RL AcoustiqueReps R-1 8-inchRL Acoustique Reps R-1 8-inch Full Range Drivers !RL ACOUSTIQUE REPS R-1 DRIVERS ! The Reps 1 CLEARLY represent the state of the art in full range Lowther drivers. Many in the know say: These are by far the finest re design known to ex...2449.00

RL Acoustique Reps R-1 8-inch Full Range Drivers ! [Expired]

no longer for sale


 The Reps 1 CLEARLY represent the state of the art in full range Lowther drivers.

Many in the know say: These are by far the finest re design known to exist.

           Art Dudley in his previous magazine, gave them a RAVE Review.

Precise machining with exceptionally tight tolerances and carefully chosen components have produced the finest full range driver ever.

They offer a new level of transparency and realism are now obtainable.


The Alcomax 5 magnet, in conjunction with the cobalt alloy pole cap, produces 20,000 Gauss and 100 dB/W at 1 m. This is the strongest type of alnico motor that can be reliably manufactured.

The voice coil is a most geometrically effective design. It is double wound and interleaved around one of the strongest papers available at only 0.075 mm ( 0.003" ) thick. 

The cone, which is exceptionally light and rigid, is made of paper and specially treated for humid climates. 

This type of design and construction assembled meticulously allows the driver to surpass all other designs. 

The massive motor/low mass cone topology of the REPS R-1 faithfully reproduces the minute details of original music with less than five watts of input

                   S P E C I F I C A T I O N S :

Drive Unit Size: 200 MM Nominal

Frequency Response, Box Dependent   40Hz to 20,000Hz +/- 3dB

Sensitivity, 1 Watt at One Meter:              99.8 dB

Power Handling, Sine Wave:       55 Watts RMS

Suggested Amplifier Power:       2 to 45 Watts RMS

Distorion at 100 dB SPL: Less than 0.15%

Electrical Specification:

Speaker Parameter Measurement Data (SPM)

Method: Delta Compliance Curve Pair

Free Air Curve Num        = 13        Name = REPS 1 LIGHT FREE-AIR

Delta Comp Curve Num = 14        Name = REPS 1 LIGHT BOX 29L

Volume of Test Box = 29.00 Liter = 1.02 cuFt

Electrical / Mechanical Parameter:

Revc      (DC VC Res)        =   6.4 Ohm

Qms       (Mech Q)             =   5.98

Fo           (Res Freq)           =   39 Hz

Qes        (Elec Q)                =   0.107

Zo           (Zmax at Fo)       =   371 Ohm     

Qts         (Total Q)              =  

Sd           (Piston Area)     =  0.0206 sqM

Vas         (Acous Vol)         = 101.29 litr

BL           (Flux*Length)    =  12.1 TM

Cms       (Compliance)     =  1680.8 uM/N

no           (Ref Effncy)        =  5.4 %

Mms      (Total Mass)       =  9.96 Gram

SPLo      (SPL at 1W)         = 99 dB

Mmd     (Diaphm Mass) = 8.26 Gram          


                                       Motor Impedance Parameter:

Levc       (Induc at 1kHz)  =             0.446 mH                           

Rem       (Res at 1KHz)     =             2.14 Ohm

Levc       (Induc at 20kHz)               =             0.065 mH                           

Rem       (Res at 20kHz)   =             9.93 Ohm

Krm        (Resistance Cons)            =             24.077 mOhm                  

Erm        (Resis Expont)   =             0.52

Kxm       (Reactance Cons)             =             121.332 mH                      

Exm       (React Expont)  =             0.36


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