Emerald PhysicsEP2.7Emerald Physics EP2.7 Closeout on New OB speakers-Save $4,000.Ask us about 6 months NO INTEREST or PAYMENTS thru PayPal We are closing out our EMERALD PHYSICS EP-2.7 Open Baffle Controlled Directivity Loudspeakers to make way for the new $10,000 EP2....4995.00

Emerald Physics EP2.7 Closeout on New OB speakers-Save $4,000. [Expired]

no longer for sale

Ask us about 6 months NO INTEREST or PAYMENTS thru PayPal        

We are closing out our EMERALD PHYSICS EP-2.7 Open Baffle Controlled Directivity Loudspeakers to make way for the new $10,000 EP2.8.

Limited quantity of the older models are available. The 2.7 is upgradable to the new Carbon Series EP2.8 in the future right in your home.

We have one pair of Anthracite show sample EP2.7's available for only $3780.00. These have the 5 year factory warranty.

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Our new Showplace is now open in Broomfield, Colorado. Call for an appointment. In the last few months we have taken Vandersteen Treo's and the Sonus Faber Olympica 3's in trade towards these as they smoked them both when  the owners heard them at our Broomfield facility and it their homes.

The new EP2.7  was our best speaker and an big upgrade over our highly respected EP2.3 (formerly CS2.3 MK2) that received the superb review in the January 2015 The Absolute Sound. Upgrades are a dramatically better Polyester tweeter, our $600.00 Special Edition crossover and the beautiful $1200.00 automotive Tri-coat black finish. The included $600.00 Special Edition crossovers have custom Emerald Physics caps, upgraded resistors, diodes and coils. These upgrades are the last bit of transparency and extra detail that the EP2.3 omits and makes them competitive with the best electrostats and $25-50k box speakers offer. They keep the amazing soundstaging, imaging and dynamics of the EP2.3 as well as its superb tonal balance.

See the EP2.3 (formerly CS2.3 MK2) review here:

See the EP2.7 video from The Newport Beach show at:


The EP2.7  is a more refined version of the EP2.3 with better resolution, detail & micro dynamics.
With its new state of the art 12" point source professional midrange and Emerald Physics Polyester tweeter drive system, the EP2.7 is a true higher resolution step over the original CS2.3. The increased resolution, speed and inner detail of the EP2.7’s is exceptional. The speaker sounds more like an electrostatic in these areas. Imagine a high resolution planar with superb bass, dynamics and 97Db efficiency!

Our Controlled Directivity design removes the listening room and allows the speakers to work in almost all rooms.

The EP2.7 is a 3-way, 4 driver, bi-amplified, dipole speaker design. It can be single amped, bi-amped or tri-amped. Cutting edge sonic performance establishes a new level of realism and dimensionality at its price. Our proprietary Aperture Bass Propagation Technology is used for both custom Emerald Physics 15" dipole woofers, improving low frequency power and linearity. DSP equalization and active crossover functions are provided by the included Special Edition passive 2 way crossovers and the Emerald Physics DSP2.4 digital electronic crossover between the woofers and midrange/tweeters. They are even better tri-amped. We have complete Superb speaker/amp/preamp/DAC with room correction packages from $7,800.00.

The EP2.7 is sold Internet Direct with no dealer profits and will embarrass most $20k$-40k speakers sold thru retailers.

Specs are at the bottom of this ad.

                                                                              EP2.7 Pricing
Standard Automotive Tri-coat finish in Black, Anthracite or Red with DSP Processor ..... $8995/pr   $600.00 Special Edition passive crossover is included

Closeout priced while supply lasts: $4995.00 a pair. Save $4000.00

International sales are paid for by bank funds wire transfer

A beautiful Rosewood faux Tri-coat hand painted limited edition wood finish is optional at $1500.00 a pair and now at 50% off at $750.00 

Read our over 12,600 points of feedback & Buy with confidence from AudiogoN’s #1 rated dealer.

Check with us for freight cost as these ship on a pallet by truck and AudiogoN does not have a way to handle that in their freight cost system.

We accept PayPal, Visa, Discover, MasterCard and money orders as well as bank wires.

No PayPal or charge card fees on these.
Call me at 770-667-5633 to discuss these superb speakers.
GA & HI residents add sales tax.

Trade ins gladly accepted

EP2.7 Specifications

  • System Type: 3-way, 4 driver Bi-amplified Dynamic Dipole - DSP equalized
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz–22kHz : +/- 2 dB from 100Hz-20kHz to target curve
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms woofers & 8 ohms midrange/tweeter
  • Max Power input: 200W RMS, 500W program
  • Sensitivity: 97dB 2.83V @ 1M @ 1kHz
  • Drivers: High Freq: 1” Polyester compression driver w neo magnet & copper clad aluminum Voice Coil
  • Mid Freq: 12 inch Emerald Physics 12.1 midrange design w/edge wound ribbon VC
  • Low Frequency: Two Emerald physics 15 inch paper cone woofers
  • Crossover: Mid/high –External Special Edition passive acoustic filter @ 900Hz.
  • Low/Mid –External asynchronous DSP active network @ 250Hz.
  • The system can be actively tri-amped with two DSP2.4 crossovers therefore bypassing all passive crossovers
  • Frequency contour: Digital equalization included – Emerald Physics DSP2.4 
  • Standard finishes: Black Automotive Tri-coat
  • Optional finish: Rosewood faux Tricoat wood finish $1500.00
  • 51”H x 22.5W x 3”D (Baffle)
  • Weight: Net: 78 lbs,
  • Shipping: 98 lbs each

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