Definitive TechnologyBP-7000scDefinitive Technology BP-7000sc Definitive Technology Bipolar SuperTower BP7000SCDefinitive's Extraordinary Bipolar SuperTowers with Built-In State-of-the-Art SuperCubeTechnology Powered Subwoofers If you love great sound you must experience the magic of Definitive's BP7000SC B...2500.00

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Definitive's Extraordinary Bipolar SuperTowers with Built-In State-of-the-Art SuperCubeTechnology Powered Subwoofers
If you love great sound you must experience the magic of Definitive's BP7000SC Bipolar SuperTowers. Their patented combination of bipolar technology (for rich life-like, room-filling, three-dimensional sound) and built-in SuperCube technology subs (for lightning-fast, earthshaking bass) delivers absolutely unsurpassed sonic performance. Combine them with perfectly matched Definitive centers and surrounds for an extraordinary home theater system which is, to quote HDTV Insider, "a mind-boggling sonic achievement."

Each BP7000SC combines a built-in 14" SuperCube® subwoofer driven by an 1800-Watt class D amplifier and two pressure-coupled 14" Low Bass

Built-in powered subwoofer and state-of-the-art materials produce utterly life-like and soul-stirring sound

radiators for an astounding 461.6 square inches of bass radiating area per speaker! That's 10% more area than a single 24-inch woofer but with better control, speed and detail than a single big woofer could ever deliver. The low-frequency performance sets new standards for speakers priced under $50,000 a pair, with bass extension to 11 Hz, extremely low distortion and tight transient response. A pair of BP7000SCs goes lower than and has the bass impact and output level capability of seven SuperCube® I subwoofers combined. The dual built-in powered subwoofers achieve dramatically better blending, integration and timbre accuracy than could ever be achieved with separate subs.


Each BP7000SC features bipolar D'Appolito front and rear mounted driver arrays each consisting of two high-definition cast-basket 6-1/2" bass/midrange drivers surrounding a 1" annealed Pure Aluminum dome tweeter. Linkwitz-Riley crossover networks do a superlative job of seamlessly blending the drivers for totally homogeneous sonic output as if radiating from a full-range pulsating sphere.

This extraordinary speaker sets a new reference standard for ultra-dynamic high-accuracy loudspeakers and achieves equally superb performance with both music and movies. They will reproduce a silky smooth, incredibly detailed wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling sonic image with superb dimensionality at lifelike volume levels with a sense of ease which is truly remarkable. As with all Definitive's bipolar speakers, they have an almost magical ability to recreate a stunningly realistic holographic sound field. The elegant styling features beautiful sculptural refinements to Definitive's signature look with a classic piano-gloss black finish.

Bipolar Technology Brings Performances to Life in Your Home
Many experts and in-the-know listeners agree that bipolar speakers are absolutely superior for both music and home theater. What is responsible for the unequaled sonic performance of our bipolar

Definitive's BiPolar technology radiates sound from the front and the back of the speaker for more life-like sound and spacious imaging for every listener in the room!

speakers? Each speaker incorporates two complete sets of drivers, one facing forward and the other facing to the rear. Thus, our bipolar speakers radiate the full sonic spectrum both forward and rearward in an omni-directional pattern, exactly as sound is produced in real life.


The sonic benefits you hear are dramatic! This unique technology provides you with a lifelike balance of early-arrival sound information, which provides focus, clarity and location data, and properly delayed late-arrival information, which conveys the lush three-dimensional soundstage of a live music or cinematic performance. This combination creates a huge soundfield which is rich, warm, ultra clear and vibrantly alive. Bipolar technology assures a superb panorama of lifelike sound for every listener in your room wherever they sit or stand. Most importantly, however, Definitive's bipolar speakers make the walls of your room seem to disappear and, in effect, expand the size of your room into the sound space of the recoded event your system is reproducing. They will literally bring your music and movies to life in your home. One listen and you can never go back to conventional speakers again!

Movies and music are reproduced with unequaled purity, transparency and lifelike realism. These elegant, slender towers seem to disappear in a huge natural soundstage which extends in a three-dimensional arc beyond the speakers with front to back depth which can be almost magical in its ability to recreate the illusion of live music or cinematic action actually being performed in your room. This combination of high resolution, magnificent soundstaging, awesome bass and explosive impact literally envelops you in what is absolutely the ultimate listening experience.

Why High-Definition Built-In Powered Subwoofers Are Better Than Separate Subs
Besides eliminating the need for a floor space-hogging separate subwoofer, integrated subs offer dramatic performance benefits. First is the obvious benefit that you'll have two subwoofers in the room instead of just one for simply more bass output. Most importantly the subwoofers are perfectly integrated with the mid/high section. Audiophiles often spend dozens of hours moving and adjusting their subwoofers' crossover and phasing controls in pursuit of perfect subwoofer to main speaker "blending." With the BP7000SC you won't have to go through that kind of hassle to get audio perfection. Definitive's engineers have perfectly adjusted the crossover and phase between the subwoofer and main speaker sections to achieve seamless blending and life-like sound. All you have to do is set the bass volume to match your room and taste then sit back and enjoy audio perfection.

Home Theater Magazine agrees, "... it's a concept we heartily endorse ... integrated subwoofers are actually better than a separate subwoofer. First of all, you always have two of them and using two subwoofers helps minimize the detrimental effects of room modes, so you typically get smoother response than you would get with a single separate sub... Second, there is really no downside to using the speaker cabinet for the subwoofer ... Third, and most important, the interface between the subwoofer and the rest of the speaker is designed by the manufacturer and optimized for the drivers and cabinet used in the speaker [for] a nearly perfect blend between the subwoofer and the rest of the speaker." The result is a combination of delicate musicality plus thunderous power which allows you to experience truly awe-inspiring deep rich bass response effortlessly extending down into the range of purely physical subsonic energy that shakes the body and stirs the soul.

Narrow Monocoque, Non-Resonant, Low-Diffraction Cabinets Maintain Sonic Purity
The cabinet of a loudspeaker plays a large part in its sonic performance. We are often asked if our attractive, slim cabinets are designed that way for styling or for performance reasons-and the answer is, "Yes, both." Narrow cabinets dramatically improve three-dimensional imaging. In addition, diffraction, or the secondary radiation of sound caused by cabinet edges, grille frames and other protrusions, can color the sound of a loudspeaker and impart a "boxy" coloration. The design of our bipolar SuperTowers reduces diffraction to an absolute minimum by flush mounting drivers on extremely narrow baffles with radial edges covered by a frameless grille "sock."

The resonant vibration of a loudspeaker's cabinet walls and baffles can also impart coloration. The tri-chambered monocoque cabinets of all Definitive SuperTowers are constructed of extremely thick, dense medite with foam damping pads and extensive internal bracing. This virtually eliminates cabinet vibrations and resonance which would otherwise interfere with the pure sound produced by Definitive's high-definition drivers.

Definitive's High-Definition Die-Cast Basket Drivers are an Engineering Marvel
All the bipolar SuperTowers utilize multiple arrays of Definitive-developed magnetically shielded high-definition cast-basket bass/midrange drivers for significant performance advantages in the areas of upper bass reproduction, lifelike midrange clarity and dynamic range. These sophisticated drivers are engineering marvels which incorporate deeply drawn mineral-filled polymer cones, combined with butyl rubber dust caps and surrounds, high temperature vented voice coils and massive magnet structures. This combination of features assures high definition, superb transient response, high efficiency, high power handling and extended linear response. In addition, the aerodynamically designed, non-resonant, cast-magnesium baskets minimize reflections of the sound radiating from the back of the cones and preserve structural and magnetic integrity.

Definitive's Moving-Coil Pure Aluminum Dome Tweeters
The accuracy of high frequency reproduction really sets apart a great loudspeaker. The magnetic fluid-cooled moving-coil pure aluminum dome tweeters Definitive developed for the bipolar SuperTowers are of a unique design that synergistically brings together the performance advantages of metal domes (greater clarity) and soft domes (smoother sound and better dampening) in one state-of-the-art tweeter design.

The pure aluminum dome is specially annealed (to "relax" the crystal structure) and acoustically loaded by a precisely configured acoustic phase plug/lens (to assure perfectly controlled, absolutely linear movement). The tweeter's voice coil sits in ferro-magnetic colloidal fluid which serves to cool the voice coil for exceptional power handling and also damps the system for smoother response and sonic accuracy. In addition, the unique silk surround provides better dampening and wave termination. The audible benefits of all this highly advanced engineering include velvety smooth extended high frequency response (beyond 30 kHz), greatly reduced distortion, improved transient response, notably higher definition and crystal clear life-like clarity.

Symmetrically Concentric D'Appolito Focused Field Driver Arrays for Improved Wave Propagation
The BP7000SC incorporates four upper bass/midrange drivers which are arrayed on the front and rear baffles in two concentric pairs, each pair surrounding a tweeter. The tweeter acts as though it were mounted, in effect, right in the center of one large driver. This symmetrically concentric (or D'Appolito) point source mounting results in more coherent wave propagation with further improvements in the areas of driver blending, depth retrieval, lateral imaging and dispersion. In addition, the early arrival soundfield is focused away from the floor and ceiling and directly at the listener for even greater clarity.

Phase-Coherent Crossovers for Perfect Driver Blending
The crossover network of a loudspeaker is the real heart of the system. It is like the conductor of an orchestra, telling each driver exactly when to come in and precisely how loudly to play. Here Definitive's talented engineers really work their magic, perfectly blending the sound of the various drivers into a sonically seamless, musically and cinematically coherent whole. Our complex and sophisticated Linkwitz-Riley designs, which utilize the finest components, are masterpieces of electrical engineering. They are differential crossovers which equalize the front and rear drivers separately for both linear frequency and phase response of their summed output. Also included are advanced technology Zobel Networks which provide a more stable load for your amplifier. This makes the speaker easier to drive, which results in smooth, more natural sound. In addition, the electronic crossovers in the subwoofer modules work together with the Linkwitz-Riley networks to perfectly blend the subwoofers with the bipolar arrays. The result is a symphony of sonic perfection that completely preserves the phase coherence, transient response and dynamic integrity of the original signal.

User-Friendly Bipolar SuperTowers Will Sound Perfect in Your Home
Definitive SuperTowers are easy to hook up to your system, simple to place and flexible in terms of room positioning. They are engineered to be located as close as 4" or as far from the wall as you would like. The mirror-imaged side-mounted subwoofers can face either toward or away from each other for even greater flexibility and room tuning ability. The bipolar SuperTowers are very efficient which allows them to be used with virtually any receiver or amplifier and are of such high quality that they allow you to appreciate all the subtle excellence of the world's finest electronics. Since the subwoofers are powered, the speakers are that much easier amplifiers to drive so you are not forced to spend a huge amount for ultra high power electronics to get superb, high output, high definition sound.

You can hook them up and achieve exceptional performance as simply as running one set of speaker wires from your amplifier or receiver. And for ultimate performance, you can bi-wire the mid- and high-frequency section of BP7000SC. Finally, you can separately adjust the powered subwoofers to compensate for room acoustics and speaker placement as well as to achieve your personal sonic preferences.

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