PBN AudioDayton Audio AlexanderPBN Audio Dayton Audio Alexander With Tannoy ST200 SupertweetersA mint pair of our Dayton Audio Alexander Speakers. On occasion our vendors ask me to design kit speakers with their drivers - I have developed three kits for the nice folks at Dayton Audio, this ...7500.00

PBN Audio Dayton Audio Alexander With Tannoy ST200 Supertweeters [Expired]

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A mint pair of our Dayton Audio Alexander Speakers.  On occasion our vendors ask me to design kit speakers with their drivers - I have developed three kits for the nice folks at Dayton Audio, this latest one was designed last year to use in their CES Suite in Las Vegas. Its quite the speaker.  The AMT tweeter which provides astonishing clarity in the treble  rolls off a little early so the Tannoy ST200 Super tweeter compliments the Alexander very nicely.  This is the prefect speaker for low powered tube amps because of the high sensitivity and the built in Subwoofers driven by their own 1KW Subwoofer amplifier - this for EACH Speaker!!!

This stunning new speaker is a tour-de-force assemblage of the best drivers Dayton Audio offers: A pure Air Motion Transformer, an exceptionally wide band 6.5” Midrange driver – and lastly two ultra-performance 10” subwoofers powered by a built-in 1KW Amplifier, that together produce an astoundingly crunchy bass.

The Midrange and AMT Tweeter are driven passively, but with the filter precisely tuned to mate seamlessly with the powered subwoofers. The frequency control set to 200 Hz and normal phase.

The AMT has a slightly limited response at the very highest octave…something which shows up in lab tests but most ears cannot detect. If perfection is your standard, the Alexander can be provided with an optional top-mounted super tweeter. We recommend the Tannoy (r) ST200.

The Alexander speaker kit includes the high-gloss finished housing, all drivers and electronic components, schematics, dimensional drawings and full technical support by phone or email. It adds to a popular and highly respected line of kits created by PBN Audio that can be assembled by the serious amateur at significant savings over plug-and-play systems. If you crave the satisfaction of building your own audiophile-quality speakers from proven high-end components, the Alexander may well be what you have been waiting for. 


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  • Extensively vented motor eliminates power compression and allows quiet excursion
  • Lighter weight black anodized aluminum cone minimizes moving mass
  • Two-layer coil for reduced back EMF
  • Triple shorting-ring motor for ultra-low distortion
  • Optimized for large enclosures
  • Highest quality materials throughout for long-lasting performance

AMT Tweeter

  • Folded Kapton ribbon diaphragm delivers clean, detailed, and highly dynamic output
  • Open-back design permits dipole or chamber loading
  • Pro-level output and ruggedness for PA boxes, studio monitors, or high-efficiency home playback

6.5” Midrange

  • Klippel-optimized, high-performance design
  • Powerful neodymium ring motor
  • Kevlar-reinforced paper cone for excellent detail
  • Perfect complement for ribbon and planar tweeters
  • Wide bandwidth meets high 94 dB sensitivity

1KW Amplifier

  • High-power Class-AB output stage for clean, controlled output
  • Patented tracking downconverter power supply for high efficiency
  • Toroidal power supply transformer
  • Low frequency parametric EQ allows you to boost or cut for custom-tailored sound
  • Advanced soft clip circuitry improves headroom and protects woofers
  • OTC™ (Optimized Thermal Circuit) protects your plate amplifier from potential heat damage
  • Hercules heat sinks dissipate and control heat for ultimate reliability













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