Genesis Advanced Technologies201usedGenesis Advanced Technologies 201 Loudspeaker SystemWhen these speakers came in we didn't know what to think. We'd heard of the Genesis 201's but honestly didn't know what to expect. Then we hooked them up. Oh the pages we could write about the ...27000.00

Genesis Advanced Technologies 201 Loudspeaker System [Expired]

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When these speakers came in we didn't know what to think.  We'd heard of the Genesis 201's but honestly didn't know what to expect.  Then we hooked them up.  Oh the pages we could write about  the experience!  We're expert audiophiles and sell a lot of expensive, high-performance gear, but it was unanimous from everyone that heard them...that these are the best sounding speakers we've had in our showroom!  They do so many things so extremely well.  No one visits our store without getting to hear them.  I'd even had a couple of customers who just purchased some hefty 5 figure Wilsons who may have regretted it.  Sorry for the rant, but these are unlike anything we've experienced and its easy to get excited about them.

There are many different design techniques that make a loudspeaker 'The Best'.  Genesis set out to create a loudspeaker system that may contain more of those best technologies and parameters to reproduce music than any speaker we've heard.  Its hauntingly beautiful, yet earth shaking at the same time.  This is a rare opportunity to experience the full range of an orchestra being reproduced in your home at a level you may have never imagined possible. Not just the notes, but the soul and dynamics of the music come to life.  Since we've been listening to them, the comment we hear most is, "I've never experienced such a realistic sound-stage and vast wide open presentation."

These are rarely seen for sale and this pair is finished in 'Book Matched', beautiful Brazilian Rosewood, (now banned from import to the US).
Here's a few of the things that make the Genesis 201's so unique.  (Read the review clip at the end too).
- Separate tweeter/ mid-range and woofer cabinets.  Being able to separate and tune the timing and frequency interaction with the room and walls is incredibly helpful for a great sound-stage and proper frequency distribution and control. (Explained nicely in the included manual) (Think Wilson Audio's adjustable cabinets..but taken to another level.) 
- Line source array design.  Obviously speakers are either point source (cones) or line source like the 201's.  The advantages line source provides are a much greater radiating area for dramatically better spacial sound reproduction.  The 201's line source array is 4 feet long!  There is also no vertical dispersion at any frequency, eliminating floor and ceiling interaction or interference. (Unlike MOST speakers).  Another benefit is that the vertical spectrum of audio is virtually the same throughout the length of the line source.  This makes the seating height much less critical than point source (single tweeter, etc) speakers. 
- Vibration damped cabinet structures.  All 4 cabinets are created using a vibration damping and resonance controlled acrylic composite sandwich material.  The outer layer is a beautiful real wood veneer. 
- Dipole design.  The wave from the speakers creates a 'cardioid pattern'.  This has a maximum output at the listening position and behind the speaker and minimum output to the sides.  This very efficiently eliminates sidewall reflections and thus creates a more accurate and realistic sound-stage. 
- Circular Ribbon tweeters - You read that right.  There are 15 Per channel.  Many reviewers have said they feel the Genesis circular ribbon tweeter is the best tweeter they have ever heard.  It is a 1" circular planar ribbon crafted from an extremely thin membrane of Kapton with a photo-etched aluminum voice coil that is a mere 0.0005" thick.  The entire radiating structure weights less than the air in front if it!  Due to the quantity of drivers, volume is obtained easily without driving any single tweeter very hard.  This gives it the amazing ability to reproduce frequencies to 36 Khz!

- 48" Mid-range Ribbon. Using a dipolar, line-source design, the mid-range in the 201 has the ability to open a world of music and sound many other speakers simply can not achieve.  This is partly due the its ability to generate a perfectly coupled wave in front of the listener without without their ears needing to be in a perfect sweet-spot.  The wave generated has a wide dispersion, yet benefits from the same line-source ceiling and floor eliminated reflections. 
- Servo Bass Cabinets.  Very few loudspeaker manufacturers would even consider using this due to cost and design challenges.  Genesis has been perfecting it since 1968 and over the last 40 years has created a system that works extremely well.  The acccelerometer sensors are constantly monitoring the woofer cone positions and continuously comparing it to the incoming signal.  An on-board system instantly corrects from any deviation due to distortion.  This produces extremely controlled low frequencies that have sound-stage and definition...something very rarely heard in any loudspeakers.  Also the 8, 8" drivers per channel allow for quicker movement that a traditional 10" or 12" woofer, however totaled up they have far more surface area. The reason they can achieve frequency levels down to 16Hz!  You simply have to experience a full orchestra with these!
- 1600 Watt Servo Amplifier.  While your amplifier will drive the tweeter/mid-range towers, this amplifier is tasked with powering and controlling the bass cabinets.  Its specifically designed to manage the lower frequencies with a high damping factor, ultra-high current output, and clean power.  It includes level, phase, and frequency controls to fine-tune the performance and system sound in your listening space...all from the remote control.  This also frees up your amplifier to cleanly power just the upper frequencies, literally allowing it to sound is best. 
Here are some additional Specifications: 
  • Frequency Response: 16Hz to 36Khz  (+/- 2dB)
  • Controls on Amplifier:  Phase, Gain, Low-Pass, High Pass
  • Controls on Speaker: Rear Tweeter Output, Mid-range Level
  • Input Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 91DB
  • Servo Bass Amplifier Power Rating: 1600 Watts (4X 400 Watts)
  • Amplifier Power Input 120V / 220V Auto Switching
  • Amplifier Inputs: XLR (Balanced), RCA (Unbalanced)
  • Dimensions: Mid/ Tweeter Modules: 72"H x 13.5"W x 9.75"D
  • Dimensions: Woofer Tower: 72"H x 11"W x 22"D
  • Dimensions: Amplifier: 10"H x 12"W x 19"D
  • Weight: Speakers -  650 Lbs, Amplifier - 70 Lbs
Condition: We have played these for a few days in our audio room and verified that every driver is functioning.  All included cables are in excellent condition.  Each control works as designed.  All grills are in very good condition and we found only 2 tiny holes.  The cabinets are overall in very good condition with a couple small dings which are difficult to find.  Original aluminum remote is included and works perfectly.  Owners / Set-up manual is included and is very nicely written and easy to understand.  (Thank you Genesis). 
Freight and Delivery:  The system is packed into 4 wooden crates.  The amplifier is packed into a box.  The entire system is shipped truck freight.  If delivered to a residence, a $75 liftgate fee may apply.  Once delivered the crates can be stood on end and the speakers will slide out.  They have nice felt bottoms and one person can easily slide them on a smooth floor.  
We will also deliver in a 250 mile range from our store at no charge and further for a minimal fee.  

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CES review I discovered...

The highlight of the room was definitely the Genesis 201's. They were positioned facing the door so that anyone poking their heads into the room just to scope us out would see these impressive beauties. Many times throughout the four days of the shows, visitors would just sit patiently on the chairs facing these speakers waiting for a demo.

Even with the bombast of the Absolute Surround™ system playing in the back, they refused to give up their seats in the sweet spot. They were told by their friends or had read on the online forums that the G201's were one of the best sounds in the show and were determined to wait. With the little time that most had at the show, we were gratified that they used their valuable time in our room, and we tried our best to turn the demos around as quickly as possible. Yet, many of them came back several times to get more!

Some reviewers who came for a listen were impressed enough to write about the G201's. John Atkinson had this to say on"I listened to the SACD remastering of Arthur Rubinstein's 1960's performance of the first Chopin ballade for piano in the Genesis room, courtesy of pioneering speaker engineer Arnie Nudell. Played on.... the $48k/pair Genesis 201 four-tower line-source speakers, the shade of Rubinstein at the piano was conjured forth in a most convincing manner.... As long as audio companies can still design products that allow the music to communicate so effectively, the High End will survive, and perhaps one day again will thrive!"

Several people even said that the Rubinstein performance moved them to tears or gave them goosebumps! The G201's also sailed through various other demanding material, from Kid Rock, to a solo guitar; from old Deep Purple to the 14 year-old Renee Olstead.