Nola SpeakersExotica Grand ReferenceusedNola Speakers Exotica Grand Reference Loudspeaker SystemPRICE NOW LOWERED to $26,500! This is an essentially perfect-condition set of NOLA Exotica Grand Reference speakers that have all of the latest upgrades to both the drivers and crossover that were ...26500.00

Nola Speakers Exotica Grand Reference Loudspeaker System [Expired]

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The owner is asking that the current price of $27,000 be listed as FIRM, and that any purchaser would need to either do a local pick up or pay to have crates made and delivered to my office in Los Angeles, CA.

PRICE NOW LOWERED to $26,500! This is an essentially perfect-condition set of NOLA Exotica Grand Reference speakers that have all of the latest upgrades to both the drivers and crossover that were available at the time of purchase a few years ago.

Since installation, they have been kept in a temperature and humidity-controlled purpose-built listening room. No pet damage, non-smoking household. Cared for very well.

The one area where satisfaction was not the highest with the original set up was the bass crossover. The owner, Mike Hobson (of former Classic Records fame), was not satisfied that it was fully optimized, and had Beno of Bernie Grundman Mastering (Bernie’s on-site tech genius) totally rebuild the crossover to make it fully balanced (RCA adapters can of course be used of run single-ended). He also designed and built a hefty custom power supply for the crossover that is light years above the stock unit. Powerful and accurate bass is a hallmark of this system, and this one does it better than any other.

 The grills for the main towers have been stored carefully since installation and are in perfect condition. It does not come with grill covers for the bass towers.

I am going to be very conservative and rate this system as 8/10. Local purchasers can pick the speakers up at my office. For shipping, new crates will need to be made. The originals were damaged badly by a water leak in the part of the storage facility they were kept in. I will consider international offers, but please understand that ALL fees, including shipping costs, Customs Broker fees, taxes and duties, etc., will be at the expense of the buyer.

Retail price for these speakers at the time was approx $150,000.00. I am asking $26,500 for them. I will accept only a bank transfer or cashier’s check (that will need to clear before proceeding) for this speaker system. No Paypal, as the fees would be too high.

Here is what Mike Hobson has to say about this speaker system:

“…In the late 90's, while living in New Canaan CT, I had many opportunities to visit Harry Pearson of The Absolute Sound magazine to both hear new gear that had come into the reference system in his largest room (room #3) and to evaluate test pressings of newly cut Classic Records releases with HP.  

I recollect getting a call from Harry one day and him saying ‘Hobsonivitch: you must come and hear the new Nola Exotica Grand Reference loudspeaker system from Carl Marchisoto -they are the best things I have ever heard!’

The next day I drove to Sea Cliff arriving before noon and sat with Harry for close to 5 hours playing record after record (many but not all of them Classic reissues).  I left begrudgingly, thrilled that I had never heard such a realistic sounding system. I had heard the reference system with the Pipe Dreams that the EGR replaced, which were great but not like the EGR which had the "Gestalt" as HP described them of the live event.  I visited Sea Cliff often and spent many hours with the EGR system which I too fell in love with.  I finally got the opportunity to buy an EGR system in the mid 2000's and was able to get the special but unpublished "HP modifications" to the crossovers, thus having one of only two fabled "HP mod" speaker systems.  The advent of 3 children as time has passed has resulted in the need to move to smaller listening quarters and as such to downsize my system.  Sadly, the EGR, as great as it is (still the best large speaker system I have ever heard), must now go to a good home for someone else to experience what HP and I did many times over the years…”   MH

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