DunlavySC-3ADunlavy SC-3A Excellent conditionThis is one pair of cherry wood Dunlavy SC-IIIA (SC-3A) loudspeakers in excellent condition. I have owned them since 2004. Introduced in 2002 and originally selling for $5,500 the SC-3As are ...2500.00

Dunlavy SC-3A Excellent condition [Expired]

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This is one pair of cherry wood Dunlavy SC-IIIA (SC-3A) loudspeakers in excellent condition. I have owned them since 2004. Introduced in 2002 and originally selling for $5,500 the SC-3As are the newest design in the acclaimed line of speakers by the late John Dunlavy. Like all Dunlavy speakers, these feature sealed enclosures, first-order crossovers, and stepped-baffles to achieve both time and phase-alignment of the M-T-M arranged drivers. This design ensures that the separate drivers recreate an audio signal that is as coherent to the listener as the original. Because of this careful design, Dunlavys are one of the very few loudspeakers capable of recreating a respectable square wave. The result is a suberb sense of realism and presence. Dunlavys have been popular in professional recording studios worldwide for this and their timbral accuracy. My personal favorite is hearing how right they get voices and strings. Bass drums and bass guitars are no joke either. Although placement is critical, once achieved, they also exhibit the magical ability of much smaller loudspeakers to disappear into the soundstage they create. These are full range, each hiding a 10" downfiring woofer, and do not require a separate sub. If you search for more information on these speakers, please note that the SC-IIIA should not be confused with the older SC-III which is a very different, non-full range design. The SC-IIIA is actually the latest rendition of the Dunlavy Cantana design which features a sealed, downfiring woofer for deep, accurate bass. In my opinion it is also the best looking (best WAF) of any Dunlavy speaker. It is challenging to find reviews on the SC-IIIA because only a few made it into the wild before Dunlavy Audio Labs had to close but here are some reviews of its nearly identical predecessor the Cantana: Audiogon Forum - Dunlavy Cantata Feedback Please AudioReview.com - Dunlavy Cantata Floorstanding Speakers Reviews Sensible Sound - Dunlavy Audio Labs Cantana. Full article text on thefreelibrary.com Also check out reviews on other Dunlavys like the SC-IVA which feature the same mids, tweeters, design principles, and sound, in a larger cabinet. e.g. Audiogon discussion I've conservatively rated their condition 8/10 because I'm the second owner but they have been pampered in a smoke-free, pet-free, kids-free home. The drivers are perfect, the edges show no wear, the grill fabric is like new, there are no virtually no scratches or dings. If you are in the Dallas, TX area you are welcome to arrange an inspection. Due to their size, local pickup is best but shipping can be arranged at the buyer's expense. Please add 3% for Paypal. Included: - 32 page Owner's Manual with extensive information from John Dunlavy on system and speaker setup. The appendix includes detailed audio measurements specific to these loudspeakers. - Original Dunlavy Audio Labs data sheet with SC-3A photo and specs. - Other paperwork: 5 year warranty (never needed), product registration, unpacking instructions, original packing slip from DAL - Shipping crates and packing materials. There are two crates; each measures 25" x 20" x 59" and when packed weighs 130 lbs for a total shipping weight of 260 lbs. Specifications: Woofer: One 10" (downfiring) Midrange: Two 6.5" mids Tweeter: One 1" soft dome, time-aligned with the dual mids Frequency Response: 27Hz - 20kHz, +/-1.5dB, -4dB at 20Hz Sensitivity: 90dB Impedance (Nominal/Min/Max): 4/3/6.5 Ω Optionally bi-wireable gold plated binding posts Dimensions: 52"H x 11"W x 14"D Weight: 85 lbs each
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