Cabasse RIGA w/Santorin powered SubSuperior Coaxial Satellite Speaker On Stand Cabasse RIGA w/Santorin powered Sub Superior Coaxial Satellite Speaker On Stand  Wenge(black) stand - Pearl White speakerUsed for few months. Professionally broken inMembers this is the Best sound at $15,000 but at this price 'No Brain-er' INCREDIBLE SOUND...STYLE...PRICE.......For sale is (2) Pearl White RIGA's on ...5988.00

Cabasse RIGA w/Santorin powered Sub Superior Coaxial Satellite Speaker On Stand Wenge(black) stand - Pearl White speaker [Expired]

no longer for sale

Used for few months. Professionally broken in
Members this is the Best sound at $15,000 but at this price  'No Brain-er'


For sale is (2) Pearl White RIGA's on Wenge(Black) stands
with the matching powered Santorin sub

 Detailed sound.... articulate ... sharp and beautiful
to look at & Listen to  - This beautiful 3pc set-up runs almost FIFTEEN GRAND out the door
in the stores I have a huge discount on this must sell system!
Warranty still has four+ years

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Standing elegantly on a range of highly desirable wooden veneer finishes, the Cabasse Riga is the penultimate glory of Cabasse's acclaimed 'Baltic' line, and this particular speaker is the beautifully stand mounted satellite option. 

This variant of the Riga also becomes a viable speaker for higher end stereo systems, multi-channel applications and also more luxurious custom installation scenario's too. Riga is a very compact satellite fitted with a new 17 cm coaxial unit, mounted in a sphere half the volume of the one in Baltic Evolution, her bigger sister. Another Cabasse innovation to meet the demands of music and movie lovers looking for solutions with elegance and discrete aesthetic design.

To meet the challenges set by the requirements of the Riga design, three years intensive development went into the Cabasse BC17 driver. This unit consists of a dome midrange tweeter and ring shaped lower midrange-woofer membrane, forming together a portion of pulsating sphere. With the same constant control of the directivity all along its bandwidth whatever the application – floor-standers, on wall, or on its base - and the typical Cabasse transparency, sensitivity and power handling, Riga concentrates all the virtues of the SCS (Spatially Coherent System) principles developed by the Cabasse laboratory.

Like all the Cabasse satellites, these brillantly agile speakers work beautifully in a 2.1 or 5.1 set up, here you can hear the precision of the timbers and an almost holographic sound stage that respects the full dynamic range, coupled with an engaging intensity in rhythm. With Riga, Cabasse concentrates the essence and life of the music in a 21 centimetres sphere. When paired with a suitable Cabasse Santorin sub-woofer (ideally the superior Santorin 30), and in any stereo or multi-channel configuration, the Riga's will enable the listener to experience and share the joys of music and sound – every kind of music and every type of sound.

Sold as a pair, and available in the following combination options: Satellite in pearl or black pearl & stands in wenge or wild cherry.

Cabasse Riga On Stand - Three Way Satellite Loud Speaker - Specifications:

Finishes: Satellite - Pearl or Black Pearl / Stands - Wenge & Wild Cherry
Type: Satellite Usage: Floor-standing
Ways: 2
Drivers: 1 x coaxial BC17
Efficiency: 90 dB
Filter: 1 600 Hz
Frequency Response: 95 – 20 000 Hz
Nominal impedance: 8 Ω
Minimum impedance: 4.1 Ω
Power handling: 150 W
Peak power: 1000 W
Dimensions (h x l x d in cm): 123 x 34 x 39 cm
Weight: 10.4 kg
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