RaidhoC4.1Raidho C4.1 66% off, Trades OK, Save $100,000 Off, $150,000"The Worlds Largest Online Seller Of High End Audio"Raidho C4.1 Reference Speakers $150,000 New, Save $100,000 or 66% off on this mint set Trade-in your oldies for these. Ultimate s...49900.00

Raidho C4.1 66% off, Trades OK, Save $100,000 Off, $150,000 Retail [Expired]

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"The Worlds Largest Online Seller Of High End Audio"

Raidho C4.1 Reference Speakers $150,000 New,
Save $100,000 or 66% off on this mint set
Trade-in your oldies for these.

Ultimate set of reference speakers made by Raidho are offered for sale in mint (very lightly used) condition and they come with everything - save $100,000 on this ultimate audio reference speaker that will delight the senses and take you away with their realism. Absolute Sound is raving about these and you will too once you hear them - organic yet refined, sweet yet accurate, deep without the boom - read the reviews and you’ll be sold too. We can accept trades on these from anywhere in the world and ship globally also - we ship $100,000 speakers all over the world every month so we know how to do it safely, professionally and securely, just see our references at our website - you’ll probably see someone you know!

REVIEW "The Raidho C4.1 delivers, on a daily basis, the magical thrill of hearing a violin, a piano, a guitar, a drum kit, a voice, or an entire orchestra as if they are ’really’ there, in your room. You can drive them with any amplifier, bi-wired, bi-amped, or not, in any size room, and hear the combination of beauty, power, incredible speed and unparalleled top-to-bottom resolution that has made all reviewers exclaim with delight. Like the Raidho C 1.1s but more so, these are truly great loudspeakers, competitive with, if not outright better (which is to say, more consistently realistic) than, the very best I’ve heard or reviewed. I love them—and so does my well-seasoned listening panel." Jonathan Valin - The Absolute Sound

SPECIFICATIONS Three-way floorstanding speaker One sealed-ribbon tweeter Two 100mm ceramic midrange drivers Four 160mm ceramic bass drivers Freq Response: 25Hz-50kHz impedance: >5.8 ohm Minimum amplification: 50w Dimensions: 250mm x 2010mm x 670mm Weight: 165kg 

If you have high end audio equipment you are looking to sell here on Audiogon, we can help by handling the whole process for you. We will pay for and run the ads here on Audiogon, answer all inquiries, and handle the transaction safely and securely - no strings attached, we only get paid when we get your gear sold and you can cancel anytime - contact us for details. We sell the worlds most expensive equipment worldwide and have the references to prove it can be a safe and secure process.

TERMS: Payment required via bank wire on this item please. All sales final no returns. We ship worldwide, we take trade-ins and we provide interest free layaway - inquire if interested. Shipping in the Cont. USA would be $1600. Please allow up to 10 days prior to shipping for this unit to be shipped.

"The Worlds Largest Online Seller Of High End Audio"
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