LSA5.1ch systemLSA 5.1ch system Complete 6 spkr HT system Huge SavingsAsk us about 6 MONTH NO PAYMENTS or INTEREST thru PayPalThis is a complete 5.1 channel system with subwoofer including:1) One pair $1300.00 Rosewood LSA-1 fronts2) One $949.00 Rosewood LCR center c...1999.00

LSA 5.1ch system Complete 6 spkr HT system Huge Savings [Expired]

no longer for sale

Ask us about 6 MONTH NO PAYMENTS or INTEREST thru PayPal

This is a complete 5.1 channel system with subwoofer including:
1) One pair $1300.00 Rosewood LSA-1 fronts
2) One $949.00 Rosewood LCR center channel
3) One pair $1299.00 Black On-Wall Tri-pole surrounds
4) One $1000.00 Sumiko S9 black lacquer powered sub (Add $450.00 for the S10 sub)

This is a delivered price in the lower 48 states

The original retails of the system was $4,550.00 + freight. Now only $1999.00.

Add a 1000.00 Marantz SR-5012 100wpc x 7 channel ATMOS receiver with purchase for only $2,799.00 total. New receiver with 3-year factory warranty

There are individual ads on AudiogoN for each of the included items above. Info on the subs can be found here:

The system offers superb musicality and is exceptional value for the money. It is excellent for 2 channel as well as home theater. You can even get it for $2699.00 with dual subwoofers. Or for an additional $400.00 get 2 pair of the $600.00 in ceiling speakers for a complete ATMOS system. We also have great deals on matching Marantz home theater receivers with system purchase. The $600.00 LSA SS-26 optional stands are also available for only $280.00 a pair with purchase of the system.

Read our #1 rated AudiogoN feedback and buy with confidence.

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