NTT Audio Lab101 Mk II ($200K New)NTT Audio Lab 101 Mk II ($200K New) Save $130,000, Trades OK,"The Worlds Largest Online High End Audio Dealer"  Here is a chance to own one of the all time great speakers, the legendary NTT 101 Mk II, the best super speaker ever made by NTT A...65000.00

NTT Audio Lab 101 Mk II ($200K New) Save $130,000, Trades OK, [Expired]

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"The Worlds Largest Online High End Audio Dealer"
Here is a chance to own one of the all time great speakers, the legendary NTT 101 Mk II, the best super speaker ever made by NTT Audiolabs from California, USA. While this speaker resembles the Wilson speakers, in side by side comparisons it far exceeds them - see chart below. With world class bass that is second to no other speaker we have ever heard plus high end Accuton midrange drivers and ultimate cost no object crossovers these speakers are built to deliver the ultimate in sound for many years to come and use standard (very high end) drivers for easy replacement/repair should it ever become needed. Standing around 6 foot tall, these are beauties that will delight both the eyes and ears and finished in a high gloss Titanium paint they come with their original heavy duty factory crates so they can be shipped anywhere in the world. Available for audition, if needed, in PA 19007, please call for details. YES WE ARE OPEN TO TAKING TRADE-INS OF YOUR OLD SPEAKERS!

Here is your chance, don't delay and yes we can ship anywhere in the world for you.

REVIEW: California-based NttAudiolab presented its flagship Model 101 MkII speaker here at the CES. Judging strictly by the specs, this is one awesome music box. The 3-way Model 101 MkII incorporates two 15-inch woofers in the rear-ported base, topped by two 6.5-inch Accuton ceramic, inverted-dome midrange drivers in separate, sealed enclosures above and below a Fostex T500AMkII horn-loaded super-tweeter. The midrange and tweeter enclosures can be aimed at the listening position to optimize imaging.The specified frequency response extends from 15.2Hz to 90kHz (±3dB), well beyond the human hearing range in both directions. Simply awesome.


Configuration: 3-way floor standing, Bi wire or bi-amp
Drivers: 2 x 15" woofers, 2 6.5 Ceramic Acuton mids, 1 Fostex T500Mk II, back ported
Freq Response: 15.2 Hz - 90Khz
Sensitivity: 98db 2.83/1m up to 115db
Impedance: 8 ohms 
Crossover: 14Hz / 240Hz / 92Khz
Recommended Power: 10watts to 1000 watts
Weight: 1315 lbs
    TOP SECTION: H24" x W18" x D 30" 
    BOTTOM SECTION: H43" x W 19" x D 33"
Shipping weight BOTH speakers in crates: 26690lbs
Retail Price: $200,000

TERMS: Payment required via bank wire on this item please. All sales final no returns, no factory warranty remaining on this item. We ship worldwide, we take trade-ins and we provide interest free layaway - inquire if interested. Please allow additional packing time prior to shipping for this unit. 

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