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I am selling my extremely rare set of Rushmore Speakers. As an added bonus, I am including a new set of ribbons for the tweeters ($4,000) value I kept a s backup and never needed. I have the original boxes. I would be willing to pack them; however, you will need to arrange shipping. They are very large and weigh 275 Lbs each! Local pick up after an audition and inspection is recommended. THE PASS LABS RUSHMORE IS A UNIQUE MASTER ART OF WORK, IT WAS DESIGNED, ENGINEERED AND PRODUCED BY MR. NELSON PASS WITH A DEEP PASSION AND A VERY LARGE QUANTITY OF EXTRAORDINARY HIGH VALUE MATERIALS. THE GREAT GOAL OF THE RUSHMORE : ALL DRIVERS ARE IN PERFECT PHASE BETWEEN THEM, IMPOSSIBLE WITH A PASSIVE SPEAKER . BECAUSE THE PASSIVE CROSSOVER ( INTERNAL OF SPEAKERS ) ALWAYS GENERATES PHASE ROTATIONS BETWEEN THE DRIVERS. CONSEQUENTLY IS IMPOSSIBLE A PERFECT THREE DIMENSIONAL REPRODUCTION, PRECISE COLLOCATION OF THE INSTRUMENTS AND THE SINGER / S INSIDE THE SOUNDSTAGE WITH THE CORRECT DIMENSIONS ( WIDE, TALL & DEEP ). IN ACTIVE SPEAKERS, THE DRIVERS ARE CONNECTED DIRECTLY TO THE AMPLIFIERS, IN THIS WAY, THEY WORK PERFECTLY WITH THE HIGH DAMPING FACTOR OF THE AMPLIFIER AND NOT WITH LOW DAMPING FACTOR OF THE PASSIVE FILTER COMPONENTS. IN A MULTIWAYS ACTIVE SPEAKERS, ALL AMPLIFIERS WORK ONLY IN A RESTRICTED BAND OF FREQUENCIES ( MORE POWER, MORE DYNAMIC, MAXIMUM SONIC PERFORMANCE, MINIMUM DISTORTION ). EACH AMPLIFIER WORKS WITH ONLY ONE DRIVER, WHICH MEANS ONLY ONE IMPEDANCE AND NOT A DANGEROUS MIXT OF IMPEDANCES AND PHASES ROTATIONS FOR A FINAL TERRIBLE COCKTAIL OF SOUNDS. WITH THE RUSHMORE YOU WILL HAVE THE MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE OF HIGH RESOLUTION AND DEFINITION ACTUALLY YOU CAN FIND IN A SPEAKER. MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE OF TIMBRAL ACCURACY & TONAL BALANCE WITH A PERFECT 3 D IMAGE AND DYNAMIC LIKE LIVE MUSIC. AN IDEAL ULTRA HI-END MINIMALIST STEREO SYSTEM POSSIBILITY, WITH ONLY ONE ( WITH VOLUME CONTROL ) SOURCE, CONNECTED DIRECTLY TO THE RUSHMORE . INCLUDING IN THE SPEAKER, 4 LEVEL CONTROL, ONE FOR EACH WAY. GREAT VALUE, THE RUSHMORE : · PART OF THE CABINET MADE WITH AMPHIBOLITE GRANITE ( GREAT QUANTITY WITH PRECISION MACHINED WORK ). · CABINET MADE OF PIANO FORMER, CURVED WOOD LAYERS WITH A FANTASTIC NATURAL CHERRY FINISH. . 4 HIGH SENSITIVITY SPEAKER DRIVERS, PROFESSIONAL GRADE. · 1 PURE CLASS A SUPERSYMMETRY ELECTRONIC CROSSOVER. · 4 PURE CLASS A SUPERSYMMETRY POWER AMPLIFIERS. · 120 CM. LONG, HEAVY DUTY BLACK ANODIZED ALUMINUM HEATSINK ( SAME OF XA 100.5 CLASS A AMPLIFIER USES ) · 4 LEVEL CONTROL POTENTIOMETERS ( FOR EACH AMPL. ) · ULTRA WIDE FREQUENCY RESPONSE FROM @ 20 Hz to 40 kHz · MAXIMUM ACOUSTIC OUTPUT OF @ 120 dB measured at 1 mt. · 180 KG. NET WEIGHT FOR EACH SPEAKER, OF GREAT VALUE QUALITY OF THE MATERIALS ( NOT OF MDF ! ) FROM PASS LABS: “Rushmore” represents 30 years of gestation and over three years of intensive development,revision and thoughtful listening by Nelson Pass and the staff at Pass Labs. This is an exceptionally dynamic and tonally balanced active four-way listening system featuring a 15 inch woofer, 10 inch lower midrange, 6 inch upper midrange and a 4 inch ribbon tweeter. Fit, finish and build quality is exceptional, and like all Pass Labs product it represents the labor of a few very dedicated technicians and talented craftspeople. We believe this to be the most sonically and technologically advanced listening system available............... The Rushmore aimed for high dynamic contrast and control with very low distortion. This was achieved with the finest quality “strong motor” drivers intimately coupled to single-ended Class A amplifiers. Each driver (deep bass, midbass, midrange, and high frequency ribbon) operated over a limited frequency band tailored to its strengths by a passive filter at the input of each of the four amplifier channels. The high efficiency (98+ dB/watt) cone drivers also had very high power handling (up to 400 watts), and the ribbon tweeter extended from the top octave and far beyond the audio range. The result was a stunning display of clarity and dynamics. With each speaker driver enjoying its own amplifier and operated at small percentage of its capacity, the control was precise and the curtains of distortion parted to reveal phenomenally subtle inner detail. They were accurate and musical. They kept their detail and dynamics at loud and soft levels. Made from Gabro Aphibolite (a deep-sea granite) and piano-formed Cherry layers, they weighed just under 400 pounds each and cost a small fortune. It’s six years later and we no longer make the Rushmore - the cost of parts, material, processes and shipping have skyrocketed.
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