JBLSVA-2100JBL SVA-2100 MintJBL SVA 2100 Floorstanding Full Range LoudspeakersThese are very large speakers! The construction is wood fiber with black vinyl wood grain finish. The speaker configuration is a D'Appolito with ...650.00

JBL SVA-2100 Mint [Expired]

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JBL SVA 2100 Floorstanding Full Range Loudspeakers

These are very large speakers!  The construction is wood fiber with black vinyl wood grain finish.  The speaker configuration is a D'Appolito with 10" drivers above and below a deep horn waveguide loaded 2" fabric soft dome Audax tweeter.   

The lower 10" driver is dedicated to bass production with a 4" rear port and a larger resonating chamber than the top 10" driver which is dedicated to midrange reproduction in a smaller, similarly ported cabinet. The foam surrounds on the 10" drivers are in perfect condition.

There are minor signs of wear on the speakers with no major marks.  All edges, corners and grilles are in good condition.Original biamp jumpers are not included, but conventional Monster wiring to fill the same purpose is included with the sale.

About :

As you can see, these are big heavy speakers and they have a hell of a punch to the sound  a pair of 10 inch bass/mid drivers in a bass reflex enclosure with the ports at the back and a horn loaded dome tweeter. So this is essentially a 2-way moving coil bass-reflex design where the two large bass/mid drivers are wired in parallel and constitute a single logical driver. This configuration has the advantage that there is only one crossover point (1600Hz for the 1800's and just 1200Hz for the 1800's) between the bass/mid range & the treble and so gives a smoother transition across the range than a 3 or 4-way system can achieve. With the two bass/mid drivers being mounted above & below the tweeter, all the sound appears to emanate from a single point which gives razor sharp stereo imaging, and it's a cleaver design feature. The 2100's also have two bass reflex ports in the back panel whereas the 1800's have just one. Some people incorrectly think that the sound will not be right if the bass reflex ports are on the back of the speaker cabinet like in the SVA's instead of the front. In fact, the wave length of the sound that comes out of the port at the point of cabinet resonance (about 35 Hz or so and the only time the sound from there has any impact at all) is so long, that the direction and phase of the sound makes no audible difference at all! The science of enclosure and port design is referred to as a Speaker Alignment and has been defined by Thiele & Small. In some cases the number and length of ports required to properly align a given enclosure make it impractical for the ports to be mounted on the same side of the cabinet as the speakers as there would either not be enough room or the baffle would be weakened by all the holes, especially with a design like this where the tweeter actually uses more baffle space than the woofer! Having said all that, in most cases it is done by speaker manufacturers to give a funky look and add mystery to the design! 

The horn loading of the tweeter focuses and increases the level of treble enabling the single tweeter to keep up with the power handling of the pair of bass/mid drivers. This gives the speakers an aggressive sound and the contour can be adjusted slightly on the crossover with a screw on the back. This system due to the soft dome tweeter and fine crossover elements is very smooth and presents a very captivating sound stage.

Notes: Great lows and overall presentation, ideal for home theater or stereo.Very big and heavy.Local pickup only or buyer can arrange shipping
Height  44-1/2", Width 14-1/2", Depth 19-1/2".
Optional floor spikes are built into the stock mounts.
Weight:  95 pounds each!
retail price was over $1,000 each speaker
and the SVA 2100 was a limited production system so is now quite rare!

Asking $1000  for the pair.

Shipping is free on the east coast SC,NC,VA buyer will have to arrange pickup
Shipping to further destinations to be arranged prior to purchase.

Thanks for looking....!
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