Dunlavy Audio LabsSigma IDunlavy Audio Labs Sigma I RAREDescriptionThese speakers are in terrific physical condition. They sound perfect. There are a few scratches due to age and use. Also, there are a couple of minor holes in the grill cloth. You have ...2799.00

Dunlavy Audio Labs Sigma I RARE [Expired]

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These speakers are in terrific physical condition. They sound perfect. There are a few scratches due to age and use. Also, there are a couple of minor holes in the grill cloth. You have to be looking for them to see them. Please view pictures to see how minor these are.

This sale is for local pickup only. These speakers are way too large and heavy to ship.

These are wonderful audiophile speakers in terrific condition. The model name "Sigma I" was later changed to SC-IV/A by John Dunlavy. These are some of the finest speakers ever made, at any price. 

Stereophile "A" Rated Component:

"The first time I encountered Dunlavy's Signature Collection loudspeakers was at the 1993 Chicago Summer CES. I was familiar with, and had a lot of respect for, the speakers John Dunlavy had designed for the Australian Duntech brand, but I thought this new line clearly transcended his previous efforts—and at significantly lower prices. The model that I ended up reviewing—and, after the review (Vol.17 No.4), buying—was the SC-IV, subsequently honored as Stereophile's 1994 Loudspeaker of the Year and Product of the Year. In 1995, the SC-IV underwent changes, including a new woofer and a modified tweeter, resulting in some sonic improvements (see my Follow-Up review in Vol.18 No.3).

John Dunlavy is not much for sitting on his laurels. The line now includes two more upscale models, the $12,995/pair SC-V and the $24,995/pair SC-VI, the latter Stereophile's Loudspeaker of the Year in 1996. The "baby" SC-I was the magazine's Budget Component of the Year in 1995.
And now we have the new SC-IV/A, the result of research evaluating every possible way of improving the SC-IV's measurable and audible performance. (John Dunlavy is probably the most outspoken exponent of the use of measurement in loudspeaker design.) A prototype of the speaker that eventually became the SC-IV/A was introduced at the 1998 CES as the Sigma, and featured an artificial granite base. Not everyone liked the appearance of the base, and, in any case, Dunlavy decided that the additional expense could not be justified on sonic grounds. Then, the Sigma name was dropped, and it seemed that the new speaker, now called SC-IV/A, was going to be the replacement for the SC-IV.

... Conclusion

Remember the frog whose jumps always take him halfway toward his goal? Audiophiles and audio manufacturers are much like that frog, approaching but never quite reaching the goal of perfect fidelity. Or, as Paul Simon put it, "The nearer your destination, the more it keeps slidin' away."

With the SC-IV/A, Dunlavy Audio has managed the feat of jumping more than halfway toward the goal. Very simply, this refinement of the SC-IV has reached the point where—with the best source materials and associated equipment—it sounds less like a speaker and more like the music that's being reproduced."


Description: Three-way dynamic loudspeaker.
Drive-units: 1" composite textile-dome tweeter, two 5.5" paper-cone midranges, two 10" long-throw paper-cone woofers.
Crossover: first-order design (frequencies not specified).
Biwire and biamp capability.
Frequency response: 25Hz-20kHz, ±1.5dB; -3dB at 20Hz (anechoic).
Sensitivity: 92dB/W/m.
Impedance: 5 ohms nominal; 3.0 ohms minimum, 7.5 ohms maximum.
Recommended amplifier power: 50W minimum into 8 ohms.
Recommended listening distance: 8-25'.
Dimensions: 72" H by 12" W by 18" D. Weight: 190 lbs. each

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