Audes USACredo "Blues"Audes USA Credo "Blues" - Strong Reviews, Handsome (NJ/NY Area)OK, so these are not well known in the USA. They were and are made in Estonia and are still sold in Europe, as a Mark 2 edition, for $6,500. These are the original Audes (Credo Line) Blues which so...700.00

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Audes USA Credo "Blues" - Strong Reviews, Handsome (NJ/NY Area) [Expired]

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OK, so these are not well known in the USA. They were and are made in Estonia and are still sold in Europe, as a Mark 2 edition, for $6,500. These are the original Audes (Credo Line) Blues which sold for an American market entry price of only $2,250. They are as handsome as suggested by the photos.

First things first. I think this sale has to be NY/NJ Area local pickup because I do not have original packing and these are gracefully large (47" H x 8.25 W x 14.5" D) and very heavy (78 lbs each). For those who might also be interested, I gave the matching Center speaker to my son but could probably re-obtain it (via a separate transaction).

Next, an upfront apology for the somewhat wordy descriptions which follow. I'm doing this because there's not much about the Blues on the web (in English) and what there is is rather hard to find. Some basics: nominal impedance 4 ohms, sensitivity 90db, frequency response (±2db) 45-20000 Hz. Several reviewers suggest the Blues are a good match with tube amplifiers. I'm the second owner. I purchased them locally from the original owner about a year ago but am now downsizing.

As per The Stereo Times (Joe Lamano - May 2002) Audes Blues review:

"I explained that I was looking for speakers that I could use for critical music listening and also use for home theater." ... ... "I was so impressed by the outstanding soundstage, dynamic range, and amazing detail of these speakers." ... ... "With most recordings that I listened to, the brass wind instruments, cymbals, and voice all sounded natual, not harsh or bright." ... ... The Blues have the ability to resolve fine levels of detail in the music, which make the Blues especially exciting for jazz and classical listeners." ...

As per The Absolute Sound - 2014 New York Audio Show -  Alan Taffel reported in his "Top Five Systems" section that:

"You know certain rooms are good even before you walk in, because the unmistakable whiff of “live” sound bleeds out into the hallway. That was the case in the Park Avenue Audio room. As I entered, I already knew I was in for a treat. Imagine my surprise when I realized the system that had drawn me in cost a mere $10,000 for the amp and speakers. Doing the honors were a pair of Audes Blues Mk 2 ($6500) paired with an Audes ATA 234 ($3500) 15Wpc tubed integrated amp. The source was the North Star Transport and DAC ($5998 the pair). Overall, the system delivered a lifelike sound that belied the price."

As per a speaker comparison (from within the "Stereomojo" review of the $3,000 Gershman Acoustics Idol speaker):

"The Audes, seen here, has a definite edge in terms of build quality (around double the weight of the Idol) and aesthetics, which is very European. In contrast to the Idol, the Blues is a 3-way, 3-chamber, dual step, vented full range transducer incorporating two 4.4-inch midrange drivers and a single one-inch tweeter in a D’Appolito configuration complemented with an eight-inch side firing woofer. The mirror image design of the Blues allows you to place them with the woofers facing in or out depending on the acoustical properties of your listening room."

"The Audes Blues’ African mahogany panels give them a very handsome look. In terms of sonic performance, the Blues go significantly lower because of its side-firing woofer though the Idol had the more tuneful bass. The mid-range performance of the Idol was comparable to the Blues although the latter was a little more forward and had a smidgen more presence especially with voices. For high frequencies the Blues sounded slightly smoother to me while the Idol was slightly more aggressive which gave the Blues the advantage in terms of fatigue factor."

"The Idol takes the honors when it comes to imaging, as it is able to disappear a bit more effectively than the Blues. The Idol was also better at communicating the emotional content of the music especially with female voices. The Idol has a deeper sound stage but the Audes creates a sonic image that is significantly wider and taller. The Idol is also less dependent on the quality of cables and interconnects, delivering good performance even with budget priced models whereas the Audes was more fussy, throwing a few tantrums when forced to work with entry level cables. The Audes sound leans towards the warmer side while the Idol is more analytical. The Audes delivered significantly better performance with tubes while the Idol is are more agnostic in this regard. Both speakers are equally musical for short-term listening sessions but the Blues edges ahead during longer sessions because of its better fatigue factor. The Blues also has more timbral accuracy and better dynamic contrast though the Idol is not that far behind in these respects."

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