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Sonics Allegria reference speaker by Joachim Gerhard [Expired]

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Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri 10.00am-6.00pm.Sat-10am-4pm Closed on Sunday and Monday.

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Some of the finest products built in America & Europe, combined with the finest service and know how and expert setup from Electrical power to the finest Audio stands, electronics speakers turntables and streaming. We stock, install and configure Roon and MQA. 
We are offering 1 pair of Sonics Allegria Loudspeakers for sale.
These are the Gold standard Reference Loudspeakers by Sonic's by Joaquim Gerhard ( Designer who put Audio Phici

We have all original boxes. These speakers  be shipped via Freight only. 

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Allegria is close to being sold out ! 15 pair are sold ! Only 1 pair available. We have 1 pair in Macassar Ebony,and 1 pair in Pear wood finish. The Pictures show my personal pair in Birds Eye Maple ! Absolutely Rich Veneers with unbelievable sound ! These are the top of the line speakers made by Joachim Gerhard and are the finest speakers that I have heard from Germany. This speaker is very easy to drive and sounds great ! These speakers sold at $20,000.00 in our store... Here's your chance to purchase these at a fraction of retail prices. Allegria Pure listening pleasure.... The Allegria is a 3-way floor standing bass reflex speaker using modular cabinet technology and new drivers developed for low distortion and flat frequency response. The cabinets employ a very intricate internal construction and each module is decoupled with resonance control devices. Sound Quality: Sonics puts high emphasis on spatial presentation, neutrality, resolution and dynamics. The Allegria's bass reproduction is clearly defined, the mid-range is exceptionally open and natural, while the high frequency range reveals new details, without any indication of sharpness. Outstanding reproduction of micro details gives the Allegria a warm, 3-dimensional presentation. The Ribbon Tweeter: The high resolution capacity for ribbon tweeter's has been acknowledged for decades. However, ribbons could not match the dynamics and low distortion of highly developed coil tweeter technology. New developments in the field of materials and construction have overcome these disadvantages. Its moving mass is only 35 mG, a tenth of the mass of a 25mm dome tweeter, yet, the increased surface area over a conventional tweeter results in an output of 98dB. The result is increased output capacity while distortions are reduced to an un-measurable level. This ribbon's output is so high that, unlike dome tweeters, it is not the limiting component in the overall output of the speaker. Mid Range Driver: Historically, listening trials and measurements show paper to be the optimal material for mid-range drivers when transparency, dynamics and neutrality are the goal. While similar results are obtainable with specialized metal alloys, those drivers are less efficient and require complicated crossovers. The Allegria mid range contains the latest developments in paper cone technology. A damping coating is applied to the back of the cone and Nextel, a ceramic based coating, is applied to the front. This driver is linear up to 12 kHz but is crossed over at 2.35 kHz. so it operates in its most linear and distortion free region. The result is a particularly fast mid-range with a distortion factor reduced to an unmeasured level. Woofer: The bass region is handled by a metal cone woofer developed specifically for the Allegria. Designed to be exceptionally stable, it easily withstands high acceleration forces and has a cone shape that eliminates resonance in its frequency range. This driver is capable of enormous acoustic pressure without compression or distortion and delivers well defined bass with exceptional clarity. Its speed and low mass ensure high resolution even at low volumes. Cabinets: Due to its low price and easy machine-ability, MDF (medium density fiberboard) has established itself as the primary material for speaker enclosures. As for performance however, due to its weight and flexibility, internal sound pressure turns the entire cabinet into a high distortion speaker. To avoid this the Allegria is built from a mix of 30mm birch plywood and 30mm HDF with elaborate dovetail joints at optimal places. The unpleasant sound associated with MDF is avoided. Woofer, mid-range and tweeter housings are decoupled to prevent bleed-through. To maximize stereo imaging all cabinets have a minimal front surface area. Up to 6 spikes can be mounted into the base offering various coupling options. Crossover: Sonics possesses special know-how in the area of crossover design. As part of a two-year research program all critical parameters were computer simulated and measured. The best components (condensers, coils, resistors, wiring, and plugs) were also tested and auditioned. An optimal algorithm was developed for the Allegria and the final configuration was determined through listening. Like other Sonics models, we used our DC module, transitional filter and back EMF damping. The technical advantages of our crossover are: linear frequency, phase-locked coupling with the cabinet, high slope between mid-range and tweeter for minimal acoustical interference and exceptional slew rate. All this results in exemplary sound quality with impressive rendition of soundstage width, depth and height, focus and transparency. The speaker also presents a friendly load to enjoy with both tube and low-wattage Class A amplifiers.


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