Aerial Acoustics7T Speaker Aerial Acoustics 7T Speaker   Customer trade in !!Check out this Gorgeous Pair of Aerial Acoustics 7T's Please keep in mind that the Aerial Line is now completely made in China and not in the USA. Unfortunately Aerial used to make everyth...5400.00

Aerial Acoustics 7T Speaker Customer trade in !! [Expired]

no longer for sale

Check out this Gorgeous Pair of Aerial Acoustics 7T's  
Please keep in mind that the Aerial Line is now completely made in China and not in the USA.  
Unfortunately Aerial used to make everything in Denmark and Massachusetts and they decided to go to China for all their Cabinet Production. If you Live in California check with your local laws about Carb Compliancy before purchasing Aerials as some of the Chinese Products and not allowed to be sold in China Without Carb Ratings below the safe standards of some states.

These were traded in for Kef Reference 3 speakers and the Customer may be trading in his center as well. Call me with any questions..

They are in nice shape but do not have the original boxes.       

This pair will be at my location in Boca Raton FL and can be picked up. 

We also have 1 pair of the 6T's in Black for 4200.000 in stock with no boxes. (9 out of 10)
We have a pair of model 9's as well in rosewood for 4000.00 in nice shape ( 8 out of 10).

We have a pair of Rosewood  20T V2 for 10500.00 which are at the customers house still but he is ready to part with them. 
Please inquire.  
Call me with any questions !  
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Frequency Response 28 Hz to 25 kHz ±2 dB, -6 dB at 23 Hz Dispersion 30 Hz to 15 kHz +0, -3 dB from axial response  45 degree horizontal measurement window Sensitivity 89 dB for 2.83 volts at 1 meter on axis Impedance 4 ohms, 3 ohms minimum, low reactance Power Requirements 25 watts minimum, > 100 recommended Woofers Twin 7.1" (180 mm) with cast magnesium frames  Rigid bilaminate composite cones  Large magnets. 1.5" coils. Long, linear Xmax Midrange 5.9" (150 mm) with cast magnesium frame  Special Papyrus blend cone. Copper pole sleeve  Dual magnets. 1.25" coil. Long, linear Xmax Tweeter 1" (25 mm) with thick machined aluminum plate Soft  ring-dome design with machined wave guide  Dual magnets. 1.0" coil. Copper pole sleeve Crossovers Fourth order acoustic Linkwitz-Riley  400 Hz and 3,000 Hz crossover frequencies  2 Physically separate networks. Biwirable & biampable Cabinet 9 Layer laminated, curved, stressed MDF walls  7 Interlocked full-size braces. Tongue & groove joints  2-piece curved, damped baffle. Architectural veneers Grille Cloth covered curved steel with hexagonal windows  8 Neodymium magnets. No visible mounting hardware Finishes Gloss Cherry  Gloss Rosenut  Nero Metallic Black Included Accessories Nero metallic black base.  Adjustable feet, black spikes, floor protectors Optional Accessories Exposed machined hardware on laser cut steel bars Dimensions 44.5 x 9.7 x 15.3" (1130 x 245 x 390 mm)  Height includes base and spikes Weight Each 96 lbs (44 kg) Unpacked  154 lbs (70 kg) Packed    Specifications are subject to change.
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