Beauhorn SpeakersVirtuoso With Lowther DX4 DriversBeauhorn Speakers Virtuoso With Lowther DX4 DriversIndustry veteran Thorsten Loesch put it well: "I think the best illustration was when I had some friends around, one who brought along his sister who is a quite well reputed jazz vocalist in the UK...3500.00

Beauhorn Speakers Virtuoso With Lowther DX4 Drivers

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Industry veteran Thorsten Loesch put it well: "I think the best illustration was when I had some friends around, one who brought along his sister who is a quite well reputed jazz vocalist in the UK. Playing her own recordings she exclaimed, 'That's me' and commenting that even at most Studios it sounded nothing like this. And playing some LP's of her favorites from various periods had her exclaim 'That's spooky, it is as if the musicians are really there!'. Well, she should know she's on a stage with musicians on many an evening. Yet I can only concur, the realism from this system was positively scary. Over the time I had these loudspeakers I listened more than ever and managed to see my record collection growing at such an alarming rate that it soon spilled all over the living room floor. If nothing else, I guess that shows that I was really Enjoying the Music."

Beauhorn Virtuosos in cherry with Lowther DX-4 drivers, in good (Not fabulous) condition. These are quite rare used. They sold in the states for around $12,000.

IMO these are both the best backhorn and best single-driver speaker ever developed (Feastrex field-coils possibly excepted, but they never had a good cabinet). I have had virtually all of them. Here's why:

- They front-load the Lowther which brings up the lower-mids and makes the speaker as balanced as anything out there - not thin-sounding like the vast majority of speakers of this type. They are actually a bit warm and have tons of output in the presence region. (Thorsten in his review stated the speakers were flatter in his room from 100-10K cycles than anything he had measured.)

- The horn is both appropriately short and formed with foam meaning it is perfectly smooth - no abrupt changes means no impedance peaks that put reflections back through the driver and make the speaker harder to drive as well.

I've used this pair for the better part of a year now. I had another pair in 2007-2008 and after selling them I looked for another pair for a couple years.

The speakers have the speed that makes virtually all multi-driver cone speakers sound slow and unrealistic and the dynamics to mimic live music as well. They are an honest 104 dB/W and will play loudly and dynamically with virtually any amp.

Also, FYI, Lowther has a truly superb trade-in policy for new drivers: They will send you brand-new drivers at the difference in price and let you return yours after that. The honor system. The cost to switch these DX4s to brand-new EX4 including shipping to/from England was about $750 when I inquired a couple months ago.

They have spikes installed but do not have the Vibraplinths. I'm not sure I'd want them as the driver height seems ideal as they are now.

I would like these speakers to have a real home as they are truly superb transducers for all acoustic music, especially jazz.

I have the custom-made wooden crate they were sent to me in so shipping is doable. I will ship them freight for $400 flat to anywhere in the U.S. However I would prefer local pickup.

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