ScansonicM6Scansonic M6 Demo Column speakers with Ribbons-Raidho DNAAsk us about 6 MONTHS NO PAYMENTS OR INTEREST thru PayPal.One pair of PERFECT demo M6 speakers for sale. These are in 10/10 shape with warranty.The M Series from Scansonic is their middle line in t...999.00

Scansonic M6 Demo Column speakers with Ribbons-Raidho DNA [Expired]

no longer for sale

Ask us about 6 MONTHS NO PAYMENTS OR INTEREST thru PayPal.

One pair of PERFECT demo M6 speakers for sale. These are in 10/10 shape with warranty.

The M Series from Scansonic is their middle line in the HD series and borrows much technology for the top MB and Raidho series. The M-6 is a 2.5 way 3 driver floorstanding speaker. The speaker is designed around an ultralight ribbon planar tweeter (1/50th of the mass of a typical dome tweeter) and two paper-polypropylene, compound midrange/woofer drivers with underhung magnet systems. The upper driver acts as a mid/woofer and the lower driver runs to 300Hz to add additional bass reinforcement.

The speaker is front ported in the bottom and is crossed over at 3.5 kHz and 300 Hz with second order filter.

Get a real hint of the Raidho ultra expensive sonics with this M6. Michael Borensen did a great job of integrating the drivers to give it almost full range performance. The thin cabinet helps in excellent imaging. The black Hi-Gloss cabinet is very nice.

We stock them in piano black. Piano white, as shown in the photo is a special order.

Technical information
  • Size: (WxHxD) 6.3" x 37.5" x 8.25"
  • Weight: 35lbs
  • Freq. response: 50 Hz - 30 kHz
  • Impedance: > 4 ohm
  • Crossover: 3.5 KHz - 2. order acoustic slope 300 Hz - 1. order
  • Enclosure: Heavily braced, ventilated box design with front loaded port
  • Drive units: 1 sealed ribbon tweeter with kapton/aluminum sandwich membrane
  • 2 paper-polypropylene coned 4,5” bass/mid drivers with underhung magnet system
  • Finish: Black-piano in stock or White-piano is special order
  • Amplification: We recommend high quality amplifiers >50W

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