Sadurni AcousticsMiracoliSadurni Acoustics Miracoli 4 Way Horn Loaded SpeakersPresenting Sadurni Acoustics Miracoli Horn Loudspeakers Miracoli is a 4 way Front Horn loaded Speaker with horn loading form 140 hz up to 40 khz. Our new cabinet design firmly holds all the ...18950.00

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Presenting Sadurni Acoustics  Miracoli  Horn Loudspeakers   

Miracoli is a 4 way Front Horn loaded Speaker with horn loading form 140 hz up to 40 khz. Our new cabinet design firmly holds all the horns in time aligned distribution and includes Active Servo Controlled opposing subwoofers for deep and integrated bass, time aligned as a point source to the rest of the horns.

With a lot of trickle down technology from our flagship Staccato speaker we now present the Miracoli Horn Loudspeaker.  Miracoli is designed to fit in any room and doing so without any tradeoffs in sound quality, to achieve the small footprint we relied on the wonderful DirectServo technology and the new 8” subwoofers developed with a very light paper cone that allow for deep strong bass while reaching higher frequencies than any normal subwoofer would, being able to match perfectly with the Upper bass coming from our new 140 hz solid MDF Horn.

What separates our speakers from the rest is the upper bass horn. A Horn that plays the most important part of music, from 140 hz to 1 khz.  This is called the musical range and is usually relegated and played by a boxed driver or a plastic horn.  We use solidly built MDF wood horns with at least a 2” thickness along its curve, a legendary driver inside a compression chamber to play this range brings a transparency and dynamic content to music that cannot be matched.

Careful selection of some of the best drivers available on the right horn for the frequency it will be playing, first order Crossovers and perfect time alignment create a powerful system that will bring hours of enjoyment, and the closest experience to a live event.

We invite you to listen to Miracoli and Staccato at our two listening rooms in Austin.

4 Way Horn Loaded
Solid MDF Built Horns 140 hz
Frequency Response
From 20 Hz to 40 kHz
Two Servo Controlled 8” opposing subwoofers per channel

Sensitivity 106 dB

Factory Direct price $ 18,950.00   

Custom Finishes Available.

See for more information 

30 day in home trial for the Miracoli Horn system.  Contact us for terms and conditions

1 pallet Flat rate shipping in the continental USA $ 700.00

International buyers contact us for a direct quote.

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