Lowther LoudspeakersEX-4Lowther Loudspeakers EX-4 8 inch drivers!Lowther EX-4 Drivers! Listing is for a pair of drivers. The surrounds on both drivers need replacing (see pictures). From webs...375.00

Lowther Loudspeakers EX-4 8 inch drivers! [Expired]

no longer for sale

                            Lowther EX-4 Drivers!

Listing is for  a pair of drivers.

The surrounds on both drivers need replacing (see pictures).

                                     From website:

The latest EX series of drive units will completely transform all existing Lowther Loudspeaker Systems. Every Lowther Owner may now enjoy the greatly superior sound reproduction qualities which only the 'EX' drivers are capable of.


Each model in the 'EX' range incorporates an acoustic chamber precisely tuned for optimum performance. Cone assemblies are pressure balanced between the acoustic chamber at the rear and a phasing equalizer fitted to the front. No unwanted oscillations of the speech coil occur. Only bass frequencies will pass through the acoustic chamber, so avoiding bass/mid-range confusion, often a cause of coloration.


Using the latest method of construction, the inner cone is now isolated from the outer. This is not readily visible, but what is noticeable is that the rim of the inner cone is terminated with a reverse roll. Where once sound frequencies cancelled each other and information was lost, now all that information is retrieved and can be enjoyed. Where once sound frequencies were reinforced by the two cones working in unison at certain frequencies, now there is no over-forward sound reproduced. The frequency range is so smooth, and so much more detail from the recorded source is reproduced, that an entirely new level of listening experience will be enjoyed.


The latest 'state of the art' rare earth magnet technology is employed to enable complete control of the diaphragm throughout the entire audible range. This results in maximum information being extracted from the recorded source whilst delivering a very smooth response at all frequencies.


The 'EX' series Drive Units are the best full range drive units ever produced. They are designed to fit into every Lowther cabinet design, both past and present, without any modification being necessary. These revolutionary drive units are a must for all Lowther owners. Everyone can now enjoy an entirely new experience of listening pleasure.

DC Resistance of Voice CoilRe7.4 ohms

Free Air ResonanceFo45 Hz

Emission Piston AreaSd0.021M²

Equivalent Volume SuspensionVas62.908 LtrsSuspension

ComplianceCms1005 u M/NMass of ConeMmd11.0 g

Mass of Moving PartsMms12.75 gForce FactorBl10.233 T-MMechanical

Q FactorQms3.781

Electrical Q Factor Qes0.248

Total Q FactorQts0.233

Voice Coil Inductance @ 1 kHzLe28.071 uHReference


Sound Pressure LevelSPL95.351 Db

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