Lansche AudioNo.5.1usedLansche Audio No.5.1 Maple Wood With Upgraded Ypsilon Transformers & Flight CasesThis listing is for a beautiful pair of the Lansche 5.1 speakers with custom high gloss Flame Maple burl wood finish, custom flight cases from Lansche and best of all--custom made tweete...29000.00

Lansche Audio No.5.1 Maple Wood With Upgraded Ypsilon Transformers & Flight Cases [Expired]

no longer for sale

This listing is for a beautiful pair of the Lansche 5.1 speakers with custom high gloss Flame Maple burl wood finish, custom flight cases from Lansche and best of all--custom made tweeter transformers from Ypsilon in Greece. This set of speakers with the flight cases, finish, and transformers cost close to $60,000 new. Our client had these for less than a year and he used them very little. He has multiple homes and we have built both a theater and a music room for him within the home where he had these. He said he thinks they may not even be broken in yet. We are a Lansche dealer and we will support the new purchaser of the speakers just as we supported the original owner and can offer installation if desired. The reason the speakers are for sale is that the client bought a pair of the $125,000 Perfect8 Point MkIII speakers which we won Best Sound of Show from Part Time Audiophile at the LA Audio Show this year for our 2 channel room, as well as a Gold Room Award from AVShowrooms. Peter Breuninger from AVShowrooms, who is wonderful by the way, also did a video review of these speakers, you can see that here. Note that you can hear the speakers in this video but this will be before the substantial upgrade done by Ypsilon and they have also had a newer version of the Lansche Corona plasma tweeters from Germany put in them since this, so they sound even considerably better now!

The speakers themselves run $50,000 plus the flight cases and custom tweeters would make the retail on these close to $60,000. They are shown sitting on Finite Elemente CeraBases which can be had for an extra charge, see below. Also for sale separately will be a pair of the top of the line Stage III Medusa speaker cables. The client had purchased 2 pairs of the Stage III speaker cables (we wired his whole system with Stage III) in order to do "true bi-wiring" with 2 completely separate pairs of speaker cables, one carrying just the highs and one carrying just the lows to each speaker from his Ypsilon SET 100 Ultimate tube amps. When he upgraded to the new speakers they came with external crossover boxes and all their own silver wiring between the crossovers and different components. So there was no longer any need for the second pair of Stage III and he has given us those to use in our testing of the speakers here and to sell to raise money for the new Stage III cables he'll need to go with the new Ypsilon DAC that is about to come out (they showed prototypes at RMAF and Munich but keep improving the final design). These cables are tremendous and if you would like we can try to make you a package deal with the speakers, assuming they are still available when you see this as I expect them to go very quickly.

This listing has a lot of detail on these speakers but also info on other products such as I refer to above and more. We find that because these listings live online forever, we end up getting calls based on ads from years ago, long after we sold the item, and that's become a great source of new clients. So we include a lot of info and pictures to spark people's imagination about what we could help them to do with their systems, both music and home theater. If you find some of it to be extraneous to these actual speakers I apologize, please skip down and read the relevant parts to help you make a purchase decision. We are also available to consult and to assist you in making a wise choice. Our philosophy is that we'd like to sell you something but only if that item is well suited to your needs. Ideally we want to establish a long term relationship with our clients, as we have now done with the owner of these speakers. He originally called about an expired Audiogon ad for a preamp we had long since sold. I gave him my advice on what might work for him, he did some research, and we went on to create some incredible rooms with him, we deeply appreciate his business and his friendship. Helping other audiophiles is what we like best about being in this business. We're all audiophiles ourselves and we look forward to speaking with you and trying to be of service as you look to make the most of your system, just as we do ours.

While the Lansche 5.1 was the latest and greatest version from Lansche before we had them modified at Ypsilon in Greece and installed them for our client 1 year ago, Lansche no longer makes these top of the line wood finishes on any of their speakers. They don't have any more of this super high end burl wood and they just offer the speakers in much more basic colors now like piano black and piano white. When you see the finish on these speakers it is absolutely something to behold. I can watch TV in the reflection off the side of the speaker! There must be a dozen or more layers of lacquer on these and we could not find a single flaw with the speakers. We've had many, many high end speakers here from great companies. But none have ever had a finish to match these!

Lansche has now replaced this model with a similar model that represents some minor incremental upgrades, but with less nice finishes offered. The new ones have not been reviewed in the US yet, they may not even be for sale here, I have not heard them yet. I know they changed from 2 8.7" woofers to a single 10" woofer and are claiming the speaker plays a few Hz lower now. But this comes at substantial cost as they have downgraded the efficiency rating and now it's an 8 ohm design vs. 4 for these. So it will take much more powerful and presumably expensive amps to get those extra few Hz at the same quality level. But again, I have not heard them so this is just my estimation based on specs and my long experience so please understand that.

The ones we have for sale have the latest version of the Lansche plasma tweeter which is the most important part, and then they had those tweeters custom modified at Ypsilon in Greece which only a few pairs in the world have. Due to these rare custom modified tweeters it is quite possible this pair will sound better than the new model. Plus you can buy these for a huge discount at $29,000 including the flight cases or $30,000 including the flight case and over $2K worth of Cerabases also. As a Ypsilon and Lansche dealer, we will support your purchases just like we supported the client who bought them from us new! So it's better for you than just buying used gear from private sellers. Lansche has a brilliant program where you can renew your plasma tweeters for a small cost. Typically if you listen a lot this would be something you might want to do every 5 years or so. Some people go just fine for 10. It's a personal choice. But in any case you have our support with the process and anything else you might need, or you can choose to handle it on your own if you wish. They do not require that a dealer be involved, and they do this for all Lansche owners, not just original owners. So don't worry if you sell the speakers later on, etc. They will still be supported.

These are the most gorgeous speakers we've ever had in our home in over 30 years in the hobby and nearly 20 in business. But of course, you're not going to buy these for the looks, you buy them for the sound, the looks are a free benefit that the original owner paid for but which you don't have to at this price. These feature the incredible Lansche Corona Plasma tweeter for which Lansche is known. The sound of plasma tweeters is heavenly. Most people who hear them just fall in love right away. They are like the finest and most expensive ribbons but even better.

What makes the best ribbons so good is that they are incredibly light—less dense than feathers I believe. Well, plasma takes this even a step further, removing the solid surface of a driver altogether. It's absolutely captivating. But the challenge is to then integrate the sound with the rest of the drivers and this is part of what makes these speakers costly. Over the years, the Lansches have gotten better and better and this series has vastly better driver integration than the previous ones do. In terms of just the highs, which are such a huge part of what captivates us about a speaker, the Lansches absolutely dominate over competitors. Playing some of the standard demo fare such as Jennifer Warnes "If It Be Your Will" or any Eva Cassidy these things win your heart over completely. For that sort of material, there is no speaker really to best these short of some "cost no object" designs like the Perfect8 which we now distribute across North America. If you can afford speakers that start at $125,000 for a small pair of floor standers and go up to over $300,000 for the big line arrays then Perfect8's are something we'd love to talk with you about. But for most of us who cannot afford something like that, the Lansche is the closest we can get to that feeling of having the performer in the room, that chills down the spine just I cannot believe what I am hearing type of magic happens to me constantly with these in my living room.

The 5.1's are capable of filling a large room but also sound great in spaces that are on the small side. We have them set up in our main demo space which is approximately 700 square feet and they sound terrific. The client we are selling them for had a much smaller room and they were also excellent in there. I think his space was 10 X 17 and with low ceilings, glass on one side, all sorts of challenges - similar to the space that our distributor, Brian from Aaudio Imports, had in his room at CES when he showed this same pair of 5.1's (before the Ypsilon upgrade). Fortunately, Peter from AV Showrooms made a video review of them so you can have a listen to them right now. As noted above, this demo is with an older version of the tweeters, Lansche have made a big upgrade to them since then and you get that upgrade PLUS the very rare Ypsilon transformer upgrade with this pair.

The Lansches handled the space beautifully. If it was my room I would have put some treatment in there to make it even better but the client is a purist, he did not want that, just the highest quality of gear and so we did that for him and he got great results. The only thing he wished for was a little more bass. I think that he might have had enough if there had been room for the speakers to be closer to the wall, but with the room so narrow they had to sit out about 4 feet because of all the gear across the front of the room and of course that reduces the bass reinforcement a lot. If you do have a room where you can back them in to the wall more then you will get a lot more bass. We don't have ANY wall reinforcement for the bass in our living room with them and I still feel the bass is very tight. In terms of room size, I would think they would be excellent for rooms up to 1,200 square feet or so. Over that you probably would want subs to go with them.

They are 4 Ohm speakers and 91 dB efficient so incredibly easy to drive. The owner was driving these with 120 watt per channel Ypsilon SET 100 Ultimate tube amps. We're using our Ypsilon Aelius II amps rated at 220 WPC into 8 ohms and 350 into 4 as that is what we have. A 20 watt amp would probably drive them just fine! And since our Aelius II's are pure class A to 60 watts of output, I'm sure that we are in the pure class A band all the time and enjoying that class A sweetness.

These tweeters burn a tiny bit of the oxygen in the room to form a beautiful glowing ball of plasma, it usually looks kind of purple and twinkles at you like a star as you listen. I've been told that Wilson and Magico both sought to obtain the rights to these tweeters from Mr. Lansche to add them to their speakers. I cannot independently verify that but I understand that Mr. Lansche (who is a hotel magnate and doesn't need the money from the speaker company) wanted to keep the technology to himself. Granted, there are other companies which do use plasma tweeters such as Acapella which we love to listen to at every audio show we go to and are thinking of becoming dealers for. Their speakers have a magical sound and an absolutely striking appearance. I was shocked at one recent show when my wife suggested to me that maybe we should buy a pair of Acapellas that cost more than these Lansches. She loved the look of them so much, like sculptures. Normally she says "You want to spend HOW MUCH for speakers?" and then presses me about how quick will I sell them if I do buy them. We cannot afford anything that expensive and she quickly realized it was unrealistic. But the beautiful sound of speakers with plasma tweeters really is captivating. One can get lost just staring into the little purple "singing" flames and listening, especially to female vocals which of course your wife probably loves just as mine does. All this said, the Lansches are much more of a "normal looking" sort of speaker which can fit in pretty much any setup or decor while still looking stunning.

Our client is selling because he upgraded to the Perfect8 Point Mk III with which we won "Best Sound of Show" at the LA Audio Show in June from Part Time Audiophile and a Gold Room Award from AVShowrooms. Rafe Arnott, Editor and Creative Director for Part-Time Audiophile, had the following to say: "I'm going to start with the Best Sound which goes to a new combination of manufacturers for me (Perfect8 Technologies, Ypsilon Electronics, Aurender, which were curated by bricks-and-mortar shop owner Stefan Fuegi of The High End Zone out of Gila, New Mexico. My initial show report on this room is HERE, and as I wrote, this combination had soulful musicality, an ability to handle huge dynamic swings with ease, and aurally convinced with its impression of limitless headroom to the scale, depth, and impact of the sound."~ Rafe Arnott,

(Photo Credit: Rafe Arnott)

As you can see, we showed the Points with Ypsilon Electronics which our client is now enjoying them with. Please contact us if you'd like more info on either Ypsilon or Perfect8 and don't already have a local dealer you're working with. Ypsilon is a perfect match for both the Perfect8 and these Lansche 5.1 speakers. Our distributor often brings a pair of Lansches similar to these to audio shows with only the Ypsilon Phaethon integrated amp which just won a Golden Ear award from The Absolute Sound. He's won awards with that setup. That would make a fantastic system with these and we can put a full package together for you if you like. These would also go well with other high quality electronics such as Lamm, Audio Research, Modwright, EMM Labs, VTL, Zesto, Bel Canto and many other brands of fine gear. We sell many of those and we're at your service to consult if you'd like help assembling a package or advice on what goes together well. These are easy to drive and you do not have to have any kind of crazy expensive amps to get awesome sound from these. A good integrated amp can drive them just fine in fact! That being said, I do feel that they lend themselves to a system that has at least a tube preamp in it. One does not necessarily need to have a whole lot of tubes such as are in the VTL MB 450 MkIII amps I'm testing out with the speakers now to good effect, though these amps offer way, way more power than is actually needed. But it's good to have some tube "flavor" in the setup. I think just a tube preamp is enough, perhaps even just the phono stage for vinyl. But they are very easy to drive so they do make it possible for you to consider a wide range of good quality tube amps without spending crazy money as you would need to do on less efficient speaker designs. I think that is a huge plus. I really prefer the sound of tubes, at least tube hybrid designs like the Ypsilons which are my favorite electronics. So for me these are perfect, they fit my home and look incredible. If only they fit the budget...
Our client who owns them loved them too. The only reason that he gave for wanting to upgrade from this $60K speaker to the $125,000 Perfect8's was that he wanted to have a little more bass. If that was me and I already owned these beautiful Lansches in this burl wood I would have added a nice subwoofer or 2 as these speakers sound really sweet and I can get a LOT of subwoofer for $65,000. We could have even done something like the stacks of REL subs they have shown at shows like CES. They have stacking rails to let you make stacks of 3 subs next to each speaker. (see picture below) But obviously my decision would be colored by my finances and I am nowhere near as successful as my clients are so I respect his decision. He is someone who is into keeping things simple. We had a wonderful time visiting his home with the CEO of Perfect8 and personally installing the Point MkIII's for him. And I'm proud the client chose us to sell the Lansches and the extra pair of Stage III speaker cables for him as well. I hope the sale will lead us to meet another fine family of audiophiles like his and ours!

I'll say more about the Perfect8's below, but before that I want to feature some comments by the maestros Robert Harley and John Atkinson from The Absolute Sound and Stereophile respectively about the Lansche speakers. I've said a lot about how I like the Lansches and am absolutely captivated by the plasma tweeters, especially after the mods that Ypsilon did on this particular pair. But I'm sure that Mr. Atkinson and Mr. Harley's words will carry more weight than mine, as they should given their vast experience and knowledge.

Lansche have had very limited distribution in the US so there haven’t been too many reviews on them. Here are some excerpts that we did find where they rave about the incredible properties of the plasma tweeter. It sounds like both these reviewers were won over with it, just as I have been. It is really something magical, from the moment you step in the room with it, you’re captivated. The first excerpts are from a review of this actual model, then the later ones are from a more expensive pair that uses the same drivers but it adds one more midrange and 2 extra woofers. Of course the tweeters are the same in both models. So the difference with the larger one is mostly more bass and the review excerpts I am using are not about the bass (pun intended).

From Stereophile, John Atkinson writing about the 5.1’s:

These speakers loved piano recordings. Robert Silverman's empathetic performance of Rachmaninoff's Piano Sonata 2 may be an early-1990s digital recording, but with the Lansche's clean, tight bass and airy high frequencies, the intertwining of melodies and accompanying figures in the slow movement acquired a luminous glow.

This tweeter did cymbals better than any other I have heard. Too often, the metallic swish that follows the ping of the stick hitting the bronze sounds too much like white noise. Through the Lansche tweeter, the distinctive character of each cymbal's swish in "Too High," from Stevie Wonder's Innervisions (24/96 ALAC file, HDtracks download, Tamla), was readily discernible. The subtle changes in the sound of Billy Drummond's brushed ride cymbal in the first verse of "The Mooche," from Editor's Choice, was laid out for inspection without sounding exaggerated in level. 

Talk Talk's sonically sophisticated explorations of space and groove were a perfect match for the Lansche 5.1s. The depth of the ostinato cymbal and snare-drum figure; the combination of definition and sufficient weight on the double bass; the sheer palpability of Mark Hollis's voice; the way I could hear deep into the complex mix--these are what you get when recording, amplifier, speakers, and room work together toward the common goal of musical fulfillment. 

With its elegant proportions, beautifully veneered and satin-finished enclosure, black-anodized baffle, and the horn concealing in its depth the yellow-lilac tweeter flame, the Lansche 5.1 looks both striking and worth its price.

With the solid-state amplifiers I had to hand the Lansches sounded clean, detailed, and transparent, but the system didn't properly jell until I drove them with the tubed Audio Research amplifier. Only then could I properly appreciate the magical qualities of that "singing flame" tweeter.

Excerpts from John Atkinson in Stereophile, full article here

From The Absolute Sound, the maestro Robert Harley writing about the larger Lansche 7’s. These use the exact same tweeter (though the ones he had were not as good as these since not modified by Ypsilon, these will sound significantly better!) :

This loudspeaker’s midrange and treble reproduction was absolutely sensational, and different from that of conventional loudspeakers, whether cone, electrostatic, or ribbon. The Lansche simply disappears as a sound source, not just spatially (which it, along with many other great loudspeakers, does), but also mechanically. By that I mean the physicality of the loudspeaker’s operation--the mechanism by which is creates sound-- disappears, replaced by the physicality of the instrument it is reproducing. It’s the kind of sound that produces a “fool-you” realism of timbre, as well as “fool-you” palpability and immediacy. There was an ethereal character to the sound, as though the music existed independently of any electro-mechanical contrivance--“conjured out of thin air” to use Jonathan Valin’s wonderful description.

These qualities were nothing short of magical on female vocals, particularly with LP playback. Jennifer Warnes’ voice on The Hunter (Impex LP reissue) crossed a threshold from sounding present to startlingly lifelike--almost eerily so. So great was the reduction in coloration that the impression of being in the same room with another human being was suddenly and vividly unmistakable.

The treble had the wonderful quality of being highly resolved without sounding bright. The No.7’s reproduction of cymbals, and of brushes on snares, was revelatory. The corona-plasma tweeter beautifully resolved the transient detail of the stick hitting the cymbal, the shimmer that changes character slightly as it decays, and then revealed the finest inner detail at the end of the decay. This lack of smearing of fine transient detail was spectacular and alone worth the price of admission.

With its massless corona-plasma tweeter, the Lansche No.7 ventures into rarely charted territory. This driver has many compelling virtues including world-class transparency, airiness, lack of hardness and grain, and the ability to make instruments and voices sound eerily lifelike. It simply sounds unlike other loudspeakers, bringing music to life in a way that’s wonderfully enjoyable.

Excerpts from Robert Harley in TAS, full article here

Of course if you’d like to buy a pair of Lansche 7’s we’d love to sell them to you, please get in touch. But for about a quarter as much these 5.1’s have most of the same drivers, just a bit less bass, a more stunning finish, the Ypsilon mods. And did I mention they are close to a quarter the price? If you have the big bucks I would absolutely consider the Lansche 8.2’s though, that $275,000 loudspeaker is just wonderful, sounds unbelievably good with Ypsilon. But of course at that point you’re getting close to the Perfect8 Force’s... Well, they don’t call us the High End Zone for nothing. You should be warned that we are all carriers of the dreaded disease “upgraditis” here!

Speaking of upgrades, here are some shots of our client's room after he upgraded from the Lansche 5.1's to the Perfect8 Point MkIII's.

The big $375,000 Perfect8 Forces are my favorite speaker in the whole world. I first heard them almost 10 years ago and still nothing comes close for me. This client would have gone for those big ones but his room is quite small and he felt that it would be too much. I suggested to him that he could extend the room out but they had just finished remodeling and did not want to do anything so invasive. We had planned to show the big $375,000 ones at LA Audio Show this year but unfortunately the freight company smashed them. They were not shipped by us. We found out only 48 hours before the show and had to scramble to get the Perfect8 Point MkIII's shipped and we had no speakers at the start of the show, etc. It was hard but we were very pleased that even so we won a Best Sound of Show and other awards. I think we would have done even better if we had the big ones and I hope we can show with them another time. Doing these shows is always very hard because we have such a short time to get the system just right and then the show is starting, all the guests and reviewers are arriving. When we do a system for a client's home we will stay until we get it right, we will come back if need be. We have more time to really perfect the sound and to feel that everything is as it should be.

We are now representing Perfect8 across North America and we would be pleased to install them for you, please call or email for a free consultation and quotation. But I digress... We sell many brands of the finest gear and we want our clients to get the items that best match their systems, tastes and budgets, we don't just try and sell you what we have on hand and the client we are selling these for understands that. Actually he first called us years ago about an AR Ref phono stage we had listed for a guy who bought the Ypsilon VPS 100 phono stage that Michael Fremer still calls the best in the world. I told the caller that I didn't have that piece anymore. I said I didn't know what he could afford but that if he had the means I would suggest he check out Ypsilon. He did and he ended up buying a full Ypsilon system from us, actually he just emailed today about getting their new DAC which they showed a prototype of at Munich. I understand it is wonderful and the most analog sounding digital source people have ever heard.

We're telling you about all these different products because we want readers who have the patience to read this long listing to know about the various things we sell and then to get a good match, whether or not it is this pair of speakers. I do love these and highly recommend them. I feel guilty enjoying them in my home so hopefully someone buys them soon!

Lansche Factory flight cases included in purchase!

These Lansches will ship out by freight in their factory made flight cases shown here for secure transit. Very heavy duty with locking casters, custom factory foam inside. We will palletize and professionally strap and shrink wrap them and can ship worldwide. We get good freight discounts.

We ship worldwide and these work on 120 or 240 volts.

The tweeters are powered so each speaker has a power cord. They do work with both 120V and 240V power and will come supplied with a pair of basic US spec power cords. Our client was using them with a pair of Stage III Kraken power cords we sold him but he kept those to power the subwoofers in his new Perfect8's. We will be selling (separately) one pair of the $18,500 Medusa Statement speaker cables from Stage III as the client had 2 pairs for a true bi-wire and the new Perfect8's come with an external crossover so he doesn't need those and that will make available those beautiful speaker cables at a special price. The speakers are also shown sitting on Finite Elemente Cerabase Classic reference footers. We got custom hardware from Finite to mount these to the threaded inserts on the bottom of the speakers. These footers are not required and are an extra cost option the buyer of the speakers may choose to add. They are normally $1,060 per set of 4 so $2,120 for the 8 that are used here. We'll throw them in with the speakers for an additional $1,000.

Plasma tweeters do wear out over time and Lansche offers a factory replacement program. It is super easy to remove the tweeter, it is just a matter of taking out 3 hex screws from the front of the speaker and then disconnecting 2 wires from the back to pull it out. No soldering is required. Lansche continues to make improvements over time so you can benefit from that--when you send the tweeters in they will send you back a pair in the latest version. And this can still be done keeping the custom Ypsilon transformers added to this pair. This is a very rare and special upgrade. I think only 3 or 4 pairs in the world have this upgrade and I believe they are mostly the huge $276,000 Lansche 8.2's We also have a demo pair of those which will be coming up for sale if you have room and budget for a truly massive pair of speakers!

There have been some rumors posted on one audio site that plasma tweeters can put ozone in the room. This was referring to an audiophile who planned to build tweeters out of cheap, cast off industrial parts from Ebay. The Lansche and Acapella tweeters meet stringent EU requirements and do NOT cause any ozone or other contamination in the room. My wife is very sensitive about such things, she doesn't even allow wi-fi in the bedroom as she thinks it harms our brains while we sleep, but she has had no issues with the Lansches in our home and loves the sound and the beauty of them. She took all the pics in this listing and also helped me with the setup, she adjusted the toe in to get a better sound than my son and I had gotten at first try with them. She has a terrific ear for music and I'm very fortunate to have her involved in this.

There are a bunch of info and photos below. Down at the bottom are our full selling and shipping policies, a complete set of pics of these Lansche 5.1's from pretty much every angle trying to demonstrate the beauty of them, we have found them to be absolutely flawless and I cannot remember the last time I said that about a used piece of gear, and there are full specs. Thank you for reading our super long listing. This is a family effort, my wife and son and I all worked together on it and as I hope you can see it is a labor of love. We hope you see something here that you love and we look forward to connecting with you about your music room, home theater, man cave or other project! To get in touch with us about these speakers, or any other equipment you might want to buy, please email us, or call us at 575.535.2280.
High End Zone had two rooms at the inaugural LA Audio Show in June of 2017. Our 2 Channel room featured the Perfect8 Point loudspeakers (which our client replaced the Lansche 5.1s with) were paired with the following Ypsilon Electronics: PST 100 MkII, DAC 100 and the Aelius II Amplifiers. We played music from the Aurender W20 and A10. We really enjoyed showing with the Perfect8 Point MK III's, even though we had intended to show with our favorite speakers, the Perfect8 Force. Sadly, The Force speakers were crushed by the shipping company. We found this out less than 48 hours before the show started and so we had to overnight the Points to LA, which made us have a late start to the show... By Sunday we felt like our room sounded sublime and many others did as well.
Here is a video of AV Showroom's coverage of our 2 Channel room which we are very honored and grateful to say was awarded a Gold Show Award.

The pairing of Perfect8 speakers and Ypsilon Electronics helped make the act of listening to music in this room very transportive, and honestly-- I had a hard time paying attention to our guests because the music kept drawing me in.

Jason Victor Serinus from Stereophile was one of the reviewers who came when we had no speakers. He made a special effort to come back and listen on Sunday when our system had finally settled in and was sounding it's best. One of our helpers did the thing of trying to close the door to give the major reviewer a quiet demo without people coming in and out but Jason is such a humble and classy fellow, he asked that we treat him just like any guest. He said the following:

"Reproduction of a file of the Haydn Cello Concerto 1 exhibited lots of grace, with an airy, spacious, and warm sound that I found especially satisfying. I didn't write down the name of the track playing when I first entered the room, but it, too, was distinguished lovely warmth, notable spaciousness, and that indefinable quality known as grace. Timbres were extremely impressive.
"When I followed a suggestion to move to the second row, both midrange and bass response increased. Especially impressive was a 24/96 track of mezzo Jamie Barton singing Sibelius, where the system conveyed the huge expanse and changing dynamics of her stunning voice better than any other system I've encountered. When Barton opened her one-in-a-million, Golden Age voice to full capacity, you could literally hear it expand in the room. Wonderful.
" ~ Jason Victor Serinus, article for Stereophile

We were grateful that Jason returned to our room on Sunday, not all reviewers were able to do so, it's a tough job to cover hundreds of rooms and we certainly understand. So we were very sorry not to see Mr. Harley from The Absolute Sound, one of the most respected reviewers from one of the top publications to be sure. But he did seem to greatly enjoy his Ypsilon experience in the Aaudio room and had this to say in his review of the show. He mentioned only a very small number of rooms and so being mentioned at all was an honor, certainly to have such high praise was. We already sold 4 pieces of Ypsilon in the weeks following the show, in part I believe thanks to these comments:
Aaudio Imports demonstrated a superb system of Ypsilon Electronics from Greece. The PST0199 Mk.II tube preamp ($37,000) drove a pair of Aelius II monoblocks ($39,000), fronted by Ypsilon's VPS-100 tube phonostage ($26,000) and MC26L step-up transformer ($6200). I had never looked at the Ypsilon components up-close, but they are extraordinarily built. The whole package sounded superb driving the remarkable new Wilson Benesch Resolution loudspeaker
." ~Mr. Harley

Take a look at the quality of build that this Silver Edition of a Ypsilon Electronics PST 100 MKII which Ypsilon custom made with an extra pair of XLR inputs for our client.

While Mr. Harley was unable to visit our room to hear how Ypsilon Electronics engage with Perfect8 speakers, Mr. Rafe Arnott (the Editor and Creative Director for Part-Time Audiophile) was able to and as we shared above actually gave us the honor of "the Best Sound which goes to a new combination of manufacturers for me (Perfect8 Technologies, Ypsilon Electronics, Aurender.)... My initial show report on this room is HERE, and as I wrote, this combination had soulful musicality, an ability to handle huge dynamic swings with ease, and aurally convinced with its impression of limitless headroom to the scale, depth, and impact of the sound."~ Rafe Arnott

High End Zone also had a Home Theater room, shown here:

High End Zone and Starke Sound collaborated with an amazing team of more than 25 people from over 10 companies including Trinnov, JVC, Kaleidescape and many of the world's best AV firms to create a 27 channel Atmos home theater system that seemed to be a well received surprise for the audiophiles at the LAAS. Normally if there is a home theater demo at all at these shows, it is in some little back room and isn't very good. Not this time, we were right next to the registration desk in the largest room of the show and we rocked hitting peaks of over 105 dB on our demos including Pacific Rim, Unbroken, Roger Waters The Wall and several more. We had a lot of people come through, and as far as I could tell all of them had a good time.
The Gateway Ballroom exhibit won an Alfie award for the Starke Sound IW-H5 Elite wall mounted speakers which we were using eight of to form the base level surround channels. These speakers have won several awards at CEDIA and other events since LAAS and they rightfully deserve their place as an ultimate level home theater speaker! Three IC-H5 Elite Starke Sound speakers accompanied the IW-H5s as the LCRs and eight IW-H3 Be speakers were ceiling mounted. The room's bass was so thumping that some guests asked if we had put drivers under the chairs! This was accomplished through the use of six Starke Sound SUB36 subs and two almost refrigerator sized Rythmik subwoofers to fill the 50' X 50' room with 12' high ceilings with bass. The system was powered by Starke's A7 MK II amps, fed by the Trinnov Altitude 32 processor, with content from Kaleidescape's 4K Strato movie player. To help transform a hotel ballroom into a theater, we used Acoustic Sciences Corporation's TubeTraps, which also won an Alfie award, and Haikoustics panels on the walls and suspended from the trusses. The visuals in this room were handled with the help of Metra 4k HDMI cables feeding the JVC flagship projector the DLA-RS4500, projecting on a Seymour-Screen Excellence RF 160HD Enlightor 4K acoustically transparent screen measuring 160"x90". The visuals were as impressive as the 3D world created around you by the 11.8.8 Atmos system. I did the overall design of the room and specified most of the components. Curt Hoyt who is one of the owners of Trinnov who also consults with us, specifies speaker placement and does room calibrations. He knows more about 3D audio than anyone I know specified the precise speaker angles and did the calibration.

Peter Breuninger from AVShowrooms said "This is the finest theater system I have ever heard" and made a video with me and Curt talking about 3D sound. Designing for Atmos is vastly, vastly harder than designing 5.1 or 7.1 systems. The placements that worked for surround speakers in 5.1 and 7.1 do not work in Atmos. The performance you can get from an Atmos system is absolutely incredible. It is so stunning. Atmos, DTS:X and Auro 3D give movie makers a whole new language to work in and I can say that we screened a bunch of movies both with the Atmos sound turned on and without it before doing this show and that Atmos is a must have technology. It is the first new "must have" for home theater since the Blu Ray disc came out. But the complexity of designing the Atmos home theater makes it essential to have professional help if you want the best results for your money. We're here and available to you and Curt works with us on many of our projects so you can have us and you can have him, please get in touch if you'd like to know more about an immersive system. Here is the video which gives you some idea of what we do.

"The immersive soundfield was exceptional, and the sound was very clean, clear, and powerful throughout the audio range... As far as I can tell, the first LA Audio Show was a big success. I was glad to see one room dedicated to immersive sound, and I hope that home theater becomes an ever-increasing presence at LAAS and other audiophile confabs in the future. For this year, The High End Zone put on quite a show, and I commend the efforts of all involved!"- Scott Wilkinson, show review for AVSforum.

We aim to enhance your musical experience and we sell across North America, please email us to meet our design team and discuss your project.

Maybe your next project could look something like this:

Here's what the gear consists of in the music room that these Lansche 5.1s lived in for about a year: Ypsilon SET 100 Ultimate amplifiers, Ypsilon PST 100 Silver preamp, Ypsilon VPS 100 phono stage, Ypsilon MC-26L Silver step up transformer; Thales TTT-Compact turntable, Thales Simplicity II Tonearm, Ikeda Kai MC cartridge; all sitting on Finite Elemente racks and amp stands with the new carbon fiber shelves; wired with Stage III throughout. Speakers are the Lansche 5.1 with Corona plasma tweeters in a rare Flame Maple Burl finish. Speakers were placed on Finite Cerabase footers. He is using his old Naim 2 box CD player in the system until Ypsilon releases their new DAC II, which is planned to come out soon. There will be a Ypsilon DAC II Silver Edition, Ypsilon CDT 100 CD Transport, and and an Aurender W20 music server installed to replace the Naim digital.
Lansche 5.1 Product Specifications:

3 Way Passive Loudspeaker Vented-Box System

Tweeter Chassis:
1 x 0.3” Corona Plasma

Midrange Chassis:
1 x 4” Audio Technologies

Bass Chassis:
2 x 8.7” Composite Glass Fiber/Polyester Fabric Cone (coated)

Crossover frequencies:
200 Hz / 2.5 kHz

4 Ohm (minimum 3.2 Ohm)

91 dB / 1W /1M

Maximum level:
112 dB / 1M

Frequency Response:
32 Hz - 150 kHz +/- 3 dB

Input Terminals (2 sets):
1 x Bass
1 x Mid+High
Connection for Bi-Wiring or Bi-Amping

Internal Wiring:
Silver Plated OFC

40.9” x 10.1” x 19.3” (HxWxD)

167.5 lbs. Per Speaker

You may take a video tour of these Lansche 5.1s that was made of them when they were at Aaudio Imports. Below is the current view of each side of these exquisite speakers:

Feel free to contact us if you need to upgrade any of your cables or other electronics in your system at the same time through email at [email protected] or by phone at 575.535.2280 and we'll be happy to assist you with a package deal for everything that you need. Thank you.

Here is the shipping info for the
$50,000 Lansche 5.1 speakers

2 Custom Flight Cases will be professionally strapped to 1 pallet and weigh ~ 500 lbs

Origin: We ship from Gila, NM 88038 / USA

Please email us at [email protected] if you are sincerely interested in purchasing this and have any questions. We may also be contacted by phone at 575.535.2280.

We work with the "Make an Offer" option on all of our listings. We prefer to do business the old fashioned way where we exchange emails like gentlemen and conduct a smooth and safe transaction for all parties. Because we don't own this we cannot take much less than the asking price for it. If you make us a low offer there is no way I am going to go to this gentleman and tell him that I have a low offer, that so and so really wants it but his wife won't let him spend more than X amount for it. I'll just ignore the lowball offer and wait til a better one comes in. However, if you want to buy this together with some other items, as part of a package deal, then that would be something we can discuss. Just let us know what items you want.

For payment, we are happy to accept a cashier's check, a bank wire or PayPal. If PayPal is your preferred payment method then please add the following percentage of your purchase and shipping price to your total to cover the PayPal fees: 3% for domestic buyers or 4% for international buyers.

Also, since this is a consignment sale where the equipment does not belong to us but to our customer, we need to ask that the buyer promptly inspect and test the item upon receipt and report any problems found so that if there is a problem found we could withhold funds from paying our customer to deal with the problem. We don't think there will be any problem, but once we have paid him we won't have any recourse if any problem is found.

Also, because we're selling this for a client and have to give him the cash for it, we're not going to take trades unless you make us some trade offer that we consider to be so far in our favor that we can't resist putting in our own money to buy your gear. An exception to this that we would be willing to consider would be that if you want to buy this AND some other items that we sell then we'll try and make you a package deal for all of it. Since this is not ours we cannot discount it much, but we can give you an extra discount on other items we sell to make you a package deal. So if you want some Perfect8 speakers or Ypsilon amps or any of the many other things we sell, which are listed below, then please email us about it.

We would be happy to sell your gear on consignment if that would help you to purchase this or other items from the High End Zone. In some cases we might sell your gear on consignment even if you don't want to buy more gear from us, if the gear is very nice. Our most successful customers are very busy folks and we understand that if they spend hours answering questions from Audiogoners, that is thousands of dollars that they lost in terms of what they could have earned with that time. We do have some restrictions as to what we can sell because of the manufacturer rules about online sales and so on, but we do our best to help. We can arrange to have the gear picked up from your home or office, or in some cases we can even have someone come in and pack it for you. Then we will handle all the testing, photography, sales of the item and follow up after the sale. Since many people prefer to buy from a dealer and because we have over 15 years of perfect feedback on Audiogon and Ebay with no neutrals or negatives ever we can usually get more for your items than you could get yourself. Depending on the exact item, you may net as much or even slightly more having us sell it. And once you factor in the value of your time, it's a clear savings to let us sell the gear for you. So let us know if we can be of service to you in that area.

We are truly appreciative of responsible Audiogon members, please make sure you are one of them before you make us an offer. If you have questions concerning the gear, the terms of sale, or if you need to upgrade any of your cables, amplifiers or other items in your system, please contact us through email or by phone at 575.535.2280. We will be happy to get back with you as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your interest and may our gear help facilitate your ears meeting high quality sound with ease.

Welcome to the home of High End Zone!

Thanks for looking at our listing.

Please check our perfect feedback from years of trading on Audiogon and buy with confidence. We have sold gear all over the world, to every continent except Antarctica and hopefully one of those scientists there will order from us soon!

We offer professional packing, prompt shipping with tracking info sent to you and a high level of customer service and support. We provide guaranteed quality and service. We think we are the perfect service for the customer who wants great savings but does not have time for all the hassle of putting together a system with pieces obtained from many different sellers. We offer one stop shopping for all your high-end needs.

The High End Zone, is a full service audio and home theater dealer offering superb gear at the best price possible.

The High End Zone is all about listening to good music, talking to clients around the world by email, and helping people get the most joy out of the time and money they invest in their high-end audio and theater hobbies. If you're a successful individual, you and your family should be able to enjoy beautiful music and video in your home affordably, and the buying process should be fun, not a chore. We're dedicated to that and I hope we get the chance to sell you something that you and your family can enjoy together for a long time in good health, just as my family and I enjoy our several high-end audio and video systems!

Thank you for your interest, please do not hesitate to email us with your questions at [email protected] or give us a call at 575.535.2280.

The Fine Print:

We accept payment by PayPal and wire transfers from anywhere in the world and cashier's checks drawn on US banks. We will also accept escrow if the buyer pays the fee.

If PayPal is your preferred payment method, then please add the following percentage of your purchase and shipping price to your total to cover the PayPal fees: 3% for domestic buyers and 4% for International buyers. If you pay by PayPal then your purchase must be shipped to the PayPal shipping address only, per PayPal's rules.

We may accept a personal check from long-standing Audiogon members, but it does delay shipping for clearance. Please ask before paying that way. If you desire to pay by some other means you do not see here then please email us, we will try to accommodate you if we can.

Our items are guaranteed to work properly and be in the condition we describe. If we make a mistake, if an item does not work properly, or if the item description is inaccurate, we'll offer you a full and prompt refund or exchange at our option and issue return shipping labels at our expense.

Please check your purchases promptly upon arrival. Our policy is that any flaw, damage, missing item, incorrect item, etc. must be reported to High End Zone by email no later than 3 days (72 hours) after that item is delivered. If you are not able to check the item yourself in that time frame, please make the necessary arrangements to have someone else make such a check for you in your absence.

All sales are final with no returns or exchanges allowed unless the buyer finds a defect and reports it to High End Zone within 72 hours after delivery. In the case of items that are shipped internationally, we require that any item be picked up from Customs within 5 business days or less in order to preserve the buyer's protections for shipping damage and defective merchandise under our selling policies. If the buyer finds a defect and reports it to High End Zone by email within 72 hours after the item is delivered then High End Zone will repair, replace, or refund at our option.

So while all sales are final and there are no refunds or exchanges unless you receive a defective item and report that within 3 days as specified above, IF for some reason we do agree to accept your return or cancel your order when there is no mistake or defect on High End Zone's part, then you agree to pay us the 20% restocking fee on your order.

That said, please don't buy if you're not sure that you want the item you are buying. If you need to check with your wife, your broker, your business partner, your kids, or the Supreme Court before you buy, please do that. The High End Zone cannot be held responsible for any case of wives beating their husbands for spending too much money on good gear!

The High End Zone is a full service home theater dealer located in Southwest New Mexico. While we are well established as the premier dealer in our small town market, we also serve many clients who have multiple homes or live in far-flung places. The world is increasingly a small place and I delight in talking with and serving clients from all continents and many countries of the world. Depending on your needs we are happy to just sell you gear (note some manufacturers may prohibit us from sending gear to certain places) or we can provide a full service experience including system design, acoustic design and construction, installation, programming, and more. We've done work for very high profile clients with multiple homes and we are also proud to serve many hobbyists who enjoy this hobby on a modest budget. No matter your budget, we'll strive to provide the products you want at a price that is fair with top shelf service.

High End Zone is proud to carry these lines and more:

High End Audio Gear:

Acoustic Zen Loudspeakers and cables

Audio Desk World's finest record cleaning products

Audio Vault Exquisite award winning custom racks, made in the USA

Aurender Music servers for every budget, best new music product of the decade, have increased my listening fivefold

Daniel Hertz Ultimate audio creations of Mr. Mark Levinson

Elac Affordable yet superb speakers and electronics from the mind of Andrew Jones

EMM Labs the famed Meitner DAC's and the MTRX, quite possibly the world's best solid state amplifier

Finite Elemente German audiophile racks

Hartvig Swiss made turntables

HB Cable Design Ultimate marble power strips from Germany

Ikeda Best Japanese phono cartridges for the money

Isoclean Audio Grade breaker panel and power products

Kuzma Brilliant tonearm designs and turntables

Lampizator Exquisite tube DAC's and more, made to order with your choice of parts

Lansche World famous speakers with Corona Ion plasma tweeters, ask us about Ypsilon custom transformer upgrades

Metaxas Sculpted gear from the recording giant Costas Metaxas

Parasound Legendary electronics with circuitry designed by John Curl

Perfect8 The world's best "cost no object" loudspeakers and my favorite speaker, now if only I could afford them!

REL Acoustics Unique approach to subwoofer design makes them the best for 2 channel or home theater--this I can afford!

Revel loudspeakers designed by Kevin Voeckes and the brilliant team at Harman

Scaena loudspeakers were the choice of Harry Pearson for almost a decade, we sold his pair to one of our clients

Synergistic Research Too many cool products to list, PowerCells, cables, bases, fuses, grounding and much more.

Stage III World's finest audio cables

Tandem Reference quality audio racks from Greece, this is the rack we take to audio shows and win awards with

Thales Swiss reference turntables, tonearms and cables

Totem Acoustics Audiophile loudspeakers for 2 channel and superb on wall and in wall systems for home theater

Verastarr One of my all time favorite cables, I use many of these in my systems

Wireworld Another cable that I use a lot, designs everyone can afford, all the way up to reference level cables

Wilson Benesch British made loudspeakers, carbon fiber racks and more

Ypsilon Our favorite electronics company, the best of the best. So good they can have 2 links. Second one is to price sheet on our distributor's website.

Home Theater lines: there is some crossover to be sure and some of the lines above, especially REl Acoustics, Revel, Totem, Verastarr and Wireworld are also ideal for home theaters while some of the products below, such as the Tube Traps and design services from Acoustic Sciences and gear from Trinnov are also idea ideal for 2 channel systems. So the categories are not rigid and when we advise you we will work hard to understand your needs and can even pull from an extensive list of additional companies beyond those listed here if need be to get you the best possible setup for your system or systems.

AB Amps The theater amps used at Skywalker, Industrial Light & Magic, Pixar, etc.

Acoustic Sciences Corporation (ASC) Tube Traps and custom acoustic design services and products

Cineak European luxury home theater seating

CinemaTech German and North American made home theater chairs for the finest theaters

Elac Affordable yet superb speakers and electronics from the mind of Andrew Jones

Front Row Affordable theater seating, made in Canada

JVC 4K projectors

Kaleidescape Movie servers are the best solution for today's movies, used in pretty much every industry demo

LG World's best flat panel TV's, ask us how we can save you money on all the LG OLED's for your home!

Marantz Affordable home theater processors and more

Metra Home Theater Velox HDMI cables deliver 4K with true 18GB performance

Middle Atlantic Rack systems, ubiquitous

Procella Reference speakers designed specifically for home cinema use

Salamander Racks, seating systems and more

Seymour Screen Excellence World's best screens, featuring Enlightor 4K acoustically transparent material

Starke Sound Award winning loudspeakers for Atmos theaters and 2 channel, stunning on wall sound

Sony Projectors, OLED TV's and much more

Stewart Film Screens

Trinnov Audio World's finest audio processor / home theater preamp. We offer exclusive custom system design and calibration with one of the co-owners of Trinnov when you buy from High End Zone. We install across North America.

Tru-Audio Speakers, soundbars and racks

Control and lighting equipment: We offer system design, sales, installation and service nationwide. Our installer is doing the Raider's new facility in Las Vegas and has done projects across North America and Central America. In most cases he can visit your home once to get everything running and after that he can take care of your system remotely so that you do not have to pay for travel on subsequent visits. Please talk with us, we offer high quality service for a fair price. Lines include, but are not limited to:






Of course we can install digital assistants for you. One of our colleagues has already been testing the Apple HomePod for months and we'll have those as well as the Amazon, Google and Sonos Assistant products.

Doing these lists is always very hard because we are in process of discussion with some more very cool brands I'd love to list but haven't had time to get everything nailed down yet. And on the other hand there are some lines I left off because we just haven't had much call for them lately. But who knows, maybe tomorrow the phone starts ringing off the hook for one of those, I would certainly welcome it. So please don't be dismayed if you don't see one of the products you really want here. It's not set in stone and I bet we can get it for you and that we'd be happy to do so as long it is a quality component that we would be proud to sell. One of the advantages working with a family shop like ours is that we are flexible and will work hard to get you a system that suits you. Please give us a chance at earning your business.

Our clients certainly enjoy their home audio and video rooms. We do as well and hope you'll also take pleasure and be inspired by the variety of these beautiful installations.

Some aspects of making an informed choice in an audiophile grade listening room or a home theater system are worth a little extra effort. We invite you to contact the High End Zone for help in making your choices, we will make the extra effort worthwhile.

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