LINN KOMRI LINN  KOMRI  Komri Reference Loudspeakers - Linn's Best !LINN's BEST EVER reference speakers ( KOMRI , BLACK). 4K DRIVER ARRAY and AKTIV SERVO-BASS 2 Komri loudspeakers ( $47,070 original MSRP ) I know many have been waiting for these, and now av...10601.00

LINN KOMRI Komri Reference Loudspeakers - Linn's Best ! [Expired]

no longer for sale

LINN's BEST EVER  reference speakers ( KOMRI  , BLACK). 

2 Komri loudspeakers ( $47,070 original MSRP )
 I know many have been waiting for these, and now available, and priced for immediate sale. 

Kept in smoke free, custom home, as they are simply the best speaker Linn has ever made. 
Priced for local pickup, or custom wood boxes can be made and shipped with pallet for an additional fee. 

Paypal, add 3%. 
 Everything is in perfect condition, and only rated 7/10 due to the age. Please call Dr. Cohen with any questions at 954-439-6389.    

The unanimous KOMRI reviews say it all:

"If you want to hear about a sonic experience off the Richter scale, then let me introduce you to the Linn Komri. This innovative five-way design offered incredible resolution and clarity, effortless frequency extension, and a wealth of detail. In each speaker, internal Active Servo Bass technology provides dedicated power for two bass drivers, while an acoustic array comprising a soft-dome midrange, soft-dome tweeter, and soft-dome super tweeter is mounted on its own baffle above a dedicated upper bass driver, optimizing the Komri's dispersion characteristics while providing a truly coherent, centered acoustic point source. The Komri gave new meaning to the term neutrality - what more can you ask for?...If I were setting up a top-of-the-line mastering studio and had the budget, I'D BUY THIS SYSTEM IN A HEARTBEAT." (Stereophile)

"The Linn Komri gave me the feeling of being in the studio, listening through a live microphone feed. This is seduction of the highest order for a person like me - my entire listening room life has been dedicated to re-creating microphone feeds and master tapes in my home. In my opinion, Linn has crafted a very rare loudspeaker: one that gives coherence, neutrality, clarity; a speaker that combines physical beauty with real authority, and helps you to approach that grand goal of fine audio - real fidelity in audio reproduction. In combination with reference level equipment, and using either SACD or vinyl, the Linn Komri is a stratospheric reference loudspeaker. I therefore give it my 'VERY HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION' - enthusiastically!" (Positive Feedback)

"In an instant the Komris communicate the particular goings on in the recording studio on the date the music you're listening to was committed to tape (or hard drive, as it is these days). You can hear the quality of the vocal mikes, the producer's thoughts on instrument placement, squeaks, rattles, noisy desks, injudicious use of EQ and so on and so forth. They don't add, detract, multiply or divide - you simply hear what was there in the first place. The Komris simply let the festivities happen. These new Linn boxes project better than your average stadium floodlight. Image location is pin-sharp….these speakers are practically hallucinogenic. The Komri can go boldly into the centre of the room, and fall back behind the rear wall too. The Komris are probably the best combination of soundstaging and frequency extension I've heard - and believe me, it's rare to hear both from the same speaker. The result is a loudspeaker that's alarmingly devoid of flaws at almost every level. No doubt about it, Linn's new Komris give an incredibly powerful, staggeringly incisive, massively engaging and satisfying performance - with virtually none of the pitfalls associated with other, rival big hitters. They are awesomely fluid and natural sounding - they just cut to the chase and get on with getting you closer to the music - which is just how it should be…incredible in so many respects, THE KOMRIS LET ANY MUSIC SOUND QUITE SUBLIME." (Hi-Fi World UK)

From Linn: 
Linn’s patented 4K Driver Array technology houses mid-range drive-units, tweeter and super-tweeter, grouped closely together to provide an accurate point-source. This creates a uniform, accurate and natural sound, and provides great flexibility when positioning the loudspeakers within your room for the best performance. Komri also features a specially developed Aktiv Servo-Driven Bass System housed within the loudspeaker cabinet. This technology provides power for the bass and uses an accelerometer in each of the independently controlled 10-inch bass drive-units to measure the precise motion of the drive-unit and compare the movement against the original input signal. Should these signals not be identical, the servo immediately modifies the output to compensate for any difference. The result is extremely accurate and musical bass performance. 

Sound quality is as new - superb. Condition is excellent considering the age, except for the typical fading of the black stain, primarily around the corners. If you look VERY closely you might find a couple of VERY small dings, but nothing that can’t be touched up. 
FYI There was an important revision to the 4K array in 2003; it went from cold-set polyurethane to die-cast aluminum. These KOMRIS have the new arrays and revised power modules. Power cords and jumper tool included.

Rates are easily obtained from variety of truckers (we generally use Schenker, but there are many others). 
• The shipment is a single pallet for the Komris shipped in specially made wood crates. 
• Dimensions of pallet with speaker cartons wrapped: 48x40x45h 
• Total weight 475 lbs. 

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