Emerald PhysicsCS3 MK2Emerald Physics CS3 MK2 Superb OB Speakers-Undervalued at $50k!SEE US AT THE AXPONA SHOW IN ROOM 434. WE HAVE A COMPLETE SYSTEM FOR UNDER $6000.00Our new Show place in Broomfield, Colorado is now a...2800.00

Emerald Physics CS3 MK2 Superb OB Speakers-Undervalued at $50k! [Expired]

no longer for sale

                                   SEE US AT THE AXPONA SHOW IN ROOM 434.
                            WE HAVE A COMPLETE SYSTEM FOR UNDER $6000.00

Our new Show place in Broomfield, Colorado is now available for auditions. 7 Emerald Physics systems are set up. Call for an appointment.
Latest user feedback:
"I simply have never heard any speaker quite like the EP. I can’t yet explain it. A cross between the MBLs and Quads BUT NOT. Amazing!!!!"
Ask us about 6 months No interest & No Payments thru PayPal.
At the latest Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in October 2013 Audio Shark.org came by and Mike, who owns the site, posted: "If these speakers sold for $50,000 they would be undervalued. At $3500.00 they are stupid"
See his show report at: http://audioshark.org/rmaf-136/rmaf-2013-pictures-2747-page18.html#.UmX24xApc1I
In The Absolute Sound show report they said: There were two Emerald Physics rooms I wandered into here at RMAF, and both were exceptional. The first was the smaller of the two systems, featuring the latest iteration of the “entry-level” model, the CS3, now a Mark II ($3,500/pair). The lineup features a coaxial-driver with a 12” woofer; it can be and was driven by a single amp, and here paired with a digital crossover, a DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 bass correction system and a pair of REL subwoofers. Throw in a Jolida Fusion DAC/Transport, and Walter was selling the bundle for a hair under $9,000. That is, everything you’d need (except cables), in one ready-to-go package. The cool thing? Ha ha – as if you needed more – you could put those speakers just about anywhere and expect (and get!) top-to-bottom performance that not only rivaled but exceeded that found in systems in the Tower that were 5x the cost. If this is the future, we’re all gonna need shades. It was a convincing demo."
See the report at: http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/rmaf-2013-loudspeakers-under-20k/
See the RMAF 2013 Show report and video from Part Time Audiophile at:
3) Part Time Audiophile: "Anyway, Walter was showing off a complete audiophile system — soup to nuts — that sells for $8,995. That’s everything (except cables). And let me forestall any questions about how the sound “at this price” is some sort of compromise or trade-off by saying that this was a very convincing case for not breaking the bank on your next new system. No, $9k isn’t chump change and quite frankly it’s wearying to have to repeat that bit over and over, but out of respect, I will: it’s not nothing. But let me re-state and re-emphasize what I’ve already said — this $9k system will redefine what you thought was possible, regardless of the money you spend."
4) The Audio Beat gave us Best of Show and said: "What made this system stand out, other than its price and the fact that attendees could easily purchase it, was its powerful, refined sound. Dynamics and authority were on full view, along with a meaty midrange that brought voices to life -- all at a reasonable price."
Save $700.00 on our entry deal or buy the $3500.00 speakers with a $1000.00 REL T7 subwoofer for only $3600.00. Save $900.00 on the package. Or get a REL T9 for $3800.00.
Complete biamped systems with a REL T7 subwoofer available from as little as $4,990.00.
Compare this system to any at $10-15k and be amazed.
The new Emerald Physics CS3 MK2 replaces our very successful CS3. The MK 2 represents the next generation in our dipole technology with its point source design and room control. The new MK2 model does not have a single part used in the original and sounds considerably better. Cosmetics are also far superior.
The CS3 M2 employs our new Emerald Physics EP12.1 custom 12” woofer/midrange and tweeter point source driver with 1” compression tweeter and new external passive crossover. The new Emerald Physics DSP2.4 digital electronic crossover/EQ provides DSP controlled crossover and equalization for the system.
Our controlled dispersion design eliminates most listening room anomalies, allowing the CS3 MK2 to sound great in virtually all rooms. The CS3 MK2 will work from one amp in small to medium sized rooms. When used with a powered subwoofer you can have a fully bi-amplified system and can fill almost any sized room with superb dynamics and bass into the 20Hz range. Our beautiful new cosmetic is a major upgrade. Satin black is standard. Custom finishes are available at additional cost. The photo is of the beautiful red Tricoat gloss finish.
• Single Amp drive - Does not require bi-amplification.
• New Emerald Physics EP12.1 midrange/tweeter point source driver.
• World Class sonic performance in a compact package.
• Incredible imaging and soundstage reproduction. Some say the best at any price.
• World Class Bass speed and articulation.
• Works well in small rooms as close as 2ft from the rear wall and up to 1 foot from the side wall.
• Can be used with moderate stereo amps & integrated amps w/preamp out & main in.
• Outboard midrange/tweeter hi pass crossover with optional Special Edition version available.
• Includes DSP 2.4 crossover/EQ which has subwoofer crossover for bass extension & adds the ability to play extremely loud in large rooms.
CS3 MK2 Specifications:
System Type: Passive 2-way Dynamic Dipole - DSP crossover & equalized
Frequency Range: 45Hz–22kHz -3dB to target curve without subwoofer
Frequency Linearity: +/- 1dB from 100Hz-20kHz to target curve
Impedance: 8 Ohms nominal
Max Power input: 150W RMS, 300W program
Sensitivity: 95dB 1.83V 1M 1kHz- 97Db when biamped with subwoofer.
Emerald Physics High Frequency: 1 inch exit Titanium compression driver
Emerald Physics Low Frequency: 12 inch paper cone with 2.5” voice coil
Crossover: 3rd order acoustic Butterworth filter at 900Hz
Digital Frequency crossover/Equalizer: – Emerald Physics DSP2.4
Finishes: Black matte standard, Optional hi gloss automotive Tri-coat and Cocobolo wood finishes available at additional charge.
Dimensions: 41”H x 19W x 2.5”D baffle, Base is 15” depth total
Weight: Net: 68lbs, Shipping each: 92lbs
Retail price from $3495/ pair in matte black with DSP2.4 EQ/Crossover
The last customer email was quite typical and said:
"Walter, I don’t know how to thank you for this speaker. Every night is a new listening experience. I’ve been at this hobby for 40 years, can still hear, have gone through speaker after speaker, cable after cable, CD player after CD player, amp after amp, trying without success to get this sound. I’ve had ET LFT VIIIs, Gallos, Harbeths, Merlins (VSM and TSM), Spendors, Von Schwiekerts, Magnapans, and at least a dozen others through my listening room. The EPs give a rightness to the midrange that just lets you suspend your disbelief...lets you climb on stage and be there. As it does this, it forgives what little things my system could be better about. I read Stereophile now, with its 55k D’Agostino mono amps, and I don’t wonder what they sound like. I don’t care. I’ve managed to quit wondering. I have my last pair of speakers, and I can say, all of this was worth waiting for. If anyone told me in 1980 that CD could sound like master tape, I’d just shake my head. But now, with these speakers, its vinyl. Front to back layering. Perfect attack. Perfect decay. Perfect tone." "I have about 4k in my front end, and about 1.6k in my subs. Not enough to break a sweat in today’s market. My room is heavily treated to stop slap echo. Could I spend more? Yes, I could spend easily ten times what I’ve paid (now that there’s no college tuition due!). But I refuse to do so. Because this is a hobby, and the fun is finding the good stuff and making it sing. I truly think Stereophile and TAS have forgotten us." "Well, onwards to music. Thanks again for buying this speaker line and making it work. People are still putting accelerometers on boxes and saying gee, very little distortion! I’m sitting with these things saying...there’s NO distortion - why would I think of owning other speakers? This is the holy grail. End of the line. Don’t need to know what comes next, because I’m good. Real good. Haven’t looked at my watch once. Well, except to see that I’m late to get to sleep!" Thank you!!!!! Regards, John
Buy with confidence from AudiogoN’s #1 rated dealer by feedback.
We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and money orders.
Call me at 770-667-5633 to discuss these superb speakers.
Shown in Red Tricoat. Standard finish at $2800.00 is black matte. Optional Black Tricoat also available.
GA & HI residents add sales tax.
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