Energy ConnoisseurC-9Energy Connoisseur C-9 Black AshFor sale is a pair of Energy Connoisseur C-9 speakers in Black Ash finish. Rating them 7/10 for age although they are 8/10 cosmetically. There are a few minor scuffs, you will need a magnifying g...600.00

Energy Connoisseur C-9 Black Ash [Expired]

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For sale is a pair of Energy Connoisseur C-9 speakers in Black Ash finish.  Rating them 7/10 for age although they are 8/10 cosmetically.  There are a few minor scuffs, you will need a magnifying glass to locate them.  They are my personal speakers (one owner) from a smoke free and pet free home.  Operationally they are perfect and they were extremely well taken care of.

These are great all round speakers for any kind of music and they are very efficient at 94db, so you can enjoy your tube amplifiers.  I prefer solid state amplifiers for these and about 200 Watts will make them shine. I have several reviews of these speakers, happy to send to a serious buyers (some comments noted below).  The hallmark of these speakers are “transparency”, “bass” and “accuracy of reproduction”.  The silver front baffle adds a glowing and beautiful touch to the look of the speakers.

I have the original box, packaging, manual and floor spikes and they will be shipped to the buyer via UPS (insured) at the buyer’s expense


• Speaker Type: 4-way - passive, single wired

• Response Bandwidth: 31 - 23,000 Hz

• Input Impedance: 8 Ohm

• Recommended Amplifier Power: 5 - 250 Watt

• Sensitivity: 94 dB

• Crossover Frequency: 2000Hz

• Output Features: Bass Reflex

• Magnetic Shield: Yes

• Connectivity Technology: Wired

• Recommended Placing: Floor-standing

• Detachable Grilles: Yes

• Driver Details:

    • 1 x tweeter driver - 1" - aluminum
    • 3 x woofer driver - 6.5" - homopolymer
  • Floor spikes and outrigger system

o Dimension

Width 7.75 in.

Depth 18.3 in.

Height 42.5 in

Black Ash finish

Weight 62 lb

“While the C-9s shine on many levels, their success stems primarily from their ability to get consistently to the heart of the performance, regardless of the source. Madonna’s "Substitute for Love" from Ray of Light [Maverick/Warner Bros. CDW 46847] revealed that the C-9s are capable of handling complex detail very well. Madonna’s voice was well focused, with good body and control noted. The C-9s rendered the artificial phase information on this track well, with the soundstage width stretching beyond the room boundaries.” 

“The C-9s' bass was solid and extended -- way down deep -- while remaining detailed. It really grabbed me. While listening to Bruce Cockburn's "Pacing the Cage" from Anything Anytime Anywhere [True North TND 267], I noted a subtle but potent bass note that kicks in at the two-minute mark. I discovered this note because the C-9s delivered it with authority and definition to spare”. 

“The C-9s' rhythmic abilities help propel the music along with a kind of bounce and timing that are unequalled at their price point to my knowledge, and this is something the B&W Nautilus 804s just don't have as one of their more alluring traits. But that’s not to say that the Nautilus 804s are totally bass shy; they just do not have the natural ability to plumb the depths with the same level of authority and panache as the C-9s”. 

“Comparing these to the V.2 Paradigm Reference Studio 60 ($1600/pr) and 100 ($2300/ pr), the Studio 60 is simply out-classed. It just isn’t capable of the deep, cleanly rendered bass lines, and the C-9 gives nothing away in the midrange/treble. The Studio100 is a more apples to apples comparison. Though the Studio 100 has a touch deeper bass, the C-9’s smoother upper-midrange and linearity in the extreme treble gets the nod. I will say the Studio 100’s mid and lower midrange is impeccable, and the overall tonal balance, top-to bottom, leans ever so slightly in the Paradigm’s corner, for $1000 more, it better”. 

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