LanscheNo.3.1Lansche No.3.1 (( Worlds Best Tweeter ))The Lansche No.3.1 is one of the finest and most musical speakers ever made. This little gem uses the same mid-range driver and tweeter as Lansche’s flagship No.8.2 speakers, which retail for nea...20000.00

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Lansche No.3.1 (( Worlds Best Tweeter )) [Expired]

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The Lansche No.3.1 is one of the finest and most musical speakers ever made. This little gem uses the same mid-range driver and tweeter as Lansche’s flagship No.8.2 speakers, which retail for near $300,000. And the same woofer as Lansche’s No.7 speakers, which retail for over $100,000.

The book matched high gloss ebony finish is absolutely stunning and this wood has become hard to find and expensive, therefore Lansche doesn’t offer this finish anymore.

This speaker has been advanced to an entirely new level by adding a set of outboard pure silver wound transformers, made by Ypsilon Electronics, to the Plasma tweeters. These silver transformers are mounted inside the speakers, behind the tweeters. The improvement in sound is absolutely stunning, bringing this speaker to an entirely new level of outstanding performance.

In addition all the internal fuses have been upgraded to HiFi Tuning Supreme, total 6 for the pair. The main fuse for power to the tweeter, and the fuses in the tweeter crossover board. This was another fine improvement to the sound.

The No.3.1 speakers are ideal for both small and medium sized rooms. They can even work well is rather large sized rooms and perform amazing. The condition of these speakers is excellent and they are just beautiful to look at. They will ship in their original cartons, plastic wrapped and strapped to a strong pallet for safe delivery.

The No. 3.1 loudspeaker is a perfect introduction to the fascinating sound world offered by a plasma tweeter. The goal of this design was to create a benchmark two-way loudspeaker with compact dimensions and an elegant appearance that is easy to integrate into any living or listening space. The main challenge was to develop a driver for the midrange and bass frequencies that is seamlessly matched to the superior speed and resolution of the plasma tweeter. This 20-cm driver design combines a very fast midrange response with a beautifully low bottom end and is complemented by a 22cm long excursion, which is integrated in a down-firing arrangement.

The enclosure is based on a combination of MDF, low-vibration ceramics, and absorbent heavy foam. On the interior, a reinforcement matrix provides interlocking boards to further increase the enclosure's rigidity. The base plate is a one-centimeter-thick aluminum slab that also holds the floor spikes. The loudspeaker cabinet is thus completely decoupled from the floor. The angled inclination of the narrow baffle is an effective solution for time-correcting the impulse responses from the two transducer systems. The loudspeaker's phase position is perfect at a seated listening height. The No. 3.1 model thus satisfies both your needs for exquisite sound quality and for appealing, subtle visual aesthetics.

Product Specifications:


2.5 Way Passive Loudspeaker, Bass Reflex


1 x 0.3 inch CORONA Ion Plasma Tweeter


1 x 8 inch Paper Cone (coated)


1 x 9 inch Polyester (coated)

Crossover Frequencies:

80 Hz / 2.5 kHz

Nominal Impedance:

8 Ohm (minimum 5.6 Ohm)


92 dB / 1W / 1M

Maximum Level:

106 dB / 1M

Frequency Range
30 Hz - 150 kHz ±3dB

Internal Wiring:

Silver Plated OFC


112 lbs. Per Speaker


38.6” x 9.5” x 15.4” (HxWxD)

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