PMC Twenty 26Walnut - 1st Owner -PMC Twenty 26 Walnut - 1st Owner - MINT! REDUCED!!Parting ways, with my reference-setting...PMC Twenty 26s.I've tried, a LOT of fine speakers; Dynaudio C1 Signature, Aerial Acoustics 7T, Harbeth 30.1, KEF Reference 1 come to mind...but there have ...5800.00

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Parting ways, with my reference-setting...PMC Twenty 26s.

I've tried, a LOT of fine speakers; Dynaudio C1 Signature, Aerial Acoustics 7T, Harbeth 30.1, KEF Reference 1 come to mind...but there have been MANY others.

I won't bad-mouth those brands; but NONE brought me, the musical satisfaction...of PMC! In fact...I got turned-on to PMC, right after running through Dynaudios (ending with the C1), and Harbeths (P-3ESR, Compact 7ES-3, and then 30.1s). I posted in a forum: "man...if I could get the dynamics of Dynaudio, and the sweetness of Harbeth; in one speaker. That would be something special indeed".

And the rest, as they say, is history. Someone suggested PMC...I went through FB1i, OB1i, FACT 3s, these 26s; and tried Twenty 23s, just for good measure. They could NOT be beat! In fact...I've talked to owners and dealers alike; most agree, the Twenty 26 is the 2nd best speaker in the PMC line-up. Not the $11,500 FACT 8 (I owned FACT 3s, and if you know these 2 know the 3 is the exact same speaker, as the 8! It's the same driver compliment, and the 3s are even that the stands put them, and the drivers; at the exact same height and position as the 8s! The difference is a floor-standing cabinet, vs. a stand-mount...and the 8s cabinet, does allow for a l o n g e r Transmission Line. Resulting FR difference? 28-30k v. 35-30k!).

Point being: IMO 3s are like 8s; and these 20-26s kill the FACT 3s I had in my room!

Not to sound like a jingle, lol: but the magic, is in the mid-range; dedicated mid-range driver that is. So...wanna top 'em? You're looking at the ~$21,000 FACT 12s(!), or...latest/greatest Twenty5 26. Sure; nice. $12,800.

As you can see...I've driven these with everything from BIG-watt SS, like Bryston, Conrad-Johnson, Classe (and more; like class-D and other digital-based circuits); to modest-watt tube amps, like the ARC VT-50...and class-A units from Luxman, Pass, etc.

NEVER, sounded anything but glorious. Even though these are rated, at a modest 86db sensitivity; I really found them quite easy to very LOUD levels! Not that they were ever "abused"; I have a small room...doesn't take much, to get it rockin' ;)

Oh yeah; so why am I selling?? feedback, and description of various kit; will clue you in, that I've done my share of box-swapping. But one of the things, I've never the high-efficiency/low-watt route; and I think I'm going to give's day in court.

That's about it I guess. Usual, usual; buyer pays for any fees, if needed (F&F is an option, if you've got solid, verifiable feedback)...and s&h. It won't be cheap...but I'd highly suggest, these ship freight on a pallet. I have a good one (plastic, not wood)...and I'll strap and shrink-wrap your precious cargo. I'll ship FedEx or UPS, if it is your preference; but you'll have to pay full insurance...and, take the chances.

Any other questions...drop me a line. I don't mind talking shop; you long as you're somewhat seriously interested in a purchase :) Balance of 20-year warranty (PM me).

P.S. Were it me...and I was going to, if keeping them; I'd get some Anti-Cable jumpers! A pair, if you're going to bi-amp or shotgun; 2 if you plan to just use a single run.

I am in NO way, affiliated with A-C; I just think they make a good, minimal jumper...for the price.
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