MagnepanMG 3.6/RMagnepan MG 3.6/R Natural Oak SpeakersThis is a highly favored model of speakers that has been around a while. "Taken on its own, however, the Magnepan Magneplanar MG3.6/R is a sensational speaker, and, at $5,000/pair, very reasona...1600.00

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This is a highly favored model of speakers that has been around a while. "Taken on its own, however, the Magnepan Magneplanar MG3.6/R is a sensational speaker, and, at $5,000/pair, very reasonably priced. In some respects it's the best speaker I've heard, period. Even in the areas where it's perhaps not the very best, it's awfully close -even when the very best is several times more expensive. Some speakers I admire, some I like ... the Magnepan MG3.6/R, I think I'll keep. Very highly recommended!" -Review: Magneplanar MG 3.6 Loudspeaker - by Brian Damkroger - Stereophile August 2000 Some more recent reviews: These are Magnepan MG3.6R planar speakers with true ribbon tweeters. The have the black grille cloth with natural oak trim. They sound amazing and are in excellent condition. I have listed them as "good" rather than "very good" only because of a couple of very minor scratches in the oak near the base that are not detectable except on very close inspection. I inherited them earlier this year from an older gentleman who was a friend and a former engineer and an audiophile. He had a great deal of high end audio equipment, that I managed to sell. I believe he purchased these from a dealer in around 2009, and they were gently used primarily to play classical music in a clean non-smoking home. These are the largest single item, and shipping is expensive and a hassle particularly without the original boxes so I want to sell them in the local area. I will only be in West Chester till tomorrow afternoon (September 15), and they are at the home of a friend so if you wish to see them and/or test them we will need to speak by phone and make arrangements. These speakers originally sold for $5,150. New retail now is apparently $3,600, and comparable used pairs are selling currently for around $2,200. I am reducing the price since I can't ship them. $1,600 or make an offer. This set was manufactured in March 2004 according to Magnepan. The MG3.6R are 24 inches wide, 1.5 inches thick and stand 71 inches high. Serial Numbers: 70852-1 and 70852-2 Tweeter Serial Numbers: 60.6-10276 and 60.6-10278 Note, I am selling the speakers only. Not cables are included. Detailed item info Two mirror-imaged panels. The panel of the Magnepan speakers has a 60-inch (152.4-cm) long ribbon tweeter and a mid-bass, planar-magnetic driver. The Magnepan MG3.6/R main speakers are three-way stereo speakers that have a minimum frequency response of 200 Hz and a maximum frequency response of 2 kHz. The impedance of the Magnepan speakers is 4 Ohms and the sensitivity is 86 dB. Featuring a Mylar diaphragm, the speakers have a planar-magnetic driver that has a bass section as well as a midrange section. With the bass and midrange crossover components of the stereo speakers housed in a pair of external crossover boxes, the midrange to treble crossover components of the Magnepan MG3.6/R main speakers are non-defeatable and housed in the speaker panel. Even though the speakers are set up for a standard, single amplifier operation, bi-wiring or bi-amplification is possible, as the Magnepan speakers have speaker input plates. Product Identifiers Brand Magnepan Model MG3.6/R Key Features Speaker Type Main / Stereo Speakers Construction 3-Way Technical Details Peak Power Handling 250 W Frequency Responses 200 Hz - 2 kHz Impedance 4 ohm Sensitivity 86 dB
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