Spatial AudioHologram M3 Turbo - Demo -Spatial Audio Hologram M3 Turbo - Demo - Revolutionary Passive Open Baffle DesignSpatial Hologram M3 mk2 - Turbo S - Demo model - One pair in Black Satin, very good condition with full 20 year warranty. Item Description - Revolutionary new HOLOGRAM M3 ar...2195.00

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Spatial Audio Hologram M3 Turbo - Demo - Revolutionary Passive Open Baffle Design [Expired]

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Spatial Hologram M3 mk2 - Turbo S - Demo model - One pair in Black Satin, very good condition with full 20 year warranty.   
Item Description  - Revolutionary new HOLOGRAM M3 are now available. The M3 is our latest open baffle, high sensitivity design and it is re-writing loudspeaker design history. The M3 was introduced at the 2015 Newport Beach show to massive acclaim as the best budget speaker at the show:

Steven Stone - Full review in Home Theater Review commented:

This is what you get with the latest offering from Spatial Audio, the M3. It's a loudspeaker that uses an open-baffle design combined with a compression driver in a coaxial arrangement to achieve a sonic result that is unobtainable from any conventional box, line-array, electrostatic, or even dipole design.


Show stopper:

Clayton Shaw has hit it out of the park with his latest offering that debuted at T.H.E. Show, the Spatial Audio Hologram M3. Paired with the Red Dragon Audio S500 amplifier and AntiCables, it bested many rooms costing large multiples.

Clayton and his room partners are all working hard to keep good performance affordable. Clayton is sensitive to the fact that speaker choice angst and budget-busting pain is just as real, and maybe more so, for someone spending $2500 as it is for someone spending 10 or 100 times as much. IMO the Hologram M3 is a smashing success. I revisited the room three times after my initial visit. I had to convince myself the M3s were as good as my initial impression. They were and that is why I am happy to give them some ink (or is it bits?) here. I wish I could have heard them with my demo disk. That would have convinced me more quickly. In a show filled with excess, it was a pleasure to hear success at such a modest cost.

The Audio Traveler: 
Clayton Shaw's Spatial Audio Laboratory has been pushing my buttons for two years with reasonably priced, open-baffle speakers. The last few models even sported the kind of big coax drivers that make my blood uncomfortably hot. Now he’s released an evolution of the $4,000, 95db sensitive Hologram M1 that won my heart at last year’s California Audio Show. 

Listening to it paired with a Resolution Audio Cantata ($6500) and a Red Dragon Audio S500 Amplifier ($2000) left me slack-jawed.

M3 User Comment on Audio Circle Forum

I have been very reluctant to post about the M3 turbo S's for the very reasons you bring up. I don't want folks to think I'm a shill or the typical newbie audiophile excited about his new toy ready to extol it's virtues only to have it up for sale a month later. I've been biting my tongue waiting for the initial excitement to wear off...It hasn't. I'm almost 3 months in at this point and believe the speakers are well broken in. I can only speak about them in the context of my room (17x24x10) and my setup (6 feet out from the front wall with them about 32 inches on center from the side wall) with my electronics (Vinnie Rossi LIO loaded feeding Odyssey Kismet monoblocks with Acoustic Signature Wow XL turntable, Ortofon 2m black and Bluesound Node 2 as sources). This is what I'm hearing from them:
1. An extraordinarily natural presentation that never tips toward aggressive or grating yet remains dynamic enough to maintain your attention.
2. Excellent dynamics and pace, rhythm, and timing.
3. Fully developed tonal palette.
4. Excellent soundstage width and depth that does not feel overly tall/wide/short etc...
5. Bass in my room that is mind bogglinglingly (I know it's not a word) clean, articulate, detailed, natural, and extended (no sub needed in my room).
6. Midrange cleanliness that is revealing of upstream components and highlights that power tubes or euphonic upstream components are identified for what they are. The speakers do not need components that soften, cover up, or editorialize the presentation to sound fantastic. It doesn't punish you for those choices but is capable of elucidating high caliber upstream components.
7. Sweet treble that simply does not get aggressive but feels fully extended and natural and neither brittle/bright or syrupy.
8. A very uniform presentation that has an excellent crossover and speaks with a single unified voice.
   I've been trying to come up with a shortcoming of them...I am yet to really come up with anything. Most importantly, some systems and components have a quality that suck you into the music and turns off the analytical brain. The Spatials do this as well or better than any component I've ever owned. I wish I could tell you why...I can't. 
   Does this mini review seem a little over the top or a little unbelievable? I have certainly read so many reviews like this on the threads that I generally roll my eyes at them and discredit almost every one that I read...I wouldn't blame you for doing the same with this review. So here is my litmus test for a speaker:
1. Would you consider this a destination end game product?-Yes
2. Do they represent value at their retail price point?- I would dare say they may represent the best value of anything I've purchased in the hobby new or used and in my opinion offer so much value it's hard to believe.
3. Do they have universal appeal that should transcend most audiophiles proclivities and discrepancies in taste like Klaus'(Odyssey) setups every single audio show- Yep
   In the end it's just my opinion: nothing more, nothing less. Remember that opinions are like a$$holes...everyone has one and they usually stink. That being said, I certainly encourage you to at least try to listen to them at the next audio show and compare them to anything at any price point you hear at the show. Decide for yourself.
David S.  Atlanta GA USA

M3 User Comment via email

I’m just sending a note to let you know how pleased and impressed I am with my new M3s. Last night I had one of the most amazing audio listening experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve spent the past week burning-in the speakers (40 hours or so), and trying out different positions, EQ tweaks, etc. Last night I got everything dialed in perfectly, and the result left me shaking my head in amazement. 

The sound is just what I’ve been seeking – natural, full, balanced, and warm, with great detail and musicality. What is even more impressive is the sound stage. It is huge, airy, and perfectly located. The speakers truly disappear and the vocals and instruments are each in their own space, and also large and lifelike. The center voice is full, precise, and located directly in the middle of center stage (unlike some other speakers I’ve heard where the vocals seem to be placed back behind the plane of the speakers). 

The tonal qualities are just right. I can hear every detail, but they aren’t too bright, and certainly not thin or sounding like they’ve been DSP processed. I’m convinced that listening fatigue will never be an issue with these speakers. They’re just so natural sounding and easy to listen to – it’s hard to get me to stop listening!

Clayton, you’ve designed an amazing product. As word starts to spread, I have to believe your speakers are going to be in high demand. I’ve listened to almost every competitor out there over the past six months, and these win hands down. 

Wes C.  Cedar City Utah USA


M3 Specifications:

Type: 2-way, point source, open-baffle, dynamic driver, controlled directivity

Driver compliment: Two 15 inch mid/woofers, one wide bandwidth compression driver

Crossover: 800Hz - Passive - Hologram Network

Frequency Response: 32Hz - 20kHz +/- 3dB in room response 

Sensitivity: 94dB - averaged across 200Hz to 5kHz at 1M - on axis

Impedance: 4Ω nominal, 3 Ω minimum, low phase angle.

Recommended amplifiers -tube or solid state 5 Watts and larger.

Dimensions: 42T x 17W x 12D inches, 55 lbs net each

20 year limited warranty

American innovation. Made in USA

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