B&WSignature DiamondB&W Signature Diamond with gorgeous wakame finish--price drop!These rare and beautiful speakers are the perfect embodiment of both outstanding performance and great Spouse Acceptance Factor—in fact, they are a work of art. Created for B&W's 40th anniversa...8995.00

B&W Signature Diamond with gorgeous wakame finish--price drop!

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Package dimensions21.0" × 16.0" × 63.0" (60.0 lbs.)
21.0" × 16.0" × 63.0" (60.0 lbs.)
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These rare and beautiful speakers are the
perfect embodiment of both outstanding performance and great Spouse Acceptance
Factor—in fact, they are a work of art. Created for B&W's 40th anniversary,
only 1000 pairs were made, only 500 with the beautiful wakame finish. With
B&W's diamond tweeter enclosed in Belgian black marble and the 7"
woven kevlar mid/base unit, these speakers provide a natural warmth and
presence that is astonishingly lifelike for chamber music, jazz, or
singer/songwriters, but has plenty of oomph to handle full orchestral works (I
don't play loud rock music, but I'm sure they'll handle that as well).

 At just 36.6” high, 9.1”wide, and 14.8”deep,
these speakers are a realistic addition to an elegant living room, while giving
up nothing in sound quality except for the deepest bass—they are -6dB at 32Hz
and 33kHz. Their wide dispersion, within 2dB of reference over a 50º arc, means
they sound excellent throughout the room. And with a nominal impedance of 8Ω (minimum
4.6 Ω), they are easy to drive. The silver/gold foil crossover
components and highly inert, curved cabinets add to making a truly special pair
of loudspeakers.

 I bought these new from
Definitive Audio in Seattle for $19,000 (plus tax), but they can be yours for
under half of that. They look and sound just like new in use, but one speaker
had some small spots of damage to the lacquer towards the back on one side that
can be seen from close up or in bright direct light (photo on request). For
that reason, I am listing their condition as 8.

I am a long-time A’goner—buy
with confidence. I prefer wire transfer or certified check; PayPal or express payers please add 2.9%. Contact me with any questions.

Questions for the seller
What year were these produced? Did B&W assign an ID to them? I want to research them but don't know what to search on. Thanks.
Hi, Daniel, Thank you for your interest. Read about them at http://bwgroupsupport.com/downloads/specsheets/bw/Signature%20Diamond%20Brochure.pdf. Because they essentially sold out instantly and were not at any audio shows, there were no solid reviews of them from the solid audio reviewers, They were produced in 2007. Here is an Audiogon member who says they're better than the Magic Minis: https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/b-w-signature-diamond-anyboy-heard-them.
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