VoxativZeth - single driver speakersVoxativ Zeth - single driver speakers - Gold Show Award for Best Sound at the LA Audio Show 2017The Voxativ Zeth single driver, folded horn loudspeaker is the newest member of the Voxativ family. Just like all other Voxativ products the Zeth is hand crafted in Berlin. It uses a new fullrange ...9900.00

Voxativ Zeth - single driver speakers - Gold Show Award for Best Sound at the LA Audio Show 2017 [Expired]

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The Voxativ Zeth single driver, folded horn loudspeaker is the newest member of the Voxativ family. Just like all other Voxativ products the Zeth is hand crafted in Berlin. It uses a new fullrange driver, the Voxativ AC-Zeth and has a sensitivity of 97dB, plenty to be paired with the best single ended tube amplifiers.

"...the bass is un-freaking-believable..." exclaims Peter Breuninger of AVShowrooms on our latest GOLD SHOW AWARD winning room at the Los Angeles Audio Show 2017 with Voxativ's Zeth, Z-Bass and Lyric Audio's Ti100 integrated tube amp.
CLICK HERE to watch a video and convince yourself.

Terry Eringi of AVShowrooms wrote:  "...so much bass coming from the Voxativ Zeth Loudspeakers with the Zeth bass unit.  It’s hard to believe such dynamic sound and holographic layering was being delivered from these small single driver speakers, but such is the signature and the success of Voxativ.  Holger Adler played us an avant-garde drum track that filled the room with a fast, punchy sound.  Electronics are by Lyric, a company new to North America and so worth checking out..."

Inside the Zeth housing a special horn guidance is implemented. This is based on the Voxativ Acoustic Stealth Technology®. The horn mouth is facing down where the bottom plate reflects the lower frequencies into the room. So the bass reproduction adds perfectly to the mid and high frequencies of the widebander that we use.

The fast transient response of this loudspeaker is based on the special developed driver, the Voxativ AC-Zeth .You will be surprised how much details you will find inside your favorite music.

The Zeth is available in several veneer surfaces. According to the Voxativ tradition these speakers are also available in black and white piano lacquer. Also all colors of your personal choice can be delivered on request.

For even more power and resolution, the Zeth can be equipped with a wooden cone driver ($14,900 /pair). You cannot imagine the purity of music and powerful bass response the Zeth will deliver using these drivers.

Call for an appointment to listen to the Voxativ Zeth.

Herb Reichert, Stereophile (Capitol Audio Fest, July 2016):
"...a Berning push-pull 6B4G amplifier with a switching power supply was used to drive the sexy-looking Voxativ Zeth loudspeakers ($15K). I loved it!... The Berning amp put out maybe 15Wpc, but that wasn't a problem, because the slender Zeth tower is a full-range design that boats 97dB sensitivity, with a 10.7-ohm impedance. The Zeths I heard at CAF2016 had Voxativ's optional wood cones; the standard cone material is Japanese calligraphy paper... The Voxativ speakers were loaded internally by a "Russian stealth bomber"-inspired loading profile, the explanation for which I did not quite grasp—but that doesn't matter as much as how well they played music. Visually, with their whizzer cones, the Voxativ drivers reminded me of Lowthers (I once owned a pairs of PM4s), but these had almost none of my Lowthers' fingernail-scraping-on-cardboard coloration. The Voxativs were more muted and neutral sounding. Not dull—just not forward in their paperyness. The Voxativs played small jazz and pop extremely well. Very appealing..."  

Key Kim, StereoTimes (Highend Show Munich, May 2016):
"...Voxativ loudspeakers of Germany had me coming back for the three times to enjoy the music from their Zeth loudspeakers ($9,900/pair) and the T-211 Integrated amplifier ($16,900). They rendered music beautifully and was intimate and involving with a natural sound despite all the ambient crowd noises. The Zeth loudspeakers, designed by Holger Adler, were perfectly paired with their sweet sounding T-211 Integrated amplifier. This single-Ended beauty sporting 211 output tubes capable of 12 watts per side worked in perfect sync to drive the highly efficiencient Zeth loudspeakers..."

Frequency response: 40 - 20.000 Hz
Driver: VOXATIV AC-Zeth / Optional with wooden cones ($14,900 a pair)
Efficiency: 97 dB / 1W / 1 m
Capacity: 50 W sinus
Dimensions (W x H x D): 33 x 108 x 25 cm / 13 x 42,5 x 10"
Colors: all colors and wood veneers, Piano Finish white or black
Weight: 32 kg (62 lbs.)  

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