Genesis TechnologiesG2 JRGenesis Technologies G2 JR Full Range Loudspeakers in BlackI have enjoyed these in my office for 2 years, you can buy this pair or the new pair I have in factory sealed crates with Warrantee. Company Philosophy (From Their Web Site) Genesis Advanced Tech...59900.00

Genesis Technologies G2 JR Full Range Loudspeakers in Black [Expired]

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I have enjoyed these in my office for 2 years, you can buy this pair or the new pair I have in factory sealed crates with Warrantee. Company Philosophy (From Their Web Site) Genesis Advanced Technologies designs and manufactures high-end, custom-made loudspeakers, electronics and interfaces to reproduce music, voices, and sound effects with absolute fidelity™, style and elegance. (From the owners manual) We enjoy live music, but it is inconvenient or just plain impossible to go to a musical performance whenever we want to. Hence, your musical system should be able to transport the live event into your room - not just reproduce the sounds. The system not only reproduces the notes played and sung, but also the emotions of the performers, and the ambience of the location. In the ultimate system, you are transported in time and space to the event itself, as if it is happening all around you! We also love the escapism of going to the movies, but don't want to fight with the crowds at the neighborhood Cineplex. We want to bring the best experiences into the comfort of our home, and most of all, share it with our loved ones. We want to feel as we were transported into the make-believe world of the movie, with all the excitement and goosebumps of being there. In order to do this, the system has to reproduce the sound of being alive. And real life is not restricted to 20Hz to 20kHz. In our design philosophy, we expand the ability of the loudspeakers to reproduce sounds beyond what we can "hear", because our perception of live music cannot be measured by instruments alone. So that we can share the musical and magical experiences with our loved ones, our speakers are designed to faithfully reproduce in a large "sweet spot" - so that it becomes a sweetheart spot. Enjoyment of the best musical event should not be a solitary experience, and with Genesis loudspeakers, it need not be. Since the loudspeakers have to exist in our living space, they are sometimes seen but not heard. It is for this reason that we design them to be beautiful and elegant to complement our living spaces. Every piece is custom-built and individually tested in the USA. Each comes with a manufacturer's warranty that can be extended to a 5-year transferable warranty that will enhance its value. Remember, the value of quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten. A little about the G2 JR's. The midrange/tweeter baffle of the G2jr is constructed out of solid high-gloss cast acrylic. Acrylic was picked for its sonic properties as well as its beauty. The Genesis 2.2 junior loudspeaker integrates a line-source midrange/tweeter with point-source bass. Each speaker is over 6 feet tall, and the cabinet structured is designed to manage vibrations and resonance. The tweeters and midrange ribbon are mounted on a 1.5-inch slab of high-molecular weight cast acrylic, and are isolated from the box containing two horizontally opposed 12” woofers. The Servo-bass Advantage The history of the Genesis servo- system started from the first introduced in the legendary Infinity Servo Statik One in 1968(!) – so we know how to design and build servo systems. The technology has been constantly updated and refined over the past 40 years. The concept of our servo bass system is an easy one to understand: It employs an accelerometer as a sensor to constantly monitor the movement of the woofer cone and continuously compares it to the input signal. This comparison circuit instantly identifies any deviation from the input and applies a corrective signal to compensate for any deviation, resulting in the virtual elimination of the inherent distortion of the woofer. Specifications  Dimensions:  Weight:  Frequency Response:  Controls:  Input Impedance:  Sensitivity:  Amplifier Power Rating:  Inputs:  Finish: H75”xW22”xD28” 220 lbs (100kg) each 16Hz to 40kHz, +/- 3dB Rear Tweeters (+/- 1.5 dB) Midrange (+/- 0.75 dB) Bass Gain (+12dB/-3dB) Low Pass (71Hz to 135Hz) 4 ohms (nominal) 91 dB/watt @ 1 meter 400W X 2 each 5-way binding posts High Gloss Black Acrylic with Matt black base Check out Gary from Genesis Facebook page