REDUCED!! Lansche No. 7 World Reference, Plasma TweeterREDUCED!! Lansche No. 7  World Reference, Plasma Tweeter MORROW AUDIO Best on the Globe!REDUCED by $10,000.00 for quick sell! See our new website here: Those familiar with these world reference speakers need no other explanation. They are very natural soundin...40000.00

REDUCED!! Lansche No. 7 World Reference, Plasma Tweeter MORROW AUDIO Best on the Globe! [Expired]

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REDUCED by $10,000.00 for quick sell!
See our new website here: 

Those familiar with these world reference speakers need no other explanation. They are very natural sounding and emotionally involves the listener with the music. The midrange and highs produced by the Plasma tweeter is the best that there is, there are no other rivals nor can there be with no mass and the sound being directly transferred to the air. Plasmas are the end of ones journey, the place where one will stay.
I am selling due to other investments.

Price includes for free $3000.00 worth of professional flight cases that were especially designed for these speakers for safe shipping. Nice big wheels and easy, no lift setup. Simply take the bottom of the flight case off, tip it up and then remove the remaining two halves off the speakers. All set up and in place!   

Payment requested to be by bank wire transfer only. We are very reliable, check our feedback.    

Shipment will be by freight for safe transport. We prefer Panther Shipping who does our trade shows... very dependable and can deliver to your door. These WILL NOT last, serious inquiries only please.

From off the distributors website...

The No.7 demonstrates the decades of experience we have in developing and building outstanding loudspeakers. The very best of materials and groundbreaking driver technology come together in this loudspeaker system to create a match made in heaven.   

The most distinctive feature of the No.7 loudspeaker is the D'Appolito group of drivers, surrounding the CORONA plasma tweeter with two midrange drivers and four bass woofers. The two midrange drivers perfectly cover the frequency range of the human voice, from 150 to 2,000 Hz. Thanks to optimal membrane geometry; they reproduce high frequencies very homogeneously, even when angled. Four long-throw bass drivers surround the tweeter and midrange set with a pair on each side, ensuring a homogeneous distribution of the sound energy through the listening space.   

The frequency crossovers employed are similarly elaborate. Evidencing their state-of-the-art design are individual dedicated crossovers for the treble, midrange and bass frequencies; the exclusive use of highest-quality capacitors; and an absolute minimum of crosstalk between the coils thanks to their physical layout in the enclosure.   

The enclosure itself is based on a combination of MDF, low-vibration ceramics, and absorbent heavy foam. On the interior, a reinforcement matrix provides interlocking boards to further increase the enclosure's rigidity in all the relevant areas. The terminal panel on the rear allows you to match the treble range to your individual requirements. Aided by the natural radiance of superbly crafted woods, this loudspeaker model enriches your living space and delivers outstanding aural results for any type of music reproduction.   

With its massless corona-plasma tweeter, the Lansche No.7 ventures into rarely charted territory. This driver has many compelling virtues including world-class transparency, airiness, lack of hardness and grain, and the ability to make instruments and voices sound eerily lifelike. It simply sounds unlike other loudspeakers, bringing music to life in a way that’s wonderfully enjoyable.

I can’t imagine anyone sitting down in front of the No.7 and not being as captivated and charmed by its unique allure as I was.

Robert Harley - The Absolute Sound   

Product Specifications: Description: 3 Way Passive Loudspeaker Vented-Box System Tweeter Chassis: 1 x 0.3” Corona Plasma Midrange Chassis: 2 x 4” Audio Technologies Bass Chassis: 4 x 8.7” Composite Glass Fiber/Polyester Fabric Cone (coated) Crossover Frequencies: 200 Hz / 2.5 kHz Impedance: 6.8 Ohm Nominal, 4.9 Ohm Minimum Sensitivity: 92 dB / 1W / 1M Maximum Level: 114 dB / 1M Frequency Response: 25 Hz - 150 kHz +/- 3 dB Input Terminals (2 sets): 1 x Bass 1 x Mid+High Connection for Bi-Wiring or Bi-Amping Internal Wiring: Silver Plated OFC Dimensions: 69” x 12.5” x 24” (HxWxD) Weight: 286 lbs. Per Speaker
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