greatness. KEF is respected and admired by professionals and consumers alike, and people who own them love them … but KEF doesn’t create the excitement in terms of marketing buzz that other companies do. This is a fantastic speaker company, and have been for several decades. The KEF 104/2 and 105/3 speakers are some of the best of all time, and these Reference Series Q75 speakers are a more modern example of just how good speakers can look and sound. And, like B&W, virtually everything that KEF manufactures is of exceptional build quality. These speakers have four speaker cable input terminations to accommodate Bi-Amp / Bi-Wire connections, and also come with the original bi-wire factory clips so that standard two-connector wiring can be used. These KEF C-95 speakers employ the same Uni-Q drivers and coupled-cavity bass design as the more expensive KEF Reference series, but in a less stylish cabinet design. With these speakers you are getting the same amazing sonic performance and build quality, but without the cosmetic frills and at a far better value for the dollar. At just a small 9.7” x 12.5” footprint in your living space, these are superb performers. As such, they can fit into smaller listening areas, however they have the ability to pressurize very large rooms. The only time anyone voices a complaint about these incredible speakers is when they discuss the bass response. These speakers are incredibly clean and neutral, but only go down to a true 50Hz. Better than standmount speakers, but I would still recommend a quality subwoofer is recommended to flesh out the bottom octaves. Room positioning is also important, because these speakers are pretty directional in terms of tweeter dispersion - the sweet spot is not very high or wide. Taking the time to find that perfect toed–in symmetrical room location will pay off enormously with these speakers. The other important point to make about these C-95 loudspeakers is that they are wonderfully clean and transparent, which is both a good and a bad thing. If you use cheap components in your system – in particular amplification – these speakers will only make your system sound worse, not better. These speakers are only worthwhile when you drive them with superior components, and then they truly sing. They can handle loads of power, and I recommend a pure amplifier of 150 - 250 watts and good headroom to drive these, and you will be amazed at the clarity and dynamics. Functionally the speakers are absolutely flawless. All original drivers, completely unmarked and they have never been repaired or modified. Unlike the famous KEF 104.2 / 105.3 speakers, all drivers have Butyl Rubber surrounds and do not decompose over time like foam surrounds – these should last a lifetime. The cabinets are in superb shape, however they are not perfect. The only real blemish is a ding on the back corner which has been touched up nicely – it is not immediately evident even on close inspection. The edge where it was dinged is ever so slightly raised. This is extremely subtle, and you need the right directional lighting to see it. The bottom edge of one cabinet has a couple of very small edge flakes. Otherwise the cabinets are very clean, with only very small scuffs and scratches - no large scrapes, dings, dented edges or other blemishes on the cabinet surfaces. The grills are original and in excellent shape – only two tiny spots where the fabric is frayed - no holes, stains or cracked frame members. KEF designed a very odd grill attachment mechanism – the grill is pressure fitted into slots on the side of the baffle, and it takes some getting used to the amount of pressure required to release them. Getting them on is easy – they just snap into place, butt getting them off is more of a challenge. There are many little tabs that hold the grills on and one is broken - it does not affect the fit and cannot be seen when the grill is attached. Otherwise, the speakers look and sound great – crystal clear, very neutral and terrific imaging. Here is information from KEF on the C Series speakers: In the C75 and 95 the Uni-Q array is a type 200_25 - comprising a 200mm (8inch) polymer cone midrange and a coincident mounted 25mm (1 inch) soft dome tweeter. The woofer and tweeter not only share the same axis, but also have their acoustic centres in the same plane. And, as both units have similar directivity in the crossover region, you experience pin-point stereo imaging with reduced tonal colouration throughout a broader area of your listening room. From the award winning Reference Model 104/2 the C95 inherits coupled cavity bass loading which allows the efficiency of a reflex system with the superior transient behaviour of a closed box. The addition of conjugate load matching provides the amplifier with a pure resistive load with subsequent benefits in ease of drive and in exploiting the full power output of the amplifier. You can download the excellent KEF brochure that gives details and specifications on all of the C-Series speakers as well as info on the Uni-Q design for free here: http://www.kef.com/uploads/files/en/museum_pdf/80s/C15_C25_C35_C55_C75_C95_r.pdf KEF C95 Speaker Specifications: * System type: Three-Way, Floor Standing Coupled Cavity Reflex * Drive units: … 8” (200mm) B200 / SP1238 Die-Cast Chassis Bass unit … 8” (200mm) B200 / SP1245 Coaxially Mounted Uni-Q Midrange Unit … 1” (25mm) NT25 / SP1240 Coaxially Mounted Uni-Q Polymer Dome Ttweeter * Crossover Frequencies: 100 Hz / 2,500 Hz * Nominal impedance: 4 ohms * Power Handling: 250W * Frequency response: 50Hz to 20kHz +/-3.0dB * Sensitivity: 90dB at 1m for 2.83V * Maximum output: 112dB * Dimensions: … Height: 34.3” (870mm) … Width: 9.7” (246mm) … Depth: 12.5” (316mm) * Weight: 41.6 lbs (18.9 kg) each unpackaged * Finish: Black Ash These KEF C-95 Speakers retailed for $1,298 back in 1988 – a lot of money 24 years ago! The AudiogoN Bluebook lists an average used resale value of $380 regardless of condition. Here is a terrific opportunity to buy an excellent pair of C-95 speakers that are thoroughly tested, work flawlessly and look superb with all original drivers and factory boxes. The factory boxes are in great shape, and have the factory packing inserts, however they are relatively flimsy and designed mostly for moving around the factory warehouse environment and not really designed to thoroughly protect these speakers from damage in transit. For shipment they will need a second exterior box which will add to the cost of shipping – it will not be cheap to ship these large and heavy floor standing speakers. Payment is via Paypal, US Post Office Money Order or Cash Upon Delivery. I can deliver for free if you are local to me in the San Francisco, Marin County or Berkeley area. NOTE: If you do not have a long term AudiogoN Buy & Sell track record, please include your phone number or I will not respond.
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