Superb B&W / Bower & WilkinsDM630 Bi-Wire / Bi-Amp Tower SpeakersSuperb B&W / Bower & Wilkins DM630 Bi-Wire / Bi-Amp Tower Speakers in Dark Grey - MSRP $1,100Superb B&W DM 630 Bi-Wire / Bi-Amp Tower Speakers in Excellent Condition – Made in England / MSRP $1,100 The Bowers and Wilkins (B&W) speaker line is perhaps the most prestigious and suc...475.00

Superb B&W / Bower & Wilkins DM630 Bi-Wire / Bi-Amp Tower Speakers in Dark Grey - MSRP $1,100 [Expired]

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Superb B&W DM 630 Bi-Wire / Bi-Amp Tower Speakers in Excellent Condition – Made in England / MSRP $1,100 The Bowers and Wilkins (B&W) speaker line is perhaps the most prestigious and successful loudspeaker manufacturing company in history. Their reputation for quality drivers and uncompromising build quality have put them atop the consumer speaker market despite the fact that their products are quite expensive compared with their competition. This is largely because of the confidence that buyers have knowing that no matter what B&W product they choose to buy, it not only will sound great, built exceptionally well and be well designed – it also will be a safe investment because the demand for used B&W speakers makes it so easy to upgrade in the future. These Bowers & Wilkins DM-630 loudspeakers are excellent speakers from 1994 that look and sound fantastic! Like all of B&W’s speaker designs, these speakers are incredibly solid and very well built. These are heavy cabinets. Functionally these speakers perform fantastically – not just dynamic but also smooth and nuanced – a true high quality speaker, and exactly what you would expect from B&W. The drivers all perform flawlessly and look great. There are no marks on either tweeter dome, and the woofers look excellent. If you look very closely at the rims of the woofers you can see a very slight amount of edge deformation which is typical with these 600 series model woofers. Cosmetically the cabinets look great. Not perfect, but all blemishes are very minor – a few edge breaks, and few thin small scratches, and some minor scuffing. The grills have new fabric and look spectacular – no holes, tears, stains or broken frame elements. B&W DM630 Product Summary Information from Bowers & Wilkins: The 600 series takes its place in a distinguished family tree that includes the world renowned Matrix 801 and the Matrix 802. Something of this superb pedigree was bound to rub off. In the same way that a luxury car benefits from racing technology, a 600 series loudspeaker speaker system brings with it the pleasure of acquiring the worlds leading acoustic expertise with inherent good value that will be music to your ears. The more profound bass delivery is made possible via the impressive 52 litre enclosure. The high excursions needed to extend the low frequency range to 40Hz are provided by two active 8in polypropylene-coned low frequency units which also enable higher system power handling because of the shared LF load. The lower LF unit is progressively rolled off above 300Hz to maintain vertical dispersion in the midrange, especially at the critical point at which the crossover to the high-frequency unit occurs. An integral feature is magnetic fluid cooling which combats compression by reducing the temperature of the delicate voice coil in the tweeter at high frequencies. The practice of flush-mounting units into stylised moulded baffles has been implemented in the 600 Series. This, together with the bevelling of baffle edges, helps to fight diffraction and produce a cleaner sound. The front polymer compound baffles and the high density fibreboard sub-baffles combine to bolster the structure, and reduce radiation from mechanical cabinet vibration. This is further improved by internal bracing of the cabinet walls. The proven provision of being able to bi-wire or bi-amplify the system is present. Two sets of top quality, gold plated terminals are present to enable individual inputs for the high and low frequency units. Technical Highlights, Description, Specifications for B&W DM630 Speakers: * Design: 3 way 4th-order variable port, bass reflex, digital monitor system with bi-wiring terminations * Drive Units: … 1 x 26mm high frequency with metal dome, high-temperature voice coil magnetic fluid cooling … 2 x 200mm bass/midrange with rigid die-cast chassis, reinforced polypropylene diaphragm and 31mm high temperature voice coil on Kapton® former * Frequency Response: 53Hz – 20kHz ± 2dB on reference axis * Sensitivity: 91dB spl (2.83V 1m) * Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms * Power Handling: 25W – 150W into 8 ohms on unclipped programme * Dimensions: … Height: 850mm … Width: 236mm … Depth: 407mm * Weight: Very few items in high technology are a safe investment, but these B&W DM-630 Speakers are one of the very rare exceptions and B&W has one of the best resale values of any speaker brand or model in the world. While many speaker brands are fortunate to return 20 – 25%% of their original retail price when re-sold as a used item, B&W speakers have consistently re-sold for considerably more because even after all these years they still sound fantastic! There is a reason for this demand – QUALITY. Quality of manufacture, performance quality, quality control and also the quality and track record of the brand name – B&W. Reviews are universally excellent for these speakers. These speakers retailed for $1,100 for the pair when they were new. My preference is not to package and ship large tower speakers, and so I am offering them for local sale in the San Francisco Bay Area. Payment is via US Post Office Money Order or Cash Upon Delivery sale. I am happy to deliver these for free if you are local to me in the San Francisco, Berkeley or Marin County area. 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