CabasseJersey Black GlossCabasse Jersey  Black Gloss Floorstanding 2-WayThese were used a couple months for demo purpose. They are in great shape. I only rated them an 8 to make sure I did not miss any small scuffs. Check my feedback, I always under-rate the products. ...699.00

Cabasse Jersey Black Gloss Floorstanding 2-Way [Expired]

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These were used a couple months for demo purpose. They are in great shape. I only rated them an 8 to make sure I did not miss any small scuffs. Check my feedback, I always under-rate the products. Everything sold is guaranteed not to be DOA. Founded in 1950 by Georges Cabasse, the Cabasse firm inherited not only its creator’s name, but also his genius. Georges Cabasse is from the world of music, and he is gifted with a special talent. He has a unique memory for sounds. Probably a gift from his ancestors, hailing back to a stringed instrument maker who crafted the first violin signed Cabasse in 1740 at Mirecourt in the Vosges Mountains. Five generations of craftsmen followed him, pursuing the tradition and supplying Europe with violins, violas and cellos, most of which are still being played in orchestras today. The acclaimed Jersey MT32's mark a slight departure for Cabasse in one sense, but not in any other as audio reproduction and consistency of finish and materials are constant. The Jersey MT32's are a more conventional full range speaker, and are as alluded to above a departure from Cabasse's signature satellite and active sub set up. There are no coaxial drive units here indeed but the synergy of the end result, and the consistency of parts utilised are all definitely reassuringly familiar - and those of only Cabasse's extremely high standards! The driver’s diaphragm was created by Cabasse for the latest versions of the 3-way co-axial TC23 which is fitted on the flagship La Sphere and L’Ocean. This diaphragm is outstanding: extreme thermal and mechanical resistance; remarkable damping capacity and stability of performance over time. In association with the powerful magnet and a specific horn profile, the DOM 37 is able to reproduce the high-mid bandwidth with a linearity rarely reached by traditional two-way systems. The horizontal vent has been replaced by a vertical one, down-firing in 360°. Vent noises are filtered, the standing wave phenomenon inside the cabinets damped, positioning of the speakers in relation to the wall less critical, low-frequency reproduction purer and deeper, always lively and dynamic. The Cabasse measuring protocol in the anechoic chamber takes into account measurements on the listening axis and at 360° for perfect control of the directivity and global power output in keeping with the Cabasse HDSE principle (Homogeneous Distribution of the Sonic Energy). Direct and reflected sounds are homogeneous, the sound stage wide and stable. Despite their recent origins, the Jersey MT32's share Cabasse's pedigree for being well regarded, being described by the plaudits as  “lively and musical, always expressive”, “balanced and generous speaker, mindful of the slightest nuances…”: just launched, but the MT32 is already being praised by the press – rewarding Cabasse’s dedication to perfection at a reasonable price. The Jersey MT32's are perfect for stereo applications, but can be mixed with others from the MT32 range (Socoa centre channel, Antigua bookshelves and Orion sub-woofer) for a very adept, perfectly voiced and timbre matched multi-channel speaker system also. Jersey MT32 = homogeneous distribution of the sonic energy, faithful tonal balance and a stable and deep sound-stage. Listening to these speakers means you will be in your own personal auditorium, at the very heart of live music. Cabasse Jersey MT32 - Full Range 2-Way Floor Standing Loudspeaker - Specifications: Position Floorstanding Ways 2 Drivers 1 x Tweeter DOM37 2 x 17cm 17TN15 Cross-over point 2,640 Hz Frequency response 57 – 23,000 Hz Sensitivity 1W/1m 89 dB Nominal Impedance 8 ohms Minimum Impedance 4.6 ohms Power Handling 100 W Peak Power 700 W Dimensions (h x w x d) 100 x 22 x 32 cm 39.4 x 8.7 x 12.6 Weight 15.6 kg - 34 lbs