MONITOR AUDIO Platinum PL200 (Series 1)Floorstanding Speakers (Black Lacquer) -MONITOR AUDIO Platinum PL200 (Series 1) Floorstanding Speakers (Black Lacquer) - 35% Off; Brand New-in-Box; Full WarrantyMONITOR AUDIO Platinum PL200 (Series 1) Black Lacquer Bookshelf SpeakersMSRP: $9000.00 USDpcX Price: $5999.95 USDThe engineers at Monitor Audio have moved all the sonic virtues of the PL300 into a ...5999.95

MONITOR AUDIO Platinum PL200 (Series 1) Floorstanding Speakers (Black Lacquer) - 35% Off; Brand New-in-Box; Full Warranty [Expired]

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MONITOR AUDIO Platinum PL200 (Series 1) Black Lacquer Bookshelf Speakers

MSRP: $9000.00 USD

pcX Price: $5999.95 USD

The engineers at Monitor Audio have moved all the sonic virtues of the PL300 into a smaller form factor. The PL200 is engineered to provide audiophiles with phenomenal sound. Its piano black lacquer finish will let you hear each glorious performance in style.

Big Sound for a Low Price: These are brand new units at 35% Off MSRP retail list price.

SHIPPING COST: due to size and weight of speakers, please contact us with your location for an exact quote.

We have other Platinum Series models available. Please contact us if you're interested.

Some information from Monitor Audio, for the technologically-inclined:

C-CAM Technology: Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium is a material originally developed by the aerospace industry for jet engine components. Its properties are ideal for loudspeaker cones being extremely rigid, yet light enough to yield high overall efficiency. In manufacture, aluminium/magnesium alloy undergoes a three-stage stress-relieving process to remove surface deformation and molecular weakness. Once formed, the alloy cone is subjected to a high temperature anodic coating process in which a layer of pure ceramic alumina is depleted onto its surfaces to a depth of 50 microns, producing a completely rigid sandwich of alloy and heat-dissipating ceramic material. Conventional cones are liable to flex or twist in operation, producing a significant level of audible distortion. C-CAM cones have a much higher resistance to bending stress and therefore exhibit much greater fidelity over their entire operating range. C-CAM tweeters and woofers share an audible consistency producing a smooth transition of frequencies and a sense of realism and cohesion in the soundstage.

RDT (Rigid Diaphragm Technology): RDT is a unique technology developed specifically by Monitor Audio's engineers for the Platinum series of loudspeakers. Designed to reduce mass and increase cone stiffness, RDT applies ultra-thin skins of C-CAM to a core of honeycomb Nomex® material, creating a structure which is extremely light but incredibly rigid. At only 40 microns thick, the C-CAM skins are half the thickness of a human hair, yet when bonded to the Nomex core they form an RDT cone, which is 150 times more rigid than a single layer of 200 micron C-CAM alloy, but has a fraction of the overall mass. These properties allow the cone to operate as a lightning-fast piston for a clearer more natural sound. The RDT cone's concave geometry has been refined by FEA analysis to provide a smooth frequency response and to eradicate break-up.

HiVe II Port Technology: A new type of port technology which uses a straight rifled design to accelerate air flow and reduce turbulence. HiVe II technology has the ability to move air in and out much quicker than a conventional port, the result is fast powerful bass coupled with superior transient response.

ARC (Anti-Resonance Composite): Having various applications within a number of our speaker ranges, this high-tech Anti-Resonance Composite material is a thermo-set polymer loaded with minerals to provide very inert, optimally-damped components. Refined by Monitor Audio’s engineers initially for the Platinum series, ARC is ideal for acoustic design, where a high degree of structural rigidity and vibration damping is required in order to prevent the propagation of standing waves and modal resonances.

Magnetic Grille-Fixing: Ultra-powerful neodymium magnets hold the speaker grilles in place, allowing for easier installation and access.

Ribbon Transducer: Monitor Audio's proprietary ribbon tweeter design uses an ultra-thin sandwich of C-CAM alloy suspended in a powerful transverse magnetic field of high energy NeFeB rare earth magnets. The ribbon serves as both voice coil and radiating diaphragm, with every part of the ribbon driven directly and simultaneously without energy storage. Having a mass of just 18mg, its diaphragm is able to start and stop in an instant, producing a transient response capable of defining the leading edge and natural harmonic resonance of complex musical sounds. Specified to reach ultra-high frequencies up to an elusive 100 kHz, Platinum’s magical ribbon tweeter will reproduce with ease every last nuance and detail from vinyl, CD, DVD-A and SACD, together with the wider bandwidth of Blu-ray.

Recipient of the Audiophile Star Component Award:

"By digging for gold, I hit platinum with the Monitor Audio PL200 speakers. With such extraordinary performance ... the PL200s are competitive with speakers that cost much more. And, the PL200s offer an additional unexpected plus: When the volume is low, the sound quality is still outstanding."

- June 2013

"Beautiful build and finish; fabulous cohesion and clarity; genuine scale and drive; agile, expressive stereo presentation...Exceptional in every sense."

-, 2010

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