LSA5 channel systemLSA 5 channel system Complete HT spkr package-Free Frt.Ask us about 6 MONTHS NO PAYMENTS or INTEREST thru PayPal. Huge Saving Factory Direct & get FREE FREIGHT in the lower 48 state for a ltd time.Underwood Hifi has bought LSA and will be selling t...1999.00

LSA 5 channel system Complete HT spkr package-Free Frt. [Expired]

no longer for sale

Ask us about 6 MONTHS NO PAYMENTS or INTEREST thru PayPal.

Huge Saving Factory Direct & get FREE FREIGHT in the lower 48 state for a ltd time.

Underwood Hifi has bought LSA and will be selling the brand Factory Direct. This allows us to dramatically lower the selling prices of these excellent speakers.  These products are amazingly good values at the new Direct prices.

The brand will continue and we will introduce new electronics in 2017.

This ad is for a complete 5 speaker Rosewood home theater package with $2800.00 LSA-2.1 fronts, $950.00 LCR center and the $1300.00 Tripole On-Wall surrounds. These are real Rosewood veneer and not cheap vinyl.
The system was reviewed by The Absolute Sound, when it retailed for $4250.00, who summed up with; "The LSA2 Tower-based surround system offers smooth, neutrally-balanced frequency response, beautiful integration of mid-bass drivers and tweeters throughout, and killer imaging and soundstaging. The voices of the main, center, and surround speakers are extremely evenly matched, giving the system a cohesive, all-of-one-piece sound that is highly desirable. Apart from imaging, no one aspect of system performance might at first seem to jump out at the listener as being extraordinary, but the balance of sonic ingredients and their across-the-board excellence is what really sets this system apart. "LSA isn’t the best known name in the home theater marketplace, but it certainly deserves wider recognition. If you are shopping for a system in this price range, you owe it to yourself to at least hear the LSA option before making a purchase decision. Bear in mind, too, that unlike most other speakers on the market, the LSA’s Standard models offer a clearly-defined and easy-to-access upgrade path which allows you to raise the performance bar even higher, should you wish to do so"
Read the entire review at:

Here is what Michael Wright of Stereo Times said in his review of the LSA-2.1 fronts: "...How do they sound? In a word, stunning. There is no way speakers at this price point ($2,500) perform this well with all aspects of music reproduction..." "...My initial impression of the LSA2s was that they sounded bigger than they look. They easily filled my listening room with music. The LSA2s’ soundstage is expansive but with good focus. The images across the stage were rock solid and there was never a need to move the speakers closer together..." "...Image depth was noteworthy as well, as music seemed to be coming from beyond the boundaries of my rear wall. Image height was good as well. These speakers are extremely musical and have the ability to transport you to the original recording event. The dynamic range of the LSA2s is also very good. They have the ability to convey the delicacy of strings being played softly and still play clearly even when played uncomfortably loud. The treble performance of the LSA-2s is revealing and airy. Highs are extended and clear, no doubt helped by the rear-firing tweeter, which I actually did not have turned up very high..." "..I was also surprised by the amount of bass these speakers were able to generate. The bass performance was extended, detailed, tight and full with good impact, pitch and the ability to make things rattle in my room. The low end reproduction never sounded loose or dominated the room..." "... The LSA2s midrange performance rendered both male and female vocals with a natural, lifelike tone and warmth and had the ability to transport vocalists into my room with a palpable presence. This the LSA2s were able to do while being driven by solid-state and tube electronics..." "...What the LSA2s do provide you with is music reproduction that competes with any speaker up to the $5K range..."

"...The LSA2s were easy to setup and require little effort to get good sound out of. As with any speaker, the more time and effort you put in to setting up the LSA2s, the greater the reward will be in terms of sonic enjoyment. Taking into account the LSA2s build quality, looks, sonic performance and cost, I would have to say that they provide you with extremely good value and are a bargain at their price... "... Highly recommended..."

The matching LCR center channel uses dual 6.5 woofers and the soft dome tweeter used in the LSA-2.1. It is a great match and has excellent dynamics.

The Tri-pole surrounds can be run monopole, dipole or bipole and switched easily with the front mounted switch depending on the music or movie you are listening to. They are exceptional true surrounds not just small monitors thrown into the system.

At our new Internet pricing this system is a super hi value. Compare it to other packages selling for between $4000-$6000. At our regular deal of $2198.00 + freight in Rosewood it is a steal. At $1999.00 with free freight it is an amazing deal.

Ask us about our excellent Marantz, Integra or Cambridge A/V receiver prices when packaged with this LSA package.

LSA-2.1 specs:
Finishes:  Rosewood
Connectivity: Biwire Recommended, Jumpers Provided
Tweeter: 1" Silk Dome
Midrange: 6 1/4" Treated Paper
Bass: 6 1/4" Treated Paper
Ambient (rear-firing): 1" Dome (frequency limited 8K-20KHz)
Frequency Response: 35Hz-20KHz
Crossover Points: 3KHz, 400Hz
Impedance: 6Ω
Efficiency: 88dB
Dimensions: 38 7/8 " (H) x 17 1/2 " (D) x 9 1/4 " (W)
Weight: 65lbs
Warranty: 5 years

Read our #1 rated AudiogoN feedback and buy with confidence.

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