PHC / PRO AUDIO TECHNOLOGYFull 5.2 Cinema SystemPHC / PRO AUDIO TECHNOLOGY Full 5.2 Cinema System 6 Speakers / 3600 Watts in AmplifiersThis system is being offered only as a complete package. PHC / PRO AUDIO manufactures Professional Cinema systems engineered for very hi-end home use. When only performance matters, clients turn ...13500.00

PHC / PRO AUDIO TECHNOLOGY Full 5.2 Cinema System 6 Speakers / 3600 Watts in Amplifiers [Expired]

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This system is being offered only as a complete package. PHC / PRO AUDIO manufactures Professional Cinema systems engineered for very hi-end home use. When only performance matters, clients turn to PHC/PRO. Just ask Tom Cruise, Matt Damon, Justin Timberlake and dozens of other users of PHC cinema systems. This package consists of the following: 3X - SCR-12sm Main Screen Channel Loudspeaker ($3516 ea) 3X - DPA-202 - 200 Watt Professional power amplifier with DSP ($2418 ea) 2X - SCRS-26im In-Wall / Ceiling Surround Speaker ($3208 ea) 2X - DPA 502 - 500 Watt Professional power amplifier with DSP ($4396 ea) 2X - LFC-15sm Sub-woofers ($3076 ea) 2X - DPA - 1002 - 1000 Watt Professional power amplifier with DSP ($5494 ea) Total retail cost is $44,656,00. This system includes all of the original packing and manuals for all of the amplifiers and the surround speakers. The main speakers and sub-woofers will be professionally crated for shipping. Product Specifications: SCR12sm (3 Included) Key Features > Professional 12-inch, 1400W woofer with 4-inch voice coil > Professional 1-inch compression driver on elliptical constant directivity horn > High frequency extension to beyond 30kHz > High sensitivity: 93dB LF; 114dB HF > Maximum output >130dB > Designed for placement behind acoustically transparent screen > Only 12-inches deep > 8th order crossover slopes > 4-ohm nominal impedance LF; 8-ohms HF > DSP performance optimized > Requires bi-amplification via PRO DPA-Series amplifiers Description The SCR-12sm is a medium format “Screen Channel” loudspeaker designed to reproduce the unrestricted dynamics and power of the commercial cinema experience. At its heart is a 12-inch professional-grade woofer sourced from Europe’s leading manufacturer of professional audio components. This high-sensitivity driver employs a massive motor system with 4-inch voice coil for maximum thermal power handling. Though compact in size, the SCR-12sm produces surprisingly visceral slam, preserving the impact of Hollywood’s most demanding soundtracks. The SCR-12sm’s unique elliptical horn and wide-bandwidth high-frequency compression driver provide linear dispersion of high-frequency energy with true-to-life dynamic range. Seamless integration of the drivers results in highly detailed vocals while rendering even the most complex soundtracks or musical passages with ease. Developed as part of an integrated digital cinema system, the SCR-12sm and companion DPA amplifier employ proprietary Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for high-resolution frequency response shaping and critical driver time alignment. As in commercial cinema systems, the SCR-12sm is bi-amplified to maximize the performance of each driver in the system. With maximum output exceeding 130dB, it is the ideal choice for screen channel applications in small, medium, and large sized rooms where loudspeaker size limitations might be a concern. SCRS26im (2 Included with black grills) Key Features > Professional 6-inch 200W woofers (2) with neodymium motor systems > Professional 1-inch compression driver on elliptical constant directivity horn > Invisible mount modular enclosure design > Designed for installation in 2x4 stud bay > High frequency extension to beyond 30kHz > 8th order crossover slopes > High sensitivity design: 96dB LF / 114dB HF > Maximum output: 122dB > 4-ohm nominal impedance > DSP performance optimized > Requires bi-amplification via PRO amplifier (2 included) Description The SCRS-26im makes the high-output capabilities of the PRO loudspeaker line accessible to all with a shallow enclosure designed to fit into a 2x4 stud bay. The innovative modular design introduces the “Invisible Mount” system, resulting in a nearly undetectable designer-friendly installation. Each SCRS-26im ships with a multi-function cover installed to protect the loudspeaker drivers and provide a hard edge against which the contractor can install and trim the wallboard. Once the loudspeaker is set in place between the adjacent studs, the cover can be opened and speaker baffle removed to be stored away from the job site. With the cover reinstalled, the drywall is cut to mate with the raised edge. Once the wall finish is completed, the raised cover is removed, and the speaker baffle and a bezel-less frame are installed, resulting in a clean appearance. A paintable perforated metal grille completes the design, fitting nearly flush to the surface of the sheetrock, making the SCRS-26im disappear into its surroundings. Yet even more impressive than its novel installation design is the sound produced by the SCRS-26im. Using high-output professional-grade components, the speaker creates a big, dynamic sound far surpassing the performance limitations of in-wall loudspeakers systems. Its dual 6-inch professional-grade woofers employ powerful neodymium motor systems, resulting in bass that is tight, extended, and articulate. In like manner, its high-sensitivity compression driver and proprietary elliptical horn provide linear dispersion of high-frequency energy to beyond 30kHz, producing silky smooth highs with true-to-life dynamic range. The SCRS-26im is suitable for use as either a screen or surround channel loudspeaker in high-performance theater installations, as well as for high-end two-channel and distributed audio systems where aesthetics are a concern. Like other PRO loudspeakers, the SCRS-26im has been designed for bi-amplification to maximize the performance of each driver in the system. When mated to its companion PRO amplifier, proprietary Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is employed for high-resolution frequency shaping, boundary effects correction, and driver time alignment. Maximum output is 122dB; making the SCRS-26im the ultimate choice for all in-wall loudspeaker applications LFC15sm (2 included) Key Features > Professional 15-inch, 1000W driver with 4-inch voice coil > High Sensitivity: 96dB > Enclosure depth matched to SCR-12sm > Maximum output >120dB > 4-ohm nominal impedance > DSP optimized performance > Requires PRO DSP processor/amplifier (2 included) Description The newest addition to our family of subwoofers, the LFC-15sm provides the visceral slam and weight of the cinematic experience in an installation friendly form measuring only 12-inches deep. Similar in many respects to the LFC-18sm, it employs a single 15-inch driver powered by the same massive motor system found in its larger sibling. Weighing nearly 30 pounds, the large magnet provides enormous force to the driver, assuring that bass response is tight and articulate. In addition, the 4-inch voice coil maximizes thermal power handling, resulting in concussive dynamics while allowing the LFC-15sm to perform at sustained high output levels without the distortion or dynamic compression so common in traditional consumer audio designs. Developed as part of a sophisticated digital cinema system, the LFC-15sm and its companion DPA amplifier employ advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for high resolution frequency response shaping optimized for cinema soundtrack reproduction. In addition, the LFC-15sm is sonically optimized to blend seamlessly with all PRO loudspeaker systems, creating a single, powerful full-range voice. Maximum output is >120dB. A minimum of two units is recommended for system balance and improved low frequency distribution. DPA202 / 502 / 1002 (6 included total) Key Features > 200 / 500 / 1000 watt professional Class-D 2-channel power amplifier > Onboard DSP processing for PRO loudspeakers > Intelligent system diagnostic feedback > Light weight / no heat Description Speaker bi-amplification via Digital Signal Processing lies at the foundation of PRO design philosophy and the DPA-202/502/1002 combines these technologies into a single rack-mount chassis. Delivering 200/500/1000 watts per channel into a 4-ohm load, the DPA's provides a powerful solution for a myriad of PRO loudspeaker amplification needs. Versatile by design, the DPA's may be used as a cost effective alternative to bi-amplify side and rear channel loudspeakers in cinema applications, while also offering the perfect power compliment for PRO “iw” and “im” series loudspeakers and subwoofers.  Designed for traditional two-channel or bi-amplification needs, each DPA comes pre-programmed from the factory for the speaker model with which it will be paired. A true multipurpose amplifier, the DPA's employ on-board DSP processing for all crossover functions, time alignment, and high-resolution frequency response shaping. Beyond its power and DSP processing prowess, the amps offer intelligent feedback of system status to simplify installation and troubleshooting of the system. LED indicators for power, signal present and clipping are provided on the rear of the chassis, where they are easily accessible during system set-up and tuning, but will not interfere with theater room aesthetics during operation. Built upon proven Class-D technology from Bang & Olufsen, the DPA's operate so efficiently that large heat sink fins or cooling fans are not required. As a result, the amplifiers are dead-quiet in the rack and can be safely mounted tightly together without concern of over-heating. Each DPA has its power switch located on the rear panel along with a 12 volt/contact-closure sensor for remote power-on control. The 12VDC trigger input draws very little current and the looping output jack makes controlling a whole rack of DPA amplifiers a breeze.
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