Silverline AudioSinfoniausedSilverline Audio Sinfonia - Full Range LoudspeakersSilverline has been building speakers for decades in California. They receive rave reviews and owners are very loyal to the brand, buying and upgrading within the family. We are pleased to be off...9995.00

Silverline Audio Sinfonia - Full Range Loudspeakers [Expired]

no longer for sale

Silverline has been building speakers for decades in California.  They receive rave reviews and owners are very loyal to the brand, buying and upgrading within the family.  We are pleased to be offering a hard to find masterpiece in their line....the Sinfonia in stunning Danish Rosewood finish. 
Listening to the speakers is an experience much like going to a high end club.  The speakers output incredible dynamic energy, but at the same time they are highly refined.  These speakers can rock!  At the same time they can play extremely refined pieces, doing so with delicate balance and realism. If you want to truly experience a powerful symphonic event, look no further.  (Strangely, and much to their praise they have similar dynamics to a Wilson Sasha at $32K/pair)
The Sinfonia is true full range loudspeaker with the capability of playing down to a thunderous 18hz without overdoing the bass energy.  This is thanks to the dual but separated 12" woofers.  The cabinet is heavily reinforced and braced to allow the 2 woofers to work in conjunction, while maintaining proper timing and control of low frequency energy.  One is front firing and one is rear firing.   With a hand selected matching of drivers and custom cross-over the Sinfonia does everything right.  Lush vocals and mids are placed properly in the sound-stage thanks to a balanced combination of a 7" ultra-rigid, pulp cone mid-range driver and 2' dome mid-range, normally found in very high performance loudspeakers (PMC, etc).  The upper end is handled exclusively by a silky-smooth 1.25" soft dome tweeter. 
The speakers can be tri-amped, but include jumpers for single stereo amplification.  The performance with even a moderate amplifier is very impressive since the speakers are rated at a 96db efficiency. 
This pair is a one owner trade-in and have been well kept.  No indication of smoke or pets and the cabinets are clean.  The edges are clean with the exception of the upper rear edge on one speaker.  It appears to have bumped a wall and slightly flattened an edge about 2.5" long.    All grills and drivers are excellent and blemish free. 
The speakers include the original padded shipping cartons, spike feet, binding post jumpers and all 4 grills. 
  • 1.25" Soft dome tweeter
  • 2" dome mid-range
  • 7" Ultra-rigid pulp cone mid-range
  • Dual 12" paper cone woofers
  • Frequency Response - 18Hz to 22Khz
  • Efficiency 96db
  • Dimensions: 19" W x 26"D (w/o Grills)X 47.25" H (w/o feet)
  • Weight:  150 lbs each (Approx)

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