CabasseFarella 400Cabasse Farella 400 - 94dB Efficency!, Transparent, Magical Midrage! Nice Bass!Cabasse Farella 400 (Hetre) Beech Speakers - Made in France CE 97 Drivers are in Excellent Condition! (my customer stored these in boxes) in a second room inside his home! these were not stored...875.00

Cabasse Farella 400 - 94dB Efficency!, Transparent, Magical Midrage! Nice Bass! [Expired]

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Cabasse Farella 400 (Hetre) Beech Speakers - Made in France CE 97 Drivers are in Excellent Condition! (my customer stored these in boxes) in a second room inside his home! these were not stored in a Garage-like other used speakers out there. These are very well cared for. Price is Firm - Does not Include shipping - Double Boxes weigh 30 Lbs These have been Auditioned in my Showroom for several hrs and they perform very nicely! Dynamic and much more! I don't believe you can find a better value in used Floorstanding speakers for Less than $995.00 If Cabasse made these today they'd sell for over $4000. From the label rear above binding posts on both speakers! compatible avec des amplis de 2, 4, 6, 8 ohms (compatible with amplifiers 2, 4, 6, 8 ohms) 4 Ohms Code Enceinte (code enclosure) 2520002 Serial Number 0554576 Rated 8/10: small dent Middle rear Cabinet (3/8 Wide x 3/4" Height) See Picture. also a tiny dent (1/32" thick x 1/8" long) on the top front near right corner . otherwise they're in very good condition! Original Heavy Duty Double Boxes with all the packing! Each Set of Double Box weighs over 30 Lbs! - (2) sets of 4 - Brass Plated Spics Selling these on Consignment for my Customer {if you have gear to sell on consignment - please contact me} Can be seen and heard at my showroom in Los Angeles Kaplanhtdesign - please contact me to schedule an Appointment - Serious Buyers only. higher resolution Pics available - Please send me your email address. Sales in California add Sales Tax of 8.00% - 9.5% Shipping Options US: FedEx or UPS {30-50%more!} UPS Standard to Canada will also ship FedEx International to Canada with your Account number for Duty & Taxes Shipping Cost via UPS Ground to East Coast $188.00 FedEx Ground to East Coast $180.00 Payments Accepted PayPal and Credit Cards - 3% US and 4% Canada. Bank Wire Transfer + $15 Bank Fee Chase Bank Quick Pay {same as PayPal no fee!}) Money Order from Credit Unions or Post Office, Cashiers Check from Wells Fargo, B of A, Chase, Citibank. Members with Zero feedback (Bank Wire Transfer or Chase Bank Quick Pay referenced } Same pair sold on eBay $1,149.00 3 months ago {Sept 28, 2012} in African Bubinga finish Ebay Ad Specs Driver complement: 1 x 8" Bass Driver Cabasse Driver site 1 x 1.25" Tweeter Sensitivity (1W/1m): 94 dB Cross-over points: 400 Hz Impedance: 4Ohm Frequency response: 50 - 20 000 Hz Power handling: 100 W Peak power: 700 W Dimensions: W 10.25" x D 11.75" x H 35.25" Weight: 42Lbs (19kg) each Without Boxes! With double Boxes Weight 76lbs each Sold "AS-IS" are not eligible for returns under any circumstances. Review: Appearance of the Farella's is a classy Floorstander. The Farella's are a 2 way, vented design. There is an 8 inch bass driver, and a 1 1/4 inch tweeter. Speaker efficiency is 94 db at 1 watt at 1 meter. Cabasse lists the speakers nominal impedance at 4 0hms. After exchanging a few emails with the factory, I was told that the lowest the impedance dips is 4.3 ohms at 750 hetz and 2.3k. While the rest of the impedance curve is up around the 6 ohm range. With this being said, I still prefer to drive the Farella's off the 4 ohm tap of my amplifiers. The amplification I have used to run these speakers have been a set of Quicksilver Silver Monos and Full Function pre amp. And more recently, an AES se-811 amps, and an Audio Innovations L2 pre amp. Both sets of amplification are very different, and really do prefer different types of speakers. The Farella's were never able to showcase the strengths of the Quicksilvers, but however came into their own with the AES amps. Let me preface this section by saying that the Farella's are the best speaker I have owned. So my comments must be taken in this light, and while I have listened to many more expensive speakers, I have not lived with them, and therefore cannot give any long term judgements about how they may compare against the Farellas. My speaker of choice for many years have been Spica TC-50's and the matching Servo Sub. When my Spicas finally needed to be replaced, I had a difficult time finding a speaker that could match the Spica's famous midrange. I can safely say that the Farellas do everything right the Spicas did, but at a much higher level of performance. I find the midrange to be the strength of the Farellas, it is very fast and transparent. There are no obvious deficiencies, but the overall tonal balance is a bit forward. There are some coloration's in the overall tonal balance, these aren't a completely neutral speaker. But these coloration's never seem to interfere with the enjoyment of the music. And lets be honest a sub 2k speaker isn't going to be perfect. But when listening to music from Diane Schurr, Holly Cole, John Gorka, or Ellis Paul, it is easy to slip into the content of these performances. The Farella's have that elusive magic in the midrange that cements a long term relationship between me and a speaker. One way to describe this speaker is fast, and this is very noticeable in the bass. It is never overly warm, woolly, or plodding. The detail that is found in the lower registers is fascinating. Distinguishing between different bass instruments is very easy, and really really fun, because too often speaker systems tend to blur the differences that can be found in the lower registers. On Dave Gruisen's "Homage to Duke" the song C Jam Blues is fabulous. It's almost impossible to stop the right foot from tapping along with the bass line. The treble on the Farella's is the one reason that people seem to dislike this speaker. In short it is relentless and all revealing. This speaker is not polite or laid back. But when mated with amplification and a source that has a honest treble, then the resulting sound is transparent and delicate. Review Translated from French Review Site! La Farella is a classic look in the form of a column. By looking more closely, we discover that its constitution is much more unusual than it seems. The speakers are actually made of synthetic materials in special combining rigidity and lightness. But the most surprising thing is without a doubt the concept of "tweeter medium" genuinely innovative. It is not two concentric speakers as already exists but rather a single transducer able to capture the extent of medium and treble! This avoids any connection problem in this part of the spectrum to which the ear is very sensitive. And this is reflected in listening, stamps are a great homogeneity and ventilation is no doubt. Dynamics is excellent and the natural spontaneity of records returned to its fair value. A success. With Farella, Cabasse speaker made a very classy, ​​dazzling performance. Never before has a two-way system had achieved the difficult compromises the extent and regularity of the spectrum, no "hole" in the medium, keeping the opening to the reputation of large systems with three and four Drivers Cabasse. The cabinet is as usual, manufacturing quality with real wood veneer. For the bass, found 21M18LB transducer with a laminar port placed closer to the ground. It is the most astonishing speaker. Really amazing and powerful on the Jazz! With a useful range of 4 octaves, DOM 40 provides for the return of medium quality comparable to the best 3-way, with a spatial coherence inaccessible to conventional 3-way. A 2-way can then benefit in the midbass register subwoofer qualities of some serious speakers previously reserved for 3-way systems. This tweeter is the ideal medium for 2-way systems upscale. 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