KEF203-2 ReferenceKef 202/2c ReferenceCenter Channel Speaker Those looking at this listing likely are well aware of the quality of Kef's top line Reference Series Speakers. For those that are not, please look a...1750.00

KEF 202-2c REFERENCE Center Channel - Premium High Gloss Cherry Finish - Beautiful [Expired]

no longer for sale

Kef 202/2c ReferenceCenter Channel Speaker     Those looking at this listing likely are well aware of the quality of Kef's top line Reference Series Speakers.  For those that are not, please look around the web and forum to read up on these spectacular speakers (included one review at the bottom of this listing.          *Note that this 202/2c is the newer second generation of this Kef reference series line (not equivalent to the older 202 aka 202-1c).  By all accounts, this second generation is more refined therefore desirable.  Keep this difference in mind if you are shopping around or looking at other listing for comparison.  
  • I am listing this speaker below the blue book value for a quick, easy sale.  The speaker cost 4000$ brand new with tax and shipping.
Notes on Sound
  • These speakers are extremely precise and musically accurate.  They handle a female vocalist, hip-hop or dissonant jazz without any noticeable preference.  
  • The bass blew me away.  It is adjustable for location/needs via kef's included gold inserts, referred to in the HF adjustment section of the owner's manual. 
Notes on Speaker
  • This center channel speaker is finished in high gloss cherry finish.  This finish was a premium (additional cost over the basic non-gloss) but was actually the most common color scheme produced by key for this series.  This means you are getting a high quality finish that will not be difficult to match, should you choose to complete the set with additional reference line speakers.  
  • While a secondary concern for me, these speakers actually look beautiful.  Audiophiles constantly comment on the superb sound but I am also constantly complimented on these by people who really aren't into audio at all.  It makes having them in the living room a non-issue with the wife.  It's the little things, am I right?
Reason for sale: I used this center in concert with the matching Kef floor standing speakers (203/2 reference) and the sound was excellent.  I am only parting with this speaker in order to switch back to a stereo 2-channel setup.  Buyer will be receiving a phenomenal piece of equipment that is truly reference quality.         

Condition & Shipping:   
  • This speaker is in great used condition; rated 8/10 for one superficial cosmetic blemish in the clear coat on the bottom right side  (see photo).   Please check my feedback ratings on audiogon.  I have had excellent history selling and trading equipment here and am eager to facilitate another positive experience.  Basially, I am here to help.  Feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding this center channel or request specific supplementary photos that may prove useful. 
  • I am happy to meet up locally in Chicago so you can avoid shipping fees & PayPal.  If shipping is required, I am willing to send it however is easiest or most cost effective for you.  It will be double boxed and insured with the original accessories listed below.   The factory listed Dimensions: 200 x 630 x 315 mm (7.9 x 24.8 x 12.4 in.), Weight: 35 lbs. 
Original Factory Accessories Included:
  • Two sets of "shorting links" / inter-connects (for mono-, bi-, or tri- amping options)
  • Owner's Manual
  • Certificate of authenticity from Kef  
Reference Series Brochure (from Kef):  Reference Series Manual (from Kef):
Basic Specs (from Kef)
Bass reflex three-way centre loudspeaker, magnetically shielded 
Hand-built and hand-finished by KEF Engineers in the historical KEF UK building. 
Drive Units: 2 x 165mm (6.5in.) LF, 1 x 165mm (6.5in.) Uni-Q MF including a 25mm (1in.) titanium HF 
Frequency Response: 65Hz - 60kHz  

Review:  "With this new Reference series, we have resurrected this philosophy and updated it. The [reference series] gets all of the detail right (by right, I mean it knows what to do with that detail which is to present it in a musically accurate manner).  "Secondly, the high-gloss cherry wood finish immediately blew me away. That fine traditional British craftsmanship and design are evident in every aspect of the Reference, from the conservative yet elegant shape to fit and finish. The veneer appears seamless and is carefully hand-crafted in a mirror finish."

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